Trains and upgrades artillery.
—In-game description

The Artillery Foundry is a military building in Age of Empires III that trains and upgrades artillery, in addition to some infantry units. It becomes available upon reaching the Fortress Age (Commerce Age for British, Dutch, Ottomans, Russians, and Swedes).

The Haudenosaunee build the Siege Workshop, which functions identically to the Artillery Foundry, while the Aztecs, Incas, and Lakota do not have access to artillery and siege units. Asian civilizations build Castles, which combine the functions of an Artillery Foundry and an Outpost.

Units[edit | edit source]

Age Unit Cost Pop. Civ.
Ages colonial.jpg
Grenadier icon.png Grenadier 120 food,
60 coin
2 British
United States
Abus gun icon.png Abus Gun 50 food,
100 coin
Leather-cannon-icon-aoe3.png Leather Cannon** 300 food,
100 wood
3 Swedes
Ages fortress.jpg
Falconet icon.png Falconet 100 wood,
400 coin
5 British
John Black's Mercenaries
United States
Black Family Estate
Aoe3 organ gun icon.png Organ Gun 100 wood,
300 coin
4 Portuguese
Culverin icon.png Culverin 100 wood,
400 coin
Hoop Thrower.png Hoop Thrower 100 food,
50 coin
2 Knights of St. John
Aoe3 petard icon.png Petard* 50 food,
100 wood
1 All
Ages industrial.jpg
Mortar icon.png Mortar 100 wood,
350 coin
Horse artillery icon.png Horse Artillery* 100 wood,
500 coin
Rocket.png Rocket 100 wood,
500 coin
6 United States
Gatling gun icon.png Gatling Gun* 100 wood,
300 coin
4 United States
Cetbang aoe3de.png Cetbang Cannon** Indonesia
Units with an asterisk (*) are added in The WarChiefs.
Units with two asterisks (**) are added in the Definitive Edition.
In the Definitive Edition, Grenadiers can be trained by European civilizations other than British, Dutch, Ottomans, and Russians once the "Grenade Launchers" Home City Card is sent.

Further statistics[edit | edit source]

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Flying Buttress.png Flying Buttress (+20%)
Sight Gas Lighting.png Gas Lighting (+4)
Construction cost Cree Textile Craftsmanship.png Cree Textile Craftsmanship (-25% wood)
Tupi Forest Burning.png Tupi Forest Burning (-20% wood)
Penalties Code Napoleon.png Code Napoleon (+50% cost, French only)
Counter Infantry Rifling.png Customized Merc Weapons (+30% cost, John Black's Mercenaries only)

Home City Cards[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Age of Empires III[edit | edit source]

  • The Artillery Foundry costs 300 wood and gives 30 XP when built and 60 XP when destroyed.

Definitive Edition[edit | edit source]

  • The Artillery Foundry costs 250 wood and gives 25 XP when built and 50 XP when destroyed.

History[edit | edit source]

The manufacture of artillery is a laborious process involving furnaces and cranes to move the heavy barrels through several stages of construction.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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