The Sergeant, as he appears in A Lost People.

What's going on here? Zeno, what have I told you about getting everybody worked up?
—The Atlantean Commander, called Sergeant

The Atlantean Commander is a minor character in the Age of Mythology: The Titans campaign, The New Atlantis.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Atlantean Commander (called Sergeant in the A Lost People introduction) is as his name suggests, a Commander within the Atlantean army, and appears in A Lost People, and is heard, but unseen in Greetings from Greece (where he notes that the resources of Melagius' realm are thin, but there are Plenty Vaults nearby), Later, the Sergeant appeared to have sailed with Kastor to the Norselands to destroy the Tower of Odin. In the opening cutscene of the scenario, one of the two Destroyers comments that there are a few Norse scouts around who could possibly be hiding in the rough terrain. 

The Atlantean Commander takes form of a Destroyer and is not a proper unit, but instead a secondary, story character, much like Zethos, Niordsir and Zeno.

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