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This article is about the base form. For the demigod form, see Arkantos (uber). For the god form, see Arkantos (god).

Arkantos, Awaken..
Athena, calling Arkantos.

Arkantos is a heroic Atlantean admiral in Age of Mythology and the main protagonist in Fall of the Trident.


A participant in the Trojan War, Arkantos helped to resurrect the Egyptian god Osiris, united the Norse clans, and, most importantly, prevented the Cyclops Gargarensis from unleashing the Titan Kronos upon the world. Granted divine status for his heroic efforts, he advised his son Kastor during Kastor's struggle against the agents of Kronos.

Early life[]

Arkantos was a master warrior and a brilliant tactician, and thus, obtained the rank of Admiral. In his early days, there were a lot of enemies for him to fight and Atlantis was under constant threat. He was able to defeat every enemy of Atlantis except for pirates. His position then became largely ceremonial as Atlantis had no major enemies. Arkantos only had to deal with the occasional pirate attack. One of these raids turned personal when Arkantos' wife was killed by the pirate Minotaur Kamos. This left Arkantos his only son, Kastor, and a deep hatred of pirates, particularly, Kamos.

Beginnings of a Journey[]

Arkantos using his rally ability.

In his early forties, Arkantos was still a formidable warrior and, as such, he personally led an attack upon a pirate camp. After encountering and single-handedly killing a Cyclops, Arkantos and his soldiers obliterated the small pirate camp.

On the long way home to Atlantis, Arkantos fell asleep and experienced a strange and vivid dream. In it, he was battling the Anubite Theris, an old enemy who Arkantos had killed. After slaying him again, the goddess Athena appeared to Arkantos. She understood his desire for greater glory than killing pirates and warned him that he would soon face unimaginable evils. She then told him that he must be the one to fight these evils, and after this, Arkantos awoke.

Soon after arriving home and greeting his son, Arkantos got into an argument with Krios, the ruler of Atlantis. Krios wanted Arkantos to help the Greeks with their siege on Troy because Atlantis was falling out of favor with Poseidon, the patron god of Atlantis. Arkantos was unwilling, dismissing it as a waste of time. Their dispute was cut short when pirates began an unprecedented attack on the island.

The pirates began by using Krakens, huge tentacled squids that were capable of lifting and throwing soldiers. Although they were slain by the intrepid Arkantos, single boatloads of soldiers began landing. Wave after wave was repelled, as Arkantos and his soldiers tried to hold out until the full Atlantean army could arrive. In their final attack, the pirates landed a huge army, which far dwarfed Arkantos' small force. As they began fighting the hopeless battle, the Atlantean army finally arrived and turned the tide of the battle. The remaining pirates were forced to flee.

Arkantos talking with Krios after the pirate attack

Exhausted but pleased at his victory, his joy turned to shock when he learned that the attack had been a diversion. During the battle, the large statue of Poseidon that had stood on a small island on the bay had been defaced and the statue's trident had been stolen. Making up his mind, Arkantos decided to go to Greece to assist the Greek attackers, but he was also determined to obtain the trident along the way. He gathered a number of soldiers, bid farewell to his son (who wanted to come but was denied), and set off.

Arkantos pursued the fleeing ships and followed them to their base. There, Arkantos and his troops assaulted the stronghold, where they discovered both the trident and Kamos, the leader of the pirates. Cornered on a cliff, Kamos refused to surrender and instead jumped off the cliff. Thinking he had committed suicide, Arkantos peered over the edge and saw that Kamos had not died but was astride his pet Leviathan, which was quickly swimming away. Disgusted at the lost opportunity to make Kamos pay for his crimes, Arkantos loaded the trident onto a ship to be taken back to Atlantis and then proceeded on to Troy.

The Trojan War[]

Upon arriving at Troy, Arkantos was met by the Greek general, King Agamemnon and the warrior Ajax. The Greeks were losing the war at that point and had been unable to break through Troy's strong defenses. Determined to change the course of the war, Arkantos, assisted by Ajax, began by destroying a Trojan dock, which had been supplying warships. This allowed Agamemnon, who had fallen back, to land his army, which then proceeded to destroy the second dock. The next part of the plan was to assault Troy's main gate, which would then allow Ajax to lead a force in to secure Helen, Agamemnon's brother's kidnapped wife. (Her kidnapping had started the entire war). Arkantos and Odysseus, another legendary warrior, managed to capture Troy's mining operations, disrupt Troy's trade with another neighboring village, and then break down the front gate. Arkantos and Odysseus were waiting for Ajax and his troops when Arkantos learned from a messenger that the Trojans had counter-attacked and surrounded Ajax. Their whole plan had failed, and Arkantos rushed off to save Ajax. Upon doing so, they learned that Troy had constructed a forward military base. Destroying this base was crucial, and the two warriors and their soldiers destroyed the base. They returned to Agamemnon's camp to gather their forces and continue the attack but were shocked when they arrived.

