Atalanta is a Greek Heroic Age hero exclusive to Poseidon.

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Atalanta is one of the fastest Heroes in the game, so she can easily chase down enemy myth units and is an excellent scout. However, her attack is slightly lower than that of the other Heroic Age Greek Heroes.

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Age -- 28
Homeland -- Boeotia (possibly Arcadia)
Occupation -- hunter and athlete
Special attack -- runs very fast.

As a baby, this female hero was left on a hillside, exposed to the elements by her father, who had desperately wanted a son. Suckled by a bear and then raised by hunters who found her, she grew to become a great hunter, and the fastest foot-racer known, as well as a beautiful woman. In some accounts she served in the crew of the Argo. During the great Calcydonian Boar Hunt, two centaurs tried to assault her, but she killed them both. Her success in the hunt and reconciliation with her royal father made her especially attractive to suitors, but the Oracle had advised her never to marry. She agreed to marry any man that could catch her in a race, believing no such man existed. But a suitor distracted her with gold apples thrown in her path and managed to win the race. After the marriage, the couple let their passions go wild within a temple of Zeus, which angered the great god, and he turned them both into lions.

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  • According to concept art, Atalanta was originally intended to be an archer hero.

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