This article is about the armor class. For the unit, see Condottiero.
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The Condottiero armor class is an armor class introduced in patch 5.7 of Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. All units that have an attack bonus against this class deal bonus damage against units with this armor class.

As the Condottiero was supposed to be an anti-gunpowder unit, it was given +10 infantry armor, mainly to negate the Hand Cannoneer's +10 bonus damage against infantry. However this meant that the Condottiero also resisted other anti-infantry units like Cataphracts. To narrow the role of the Condottiero as anti-gunpowder, it was given its own specific armor class in patch 5.7. It now only resists gunpowder, and all conventional (non-gunpowder) units who have an attack bonus against infantry receive their attack bonus against this armor class.

Condottiero units Edit

The following units have the Condottiero armor class and take bonus damage from attacks against this class. The number in brackets indicates the amount of armor. If there is no number, the amount is 0.

Anti-Condottiero units Edit

The following units have an attack bonus against the Condottiero armor class. They are sorted descending by the amount of bonus damage they deal.

+10 bonus attack

+9 bonus attack

+2 bonus attack

+1 bonus attack

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