The Trojans had attacked the camp, torched most of the base, and even scuttled most of the ships. The dejected Agamemnon suggested they retreat, but Arkantos insisted that they press the attack. Realizing that mere strength would not lead to the downfall of Troy, Odysseus proposed that they should build a great wooden horse, in which Arkantos, Ajax, and Odysseus would hide themselves in. After building the horse and killing any scouts that attempted to foil the plan, the three heroes put themselves in the horse. The Trojans, thinking the Greeks had retreated, brought the horse inside the city. At night, thee three warriors exited the horse. They stealthily made their way through the city, commandeered some siege weapons, and brought down the Trojan gate form the inside. This allowed Agamemnon to sweep inside the city with his army, and the three fortresses of Troy were razed to the ground. The next day, with the Trojan War having been won for the Greeks, Arkantos prepared to set out for home. However, his ships were hardly seaworthy, and Ajax suggested that Arkantos accompany him to the port of Ioklos, where the Atlantean could get his ships repaired. Arkantos agreed, and the two heroes sailed to Ioklos.

Bandits and the Underworld[]

When Ajax and Arkantos arrived at Ioklos, they were amazed to see rubble, corpses, and the general destruction of the port. An old man who had survived told the two that bandits had attacked the city and that they had taken their leader, Chiron, prisoner. Determined to find and rescue Chiron, Ajax and Arkantos helped rescue prisoners and survivors, and, with their help, reclaimed the city. Upon rescuing Chiron (and slightly startled to see that he was a Centaur), they learned from him that the bandits had kidnapped other Ioklos citizens, and the bandits had spoken of building something with the prisoners. Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron set off to rescue the additional slaves. They explored the area and found towers, fortresses, and many buildings, and started to realise they may not be dealing with an average "bandit." During their reconnaissance, they inadvertently became separated from each other. They fought their way through the enemy lines to reunite. They then pushed their way to a large pit, where they found the Ioklos slaves being forced to dig something up; they also encountered a large Cyclops by the name of Gargarensis. The Cyclops taunted the three heroes, especially Arkantos, who was forced to hear threats against his own life, Kastor's life, and all of Atlantis. Prepared to fight Gargarensis, Arkantos never got the chance. Mocking their weak, futile efforts, Gargarensis summoned meteors from the heavens. In the resulting chaos and explosions, most of Arkantos' force and the slaves were killed. Meanwhile, Gargarensis had slipped through a passage leading underground, which had been the subject of the now deceased slaves' labour. After regrouping their soldiers, the three heroes followed Gargarensis underground.


When they got to the bottom of the long flight of stairs, they found themselves in a hellish place—a dark landscape with eternal night and the only light coming from rivers of lava. It was Erebus, the land of the dead. After taking in their surroundings, they then noticed a gargantuan door on the side of a cliff. The door was tens of feet high, and, in front of the door, an equally huge ram was pounding away. Overseeing the ram's work was Gargarensis. After musing that Gargarensis' reasons for opening the door could be for no good, Arkantos decided to destroy the ram. With the help of reinforcements from the surface, the heroes managed to destroy the ram, although it took a gigantic effort, and the door was weakened. Gargarensis appeared unconcerned at the loss of his ram and the appearance of the heroes. He claimed that following him was a foolish idea, and, to prove his point, he called down the power of the gods. An earthquake began, toppling large boulders. The three heroes were nearly crushed, but they escaped with their lives. The vast majority of their soldiers were not so lucky, and they were crushed to death or trapped behind piles of rock.


Worst still, the passage to the surface was also blocked, effectively trapping Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron in the underworld. Staying calm, they began pondering their options, when a cloaked figure approached them. Chiron recognised it as a Shade, one of the inhabitants of Erebus. The Shade offered to help guide them out of the underworld, and the desperate heroes agreed. In exchange, however, they had to obtain three Relics and bring them to a temple complex. Their dark journey was frightening, as the heroes had to face mythical creatures and the strange powers of Hades, the god of the dead who was determined to claim the heroes as his own. They escaped death numerous time to bring the three relics to the temples the Shade mentioned. Three temples were there, each one commemorating a certain god--Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Arkantos, relieved to see a temple built for his patron god, prayed before the Poseidon temple, asking for help, but nothing happened. Chiron suggested that Arkantos try a different temple. After bowing before the statue of Zeus, a flight of stairs leading upward materialized. Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron rushed up the stairs, escaping Erebus, but they were completely unaware of what lay at the surface.

