Arrowslits is a technology in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms that can be researched at the University once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it gives Watch Towers/Guard Towers/Keeps +1/+2/+3 attack.
Technology availability
Available Unavailable

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Chinese: Arrowslits are 20% cheaper.

Team bonuses Edit

  • A team containing Malians: Researching Arrowslits is 80% faster.

Changelog Edit

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Arrowslits is available in the Castle Age.
  • Arrowslits is available to all civilizations.
  • Arrowslits costs 150F/150W.
  • Arrowslits gives Watch Towers/Guard Towers/Keeps +2/+4/+6 attack.
  • Arrowslits only affects the first arrow fired.
  • With patch 4.8, Arrowslits moved to the Imperial Age.
  • With patch 4.8, Arrowslits became unavailable to 11 civilizations.
  • With patch 4.8, Arrowslits now costs 250F/250W.
  • With patch 4.8, Arrowslits now gives Watch Towers/Guard Towers/Keeps +1/+2/+3 attack.
  • With patch 4.8, Arrowslits now affects secondary arrows.

History Edit

The invention of the arrowslit is attributed to Archimedes during the siege of Syracuse in 214–212 BC. Slits "of the height of a man and about a palm's width on the outside" allowed defenders to shoot bows and Scorpions from within the city walls. Although used in late Greek and Roman defenses, arrowslits were not present in early Norman castles. They are only reintroduced to military architecture towards the end of the 12th century, with the castles of Dover and Framlingham in England, and Richard the Lionheart's Château Gaillard in France. In these early examples, arrowslits were positioned to protect sections of the castle wall, rather than all sides of the castle. In the 13th century, it became common for arrowslits to be placed all around a castle's defenses.

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