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Atlantis is the homeland of the Atlanteans in Age of Mythology.

It should be noted that there are two locations named Atlantis. The original one first appears in the Fall of the Trident campaign, whereas the second one (known as New Atlantis) appears in The New Atlantis campaign.

The original Island of Atlantis was a large landmass off the south western coast of western Europe and off the northern coast of Africa.


While it is not known for certain, it was likely either the Olympian gods or Pre-Historical Migrations that allowed the Atlantean ancestors to arrive on Atlantis.

During its early history, Atlantis was covered in forests and plains, and because of this, it was home to many horses, however over time, the forests and plains were slowly replaced by farm land and urban development. During this time, Atlantis was divided, but would eventually become a unified state ruled by religious leaders called Theocrats.

Over time, Atlantis would eventually settle and found many colonies, and territories in Greece, Egypt, Scandinavia and other places, and the Atlantean theocracy became an economic and military superpower. This would eventually wane however, most likely due to the slow collapse of support into the theocracy, and general ignorance towards religion.

Fall of the Trident[]

During its later history however, the Atlanteans saw much opposition from other factions, being picked off by Pirates and Bandits, among other things.

During this stage, Arkantos would rise from a lowly soldier with a spear and shield, to the Admiral of Atlantis, defeating its enemies and gaining much favor and glory.  Eventually the Atlantean military would disband and be broken apart, apparently useless due to the lack of wars; the remaining forces would end up having more in common with the armies of the Atlantean colonies than Atlantis' own natural civilization.

Before the end of Fall of the Trident campaign, Arkantos returns to Atlantis, only to find it assaulted by Gargarensis' and his forces who are quite litterally hell-bent on trying to reach the last gate to Tartarus, located beneath Atlantis itself. While the situation looks dire, Arkantos manages to stop Gargarensis from freeing the Titan Kronos, thanks to the Blessing of Zeus.

At the conclusion, the island of Atlantis is sunk by an enraged Poseidon, the former patron god of Atlantis, his schemes of freeing Kronos having failed and his betrayal exposed. This would have been the end of the Atlantean civilization, but fortunately, Kastor (son of Arkantos), Krios and many surviving Atlanteans are saved by Amanra's, Ajax's and Odysseus' ships.

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The New Atlantis[]

Ten years after the events of Fall of the Trident, the surviving Atlanteans are facing a tough existence, as they have settled into an inhospitable tundra in Scandinavia. There, they have been abandonned by the Olympian gods, and struggle against the elements and local Norse savages.

Kronos decides to utilise the Atlanteans' despair in order to free himself and the rest of the Titans; he sends one of his Servants to kill Krios and assume his appearance, so that he can manipulate the Atlanteans into escaping the tundra and eventually, make way for the Titans.

During the events of Atlantis Reborn, the Atlanteans, after escaping the tundra, reach an island that has being colonised by Greeks from the city-state of Sikyos. After driving the Greeks  away from this island, the Atlanteans eventually settled there and founded "New Atlantis".

Eventually, the original island of Atlantis would make an appearance, the extent of the decade old tragedy finally apparent: the Island, once known for its size and grand landscapes, had been reduced to a mere atoll. But even though much of the island had been lost, the Hades Gate featured in A Place in My Dreams had survived, and it is from here that Kronos attempts to escape the underworld. Thanks to the intervention of Gaia, who sends her son back to Tartarus, the atoll is turned lush and inhabited once more by the Atlanteans.

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  • Atlantis from The Titans expansion draws influence primarily from Mesoamerican civilizations (their architecture), whereas the presence of Llama Caravans hints towards Inca influence, and their military is based on historical types of soldiers and gladiators in the Roman Empire.
    • On the other hand, the Atlanteans from Age of Mythology are represented by the Greeks, and similarly to the Trojans, they receive unique walls, with identical stats to the Trojan ones.
  • In the in-game world map, Atlantis is based on Mindanao, the second largest island of the Philippines.