This article is about the technology in Age of Empires II. For the unit type in Age of Empires III, see Artillery (Age of Empires III).
Artillery is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that is unique to the Turks that can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it increases the range of Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, and Cannon Galleons by +2.

Strategy Edit

Artillery allows Turkish Bombard Towers to outrange enemy Bombard Cannons, as well as making their Elite Cannon Galleons have the greatest range (17) of any unit in the game (tied with a Trebuchet with Siege Engineers researched). It also gives Bombard Cannons a larger range, making both units formidable for sieges.

Team bonuses Edit

  • A team containing Berbers: With Kasbah researched, researching Artillery is 25% faster.

Trivia Edit

  • Artillery is the only technology to cost both gold and stone.

History Edit

"Early firearms and cannons were operated by professionals and mercenaries who worked for the high bidder. In the late Middle Ages, the high bidder was often the Turks who controlled important trade routes to the East. This gave the Turks important experience with these new weapons that they used with effect against Constantinople and other Christian citadels."
The Conquerors manual
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