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You have advanced to the Mythic Age through the Determination of Artemis.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Artemis is a Mythic Age Greek minor goddess in Age of Mythology. She is available to worshipers of Hades and Poseidon.


God Power[]

  • EarthquakeIcon.png Earthquake: The reverberations caused by Earthquake deal massive amounts of damage to all buildings in the target area, but little to human units.


Myth Unit[]

  • ChimeraIcon.png Chimera: Three-headed monster that breathes fire all over its enemies.


Artemis improves ranged units. Archers have substantially increased attack, increasing their abilities to support attacks and defend, especially for Hades players. In addition, Triremes gain increased crush armor, which makes them less vulnerable to siege ships and some naval myth units.

Artemis' myth unit, the Chimera, is very tough and can attack multiple units at a time. The Flames of Typhon technology makes them even more dangerous. Artemis also has a highly offensive god power, Earthquake. This can turn the tide of a siege by almost leveling an enemy city, negating defenses and preventing additional units from being trained.


The goddess of the hunt and the protector of children, she is often seen with her bow and with wild animals, or wandering in the woods accompanied by nymphs. She and her twin brother, Apollo, were children of Zeus and the Titan Leto. Artemis was said to be aloof and free-spirited, free of husband and home, and forever a virgin. She exacts complete and deadly retribution for those who transgressed against the gods or herself. She turned the hunter Actaeon into a stag that was torn apart by his own hunting dogs, all for accidentally seeing her bathing. She was also believed to be responsible for the deaths of women in childbirth.

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