A God Reborn[]

After emerging from the darkness they had traveled in for so long, the heroes' eyes were dazzled by the bright sunlight they emerged in. Around them was sand, palm trees, and exotic animals. They had little time to ponder their surroundings, as they were approached by a woman, clearly a warrior, and her squad of soldiers. She introduced herself as Amanra and informed the lost trio that they were in Egypt, and the valley they had emerged in was the site of a sacred treasure. Amanra was prepared to fight to the death to defend the valley, but Arkantos, in little position to fight, assured her they were not enemies and offered his assistance. Amanra informed them that her enemy went by the name of Kemsyt, an agent of the evil god Set and the man who had led the bandits to Ioklos. Realizing that they shared a common enemy, Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron united with Amanra to defend the valley as workers dug out an excavation. What emerged was a large sword, big enough that it needed two strong men to carry it. Amanra then told the other three the legend of the Guardian—a mighty statue that came to life when evil threatened Egypt. It only awoke when its sword was brought to it, and, thus, it was imperative that the sword remained intact on its journey to the statue. As they began traveling, they helped rescue some kidnapped slaves from their cruel masters. In gratitude, the slaves led them back to their village, where the local ruler pledged his support and assistance in breaking into the city where the Guardian was standing, since the city was under the occupation of Kemsyt. Necessity sped the heroes' mission because Kemsyt's huge army began pillaging the nearby villages on their route back to the city. The sword-bearers successfully brought the artifact to the statue, which then awoke and proceeded with unstoppable force to obliterate Kemsyt's army, although Kemsyt himself was not at the scene of the fight. Near the Guardian, another curious artifact was found—a large, ornately decorated box. Amanra then recited an even stranger story. Long ago, the god Osiris had been murdered by his brother Set, who had chopped Osiris' body into four pieces. These pieces were obtained by Osiris' wife, Isis, who hid the pieces around Egypt. If the pieces were reunited, Osiris would live again, and only the god could help stop the even greater threat to the land—Gargarensis. Both Kamos and Kemsyt were working for the Cyclops.

However, before the heroes had time to make a lengthy plan, they were ambushed by Kemsyt's forces. Left for dead, the Osiris piece box was carried away by the army. The heroes were found by an allied ruler and nursed back to health. What followed was a lengthy battle that saw the Osiris piece box changing hands many times. Eventually, Arkantos and his allies managed to get the box safely behind city walls. They then moved the box to the sacred city of Abydos, where Osiris' great pyramid stood. Amanra left to find Setna, a priest who could help them. While Amanra was gone, Ajax and Arkantos were ambushed again and surrounded by Kemsyt and his forces. The two were imprisoned, where Arkantos found his cell to be occupied by the very same Setna that Amanra was looking for. Setna exchanged a few words with Arkantos, but they were interrupted by Gargarensis himself. He laughed at Arkantos' continued faith in Poseidon and prepared to run the Atlantean through with his trident. He was stopped when Amanra's liberation army broke into the prison and freed Arkantos and Ajax. Gargarensis fled, and the heroes managed to invade Abydos, under Kemsyt's control, and rescue the Osiris box piece. After taking it to a hidden valley where they were sure to be safe, Arkantos fell asleep. Again, he experienced another strange and vivid dream. In it, he fought against impossible odds but was aided by the power of the gods. Then, Athena appeared to him again. She explained Gargarensis' true ambitions. The Cyclops wanted to gain immortality, and he had decided to help Poseidon in freeing the Titan Kronos from Tartarus, the deepest region of Erebus. There were several gates into Tartarus, and Gargarensis had tried to open one of them with his mighty ram. If Kronos was freed, he would unleash destruction upon the Earth as he exacted revenge on his captors, the other gods of Olympus. After hearing this revelation, Arkantos was forced to escape the Underworld again, and he then invaded a familiar city with his enemies help. Athena, reappearing, told the horrified Arkantos that the burning city was Atlantis and would become reality if Gargarensis succeeded in his mission. Arkantos then abruptly awoke and reassured his friends that he had just had a bad dream. Arkantos, along with Ajax, Chiron, and Amanra, decided to split up to retrieve the additional three Osiris pieces. Arkantos and Ajax decided to invade Kamos' stronghold, where a piece was being kept. After commandeering two pirate ships, they stealthily made their way across the heavily guarded bay. They then proceeded to attack the base, where in the chaos, Kamos attempted to flee. He was chased by Arkantos and found himself in a familiar situation—cornered on a cliff. Vowing to kill the Atlantean, Kamos leapt at Arkantos, but he was ready. The Minotaur was impaled as Arkantos managed to lift his spear in time. Staggering and bleeding heavily, Kamos fell from the cliff—this time, onto sharp rocks. Thus ended Kamos, Arkantos' sworn enemy. Arkantos and Ajax retrieved the Osiris piece and proceeded back to Abydos, which had been retaken by Gargarensis. The base of the Osiris pyramid was revealed to be the site of the second gate to Tartarus. Gargarensis left to speed up his army's pace, and while he was gone, Arkantos, and Ajax, Chiron, and Amanra, who had successfully retrieved their pieces, invaded the heavily defended city. They had to deal with not only Gargarensis' army but also with the creatures of the Underworld, which were emerging from Gargarensis' excavations. The four Osiris pieces were brought together (one of them was already in the city), just as Gargarensis arrived with his massive army. Jeering at the heroes, whose attempts to resurrect Osiris had appeared to fail, his laughter was cut short as the boxes opened and the pieces magically fused together. The heroes had succeeded, as Osiris was reborn. He unleashed utter destruction upon Gargarensis' army, and the Cyclops was forced to retreat from Egypt altogether. The four heroes readied themselves to pursue Gargarensis.

