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This article is about the unit type in Age of Empires III. For the technology in Age of Empires II, see Artillery (Age of Empires II).
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A battery of Heavy Cannons, firing behind a column of heavy infantry

Artillery are heavy weapon units in Age of Empires III, superseding the role of siege units in Age of Empires II.


First available in the Commerce Age, they are produced from the Artillery Foundry for European civilizations, from the Castle for Asian civilizations, and from the Siege Workshop for the Haudenosaunee. They can also be shipped from the Home City.

Typically effective against infantry and buildings, artillery are best countered with both heavy and light cavalry, or Culverins. Some civilizations have their own unique artillery pieces such as the Rocket for the British and the Great Bombard for the Ottomans.

They are different from the so-called siege units (such as Grenadiers) in that artillery units have hard counters with their own anti-artillery multiplier, whereas hard counters for siege units use different multipliers, as siege units have their own class and on top of that, usually have some more common class in their traits, such as heavy infantry.

Cannons have modes for moving (Limber mode) and firing (Bombard mode). Switching modes takes a few seconds, and they will automatically switch to the appropriate mode when commanded to attack or move for more than a short distance.

Note: SiegeTrooper units will also have their training time reduced by cards such as Fencing School or Riding School due to their classification as infantry or cavalry. This same classification as infantry allows them to be easily slaughtered by Lancers, Jat Lancers and true artillery (except Culverins), or, for the ones classified as cavalry, heavy infantry.

Some artillery units are used effectively against buildings and ships at long range, some are effective against infantry, while others are designed to counter other artillery units. Some civilizations are capable of increasing the hit points or attack of their artillery units through the use of aura effects, these civilizations are the Spanish (Unction card, level 40 Home City required) and the Japanese (Shogun/Daimyo auras).

List of artillery units[]