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This article is about the god form. For the base form, see Arkantos. For the demi-god form, see Arkantos (uber).
Warn icon yellow This page contains spoilers to the plots of Age of Mythology.

Arkantos (god) is the god form of Arkantos. Given his high armor rating, powerful attack, and quick health regeneration, he is almost impossible to kill. His stats are identical to his uber form, but he has a different appearance.


Arkantos (god) can regenerate 20 HP per second, and cannot be killed: if his HP reaches 1, he merely faints and can be resuscitated if approached by allied units.

Special attack[]

Throws numerous enemy units at a time into the air causing 200 hack damage and briefly stunning them. Recharge time: 15 seconds.

Bonuses and upgrades[]



In A Place in My Dreams, the final scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign, Arkantos fights the Living Poseidon Statue, after he is being empowered by the Blessing of Zeus, and eventually beats it and Gargarensis (who is impaled by the crumbling statue's trident).

After this victory, an enraged Poseidon destroys and sinks the island of Atlantis, also killing Arkantos. However, Athena resurrects him, and he ascends into true godhood, and is tasked with keeping the Titans in check.

In The New Atlantis, he takes on the role of Athena served in Fall of the Trident; guiding his son, Kastor through his quest to imprison the Titans.


Age -- Immortal
Homeland -- Atlantis
Occupation -- Minor god of Titan stopping

Arkantos of Atlantis was born during a time of great turmoil. His homeland was under constant siege by enemy armies and often seemed on the verge of losing not only the colonies it had fought hard to establish, but also the very home island of Atlantis. Arkantos took up spear and shield at an early age, and quickly earned a reputation as a great leader and one favored by Poseidon, the Father of Atlantis.

By the twilight of these great wars, Arkantos had become so indisputably skilled in waging war that the Council of Atlantis named him admiral and placed him in charge of their entire military. With the homeland again safe, Arkantos embarked upon a campaign to search out and eliminate any enemies who still remained. Finally, there was no enemy capable of challenging Atlantis. In a time of peace, maintaining a large army no longer seemed necessary and Arkantos himself seemed a relic of a bygone age. Kept around largely for gratitude for years of service, Arkantos now commands only a token force to fight off the rare bandit or pirate, including those that killed his wife and left his son, Kastor, as his only heir.

It seemed that Arkantos' days of glory had ended. But fate had something different in mind. Accompanied by a band of heroes and friends, he kept the Cyclops Gargarensis from freeing the Titan Kronos. Together they saved the world, but in the end he could not save his beloved Atlantis. Arkantos was raised to godhood by Athena for his sacrifices. He is a reluctant god, but it gives him a good position from which to observe and circumvent the machinations of the greater, but petty, gods around him.
—In-game help section


  • Apart from the mythology section, what sets apart the god form from the demi-god form, is the language: in god form Arkantos speaks Atlantean, whereas in uber, he speaks Greek.
  • The birth animation is unique, and not shared by any Hero unit in the game, most of which raise their arms to the heavens.



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