Stopover in Greece[]

Main article: Boar (Arkantos)

While sailing through the Mediterranean after Gargarensis, Arkantos and Ajax noticed a shipwreck on an island. The ship resembled the ship of their old acquaintance, Odysseus. Arkantos and Ajax decided to disembark upon the island to investigate. They found no bodies or anyone for that matter. They did find a camp fire, where some pigs gathered around the fire. Arkantos realized there was something strange about the pigs and the way they were acting, but before he could ponder the matter further. He found himself and Ajax rapidly becoming boars themselves. Soon, they were completely swine. An unexpected benefit was that they could converse with the pigs, and their tusks were lethal weapons. They gathered from the pigs that an evil sorceress named Circe had turned them into swine. The only way to be turned back into humans was to approach a temple dedicated to Zeus on the far side of the island. During the journey there, Arkantos and Ajax helped protect the pigs from hungry villagers, and they also rescued other pigs that were in enclosures. The boars and pigs passed right under the noses of soldiers, who assumed that they were just dumb animals. The procession reached the temple, and they all found themselves becoming men again. Arkantos, Ajax, and their new army stormed Circe's fortress, where they were confronted by the lightning-wielding sorceress herself. Her guards were defeated, she was killed, and her fortress was destroyed. The heroes rescued the imprisoned Odysseus, who expressed his gratitude. Arkantos and Ajax then joined up again with Chiron and Amanra and continued on after Gargarensis.

Tragedy and supposed Triumph in the Norselands[]

Arkantos and Amanra facing the avalanche

Their chase led them to the frigid Norselands. Upon landing, they encountered Gargarensis, who had laid a trap for them. The heroes and their soldiers were quickly engulfed in an avalanche. They became scattered, although they managed to find each other again. The mountain pass they found themselves in was also occupied by three temples and their fanatic and barbaric followers. The heroes destroyed the temples and escaped the pass. They had completely lost Gargarensis' trail, but Chiron suggested that they travel to a region called Midgard, where they could find help. After journeying for some time, they found their way blocked by vast amounts of rubble. For the moment, they were stuck. They then noticed that two dwarves were attempting to spy on them. Upon confronting the dwarves, the heroes learned that their names were Eitri and Brokk, two brothers. They were smiths, but their forge had been violently captured by Giants and Trolls. In exchange for freeing their forge, the two brothers would lead them to Midgard through an alternate route through caves. The heroes, now aided by Eitri and Brokk, reclaimed the forge. They had to defend it against enemy attacks for some time, until the Giant and Troll forces had finally been completely eradicated. The dwarves thanked the other heroes and fulfilled their promise. Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, and Amanra then found themselves in Midgard. Before they could reach the Norse clans, they had to travel through a highly dangerous area swarming with Giants. The heroes came upon an old hermit called Skult. For safe passage through the area, he claimed that the flag he carried could unite the Norse clans. The heroes took him up on his offer, and began their risky journey. Before long, they found themselves facing a massive boulder wall. They had no option but to break through the wall, and, worse, the Giants had been alerted to their presence. The huge Giant army descended upon the heroes as they furiously tried to make a gap in the walls. Succeeding just before the Giants arrived, they fled for their lives. However, they promptly found themselves against a thick and impenetrable forest. Death seemed certain for the heroes, as the Giants closed in on them. At the last minute, however, the trees mysteriously burst into flames. It seemed that the gods favored the heroes, as Arkantos and the others quickly ran through the thinner forest. They quickly left the slower and bulkier Giants behind, and they finally reached safety and the Norse clans.

