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Atlantis Betrayed is the eleventh scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The main objective is for KastorAmanra, and Ajax to reach Krios' Sky Passage located at the center of New Atlantis. 

Summary []

The heroes arrive at the now highly fortified New Atlantis, finding it seemingly deserted. As Amanra examines some statues, they spring to life and begin attacking them. Kronos' Servant arrives shortly after, revealing to Kastor that this is his doing. They must now destroy all the Automatons before all of New Atlantis is torn apart. 

Objectives []

  1. Destroy the Automatons attacking the Yellow Citizens. 
  2. Destroy the Automatons attacking the Maroon Citizens. 
  3. Destroy the Automatons attacking the Light Blue Citizens. 
  4. Get Kastor, Amanra and Ajax to the Palace and enter Krios' Sky Passage. 

Players []

Neutral []

  • Atlantis (Oranos) - Consists of numerous Orichalkos Walls that merely serve to decorate the island, as well as of all buildings not yet under control of the player.
  • Suspicious Statues (Kronos) - Consists of the Automaton Statues set up throughout the island. Most (but not all) convert into a special variant of Automata.

Enemies []

  • Citadel of Krios (Kronos) - Krios has a single Sky Passage located at the center of the island. Four paths lead to it, but they are all heavily guarded by walls, Palaces and Mirror Towers, as well as Temples that constantly generate Automatons. Hesperides Trees prevent the use of god powers in that area. 
  • Throng of Automata (Kronos) - These are the Automatons that attack the South Atlanteans.
  • Hordes of Automata (Kronos) - These are the ones that attack the West Atlanteans.
  • Swarms of Automata (Kronos) - And finally, these are the ones that attack the North Atlanteans. They are also the ones that attack the player when they try to reach Krios' Citadel.

Allies []

  • South Atlanteans (Oranos) - the first group being attacked by the Automatons. Once saved, they will convert to the player's colors. 
  • West Atlanteans (Oranos) - the second group being attacked by the Automatons. Once saved, they will convert to the player's colors. 
  • North Atleanteans (Oranos) - the third and last group being attacked by the Automatons. Once saved, they will convert to the player's colors. 

Strategy []

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty. 

Players must immediately cast Valor on some of their Murmillo so that they stand a better fighting chance against the incoming Automatons. Those who did not convert should retreat by the fountains to keep them safe. After these Automatons are cleared, a hero can pick up the nearby Relic. Once the Yellow Citizens convert to player's colors, they should be tasked to gathering Food, Wood and Gold. Their Town Center will also come under the player's control, generating Favor the player can use to convert more of their Murmillo into heroes when possible. Fishing Ships can be trained from the Docks as soon as resources permit while the Bite of the Shark technology from the Military Barracks should be purchased to strengthen the Murmillo. To the west is a Sky Passage the player can use to move their soldiers onto the next group of Citizens. 

Once the player spots the Sky Passage that connects to the West Atlanteans, more Automatons will activate to attack the passage itself. The heroes must clear them right away to prevent its loss. More Automatons may breach the Orichalkos Gate protecting the Citizens, so the player can cast Carnivora to buy time some time. Thankfully, there's a chance a Citizen will be able to continue repairing the gate from within until the player arrives. The Citizens present on the map are going to be the only ones available to the player as the Town Centers are unable to train additional ones, so it is critical to not let them die. Once the Western Atlanteans are saved, they can be tasked to gather resources too while another hero grabs the next Relic. The army can now enter the nearest Sky Passage to reach the final group of Atlanteans. This must be done quickly before a larger group of Automatons destroy the Sky Passage that connects the Northern Atlanteans with the rest of the map. Meanwhile, players can begin training some Arci from the Military Barracks. 

Once all the Atlanteans are safe, all Citizens should continue to gather resources as the player prepares for their for final attack using the buildings made available. The player's army should mostly consist of Fanatics, the strongest melee soldier available, as well as Arci for support. Some Fire Siphons can also be trained to help break down Krios' gates and other defenses. Meanwhile, the Relics should be dropped at a Temple of the player's choice and they may even search the rest of the island for more Relics. The Heroic Renewal technology must be researched as quickly as possible from the Palace as it will enable the player to keep their heroes at a good health. The first Fanatic trained can be sent to a collection of buildings located near the Palace between some cliffs. There, some Manors, a Counter-Barracks and a Palace will convert to the player's colors, as well as Turma heroes and Lampades. Another Citizen will also join, which can be sent back beyond the gates to gather resources in safety. 

Krios will constantly send decent sized groups of Automatons to attack the player. They will always pass through the northwest and southwest gates leading to his Sky Passage, so campaign heroes can be made to stand guard between the passes to interrupt their attacks. Once the player has reached their population limit, all soldiers can be converted into heroes, using any remaining casts of Valors available, and sent towards the northwest gate. Once the outer gate is torn down, Krios will cast Spider Lair numerous times on the path leading to the Palace, but the heroes will be safe from the spiders. Once the inner gates are down, the Sky Passage will convert to the player's colors but Krios will cast some Tartarian Gates and even Meteors to wreak havoc, putting the Sky Passage at risk of being severely weakened. Furthermore, all the Palaces and Towers will begin firing at it. If it is destroyed, the scenario will be lost. Players must waste no time and focus all attacks on the Jail Walls so that the campaign heroes can garrison inside the Sky Passage. Doing so will reward the player with victory. 

Additional Tips []

  • Shockwave should not be used on the Automatons attacking the gate during the second objective. It may cause some of the Automatons to be sent over the wall, allowing them to attack the Citizens.
    • Still, if the player intends to buy some time, they can aim the Shockwave so that some (but not all) of the Automata are expelled far from the gate, by casting it behind the gate, not on the group of Automata.
  • Before attacking Krios' gates, players should research Masons and Architects to strengthen the Sky Passage that the campaign heroes will need to enter. 
  • The northeast path to Krios' Sky Passage is the most dangerous as it is guarded by a Palace and a Statue of Lightning, and so should be avoided. 
  • Amanra will be tempted to leap over walls to attack enemies which may cause her to be separated and overwhelmed. Players should keep a careful eye on her.
  • Before attacking Krios' Citadel, Ajax, Kastor and Amanra can be grouped together in order to quickly select them and have them enter the center Sky Passage as fast as possible without having to seek them out among the crowd of soldiers the player has created.

Trivia []

  • The Automatons found here are a special type that cannot be rebuilt when destroyed. These were later reused in the final scenario of the Tale of the Dragon campaign Yin and Yang, as part of the forces of chaos that will endlessly spawn in an attempt to stop the player from releasing Pangu after his altar has been cleared of enemies.
  • This scenario features some interesting quirks.
    • To the South Atlanteans' position, lie some Marsh Trees, making this the second instance of Marsh assets appearing in the campaign, after Greetings from Greece.
    • Another is the fact that most of the island is covered in Gaia's lush terrain.
    • And last, to the west of the island of New Atlantis lies some sort of "zoo", where many African animals are kept behind an Iron Fence, including Elephants.
    • This is the same island featured on Atlantis Reborn. The terrain has just been changed on this scenario, since a lot of roads and walls were built by the Atlanteans. Even the Sky Passage that must be reached to win is also present on Atlantis Reborn.
    • Interestingly, this "New Atlantis" island is featured on the second and second-to -the-last scenarios of the campaign.


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