"Let’s reclaim these Temples and rebuild Atlantis."
Kastor to the Atlanteans

Atlantis Reborn is the second scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The main objective is to defeat the Greek city that threatens the Atlanteans’ new home.

Summary Edit

After passing through the Sky Passage found in A Lost People, the Atlanteans arrive at a beautiful island. Krios explains that they were favored by the god Oranos and Kronos and that they should repair nearby Overgrown Temples to show their gratitude. Kastor supports this idea as they are better off having these gods look after them than no god at all. These actions anger the Greeks who decide to attack the Atlanteans who in turn retaliate by attacking them.

Objectives Edit

  1. Repair the ancient Temples to Oranos and Kronos.
  2. Build up your town and advance to the Classical Age.
  3. Destroy the four Military Academies beyond the pass.
  4. Destroy the Greek Town Center.

Players Edit

Enemies Edit

  • East Greek Village (Zeus) – Have a small camp site that guards some goats and a relic that strengthens walls.
  • West Greek Village (Zeus) – Has a few units which consists of Kataskopos and Villagers. This player also has some Sentry Towers, economic buildings and enclosure containing pigs. An abandoned Settlement can also be found on their village. They are located west of the island as their name implies.
  • Greek Defenders (Zeus)- consists of the four Military academies that the player must destroy on this scenario to reach the Greek city. Would consistently send Hoplites and Hypaspists to attack the player.
  • Greek City (Zeus) – occupies a large area south of the island. Produces large armies and regularly attack. Will scout with a Pegasus and will attempt cast an Underworld Passage near the player’s starting Town Center. If their own Town Center is threatened, they will cast Ceasefire. May claim the abandoned Settlement on the West Greek village if the player does not claim it soon.

Strategy Edit

The Greeks will first send two Hoplites from the east to harass the player’s Citizens but the Town Center will easily kill them both. There is no rush in repairing the temples as doing so will cause the Greeks to attack. It is still a necessary step in order to receive the next objective.

Once both Temples are repaired, attacks will come from the west. There are plenty of cliffs so players can partially wall off the pass to funnel the Greek soldiers. Watch Towers should then be built to mow them down. Note that the Greeks will begin training Petroboli so Murmillo must be ready to take them out. Kastor should always lead the attacks as usual as he can knock away enemy soldiers and even instantly kill them if they’re unupgraded. There is also a Relic further West of the pass that increase wood and gold gathering rate that Kastor can safely pick up and bring to the Temples. The starting Fanatics should be enough to deal with the Greek Village located South East and claim the Relic and the goats.

More Citizens need to be trained to gather from the many resources near the starting Town Center. Gold will run out fast so it will be necessary to push forward to get more or to build a trade route. There is a beach to the east that not only provides safe fishing spots but also the opportunity to train Transport Ships to search other areas for gold. Sky Passages can be build to facilitate navigation and seek out additional relics and Temples. Each Temple that is repaired grants a Behemoth which is the only true siege weapon available in the scenario. These must be protected with care as they cannot be replaced and are important in taking out the West Greek Village's Town Center and the four Military Academies.

The minor god choices depend on how the player wants to progress with the scenario. Defensive players should pick Oceanus who grants Carnivora plants that can eat soldiers trying to pass through gaps in the walls while Bite of the Shark will improve Murmillo attack. This is important as the Murmillo will be the most reliable soldier available until the player advances to the Heroic Age. Upon advancing, Theia is preferred for defense as the Hesperides Tree can protect the player from the Underworld Passage. More aggressive players should pick Prometheus in order to mass-produce heroes made cheaper with Heart of the Titans and Hyperion who enables said heroes to regenerate. Once the Greeks advance to the Heroic Age themselves, they will mass-produce mixed armies of Toxotes, Hoplites, Hypaspists, and Petroboli. It is recommended to counter these with a combination of Contarius and Arcus. It would be wise to upgrade some soldiers to heroes to help Kastor deal with the occasional Minotaurs and Manticores.

Once the player’s army is strong enough, it can be sent forward to take out the West Greek Village and the four Military Academies. Once those have been destroyed, the Behemoth will have difficulty navigating through the Greek City to the south as it is filled with enemy infantry. Players may replace them with Destroyers or Contarius Heroes upgrade with the Lance of Stone technology. Once the Town Center is destroyed, the Greeks will flee and the player will be rewarded with victory. Players may also sneak some soldiers across the sea and unload them on the other side of the Greek City, but the Town Center will be heavily guarded so many Arcus will be needed to protect any building-destroying unit.

Tips Edit

  • There are several Sky Passages on the map which convert to the player when explored.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the same island featured in Atlantis Betrayed. Also, the Sky Passage that needs to be reached to win the latter is available on this scenario as a Gaia which the player can claim
    • Even if the said Sky Passage is destroyed on this scenario, it has no bearing on the story and will appear on Atlantis Betrayed anyway.
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