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Arrow Ship Cladding is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It increases attack, hit points and range of arrow ships (Triremes, Kebenits, Longboats, Biremes, and Junks), upgrading them to heavy arrow ships.


  • Arrow ship +10% attack
  • Arrow ship +20% HP
  • Arrow ship +4 range


  • For editor users: In the editor this tech is referenced as cladding


Prior to the development of gunpowder, ship-to-ship combat was conducted by missile fire (archery or heavier throwing weapons), ramming, or boarding. For protection against missile fire, ancient shipwrights improved their vessels with cladding, which was a wood or metal bulwark that protected sailors or rowers. We believe that the Vikings did something similar in their long boats by mounting their shields along the side for protection while at sea.

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