The three clans were warring with each other, but as soon as they saw Skult and his banner, they became united--against Arkantos and his friends. It seemed the banner infuriated them, and they quickly attacked the heroes. The heroes managed to survive and kill the attacking forces. However, they had merely killed some of each clan's military. Arkantos came up with a plan to unite the rest of the clans. They lured each clan's leader and army out with the banner and led them to a heavily fortified area. They targeted out the leader, and once the clan leader was killed, the rest of the clan, seeing their leader bested in battle, pledged their support to Arkantos. Arkantos managed to unite three clans in this way. At the end of the tiring battles, the heroes confronted Skult and angrily asked him why the banner infuriated the clans. Skult merely laughed, called them fools, and disappeared into thin air. The confused heroes were then approached by a beautiful woman—a Valkyrie. She went by the name of Reginleif and told them that Skult was actually Loki, an evil trickster god. The flag they had been carrying was really that of a ferocious giant that was the enemy of the clans. Arkantos, now knowing better, discarded the flag. Reginleif offered to help them in uniting the other clans. These clans all required something before they pledged their support to Arkantos and his allies. For one, the heroes rescued some kidnapped dwarves from their Troll captors. For a second clan, Arkantos and his allies helped defend a village against Giants while fortifications were made. For the third and final clan, the heroes rescued the clan chieftain's daughter, Greta Forkbeard, from more Giants. The Norse clans were finally all united under a new banner — Arkantos'.

With this new army, the heroes found and invaded Gargarensis' stronghold. However, they found they were too late. The Cyclops had already found another passage to the Underworld, the Well of Urd, and entered it with an army. The heroes quickly followed, and they were now in Erebus again. To their horror, they saw another Tartarus gate. Worse still, a huge ram was assaulting the gate; Gargarensis had built another one. The heroes, with a meagre army, attempted to destroy the ram. They succeeded in killing the guards, but the battle went against them when Gargarensis' reinforcements arrived. As they fled, the massive army pursued them. As they fled, Chiron performed a noble sacrifice as he knocked over a boulder with his hooves, creating a barrier between the heroes and Gargarensis' army. However, Chiron was on the wrong side of the barrier, and although he valiantly tried to defend himself, he was no match for the huge army. Arkantos, knowing Chiron was now dead, was heartbroken, but Amanra consoled him, saying Chiron had not died in vain. At that point, however, it certainly seemed like it. Gargarensis' ram continued to weaken the door, getting closer to the Cyclops' hideous goal, and the heroes had no army. They unexpectedly found themselves facing Brokk, one of the dwarves they had helped earlier. He explained that he and his brother were trying to rebuild Thor's hammer, which had been broken by Loki previously. If the hammer was rebuilt, it could be used to seal the gate and stop Gargarensis. Brokk and some other dwarves were in the process of cutting down a massive root to serve as the handle of the hammer. However, at this point, Gargarensis' army managed to break through the boulder wall. The heroes valiantly fought them off, while they waited for Eitri to arrive with the hammer head. Eventually, he did, and as the hammer shaft and the hammer head became closer, the heroes were infused with hope. At that very same moment, however, Gargarensis emerged victorious. The ram broke the gate, and the doors ominously began opening. The Cyclops began rising in the air, and he appeared to have gained his reward. At that very instant, Thor's hammer was completed. It rose magically into the air and flew into the opening door. The door slammed shut, preventing any Titan from escaping, and Gargarensis dropped to the ground, failing in his attempt to gain immortality, at least for the moment. The irate Cyclops fled, as the hammer's power manifested itself in a huge explosion, which literally blasted the heroes and Gargarensis out of the Underworld. The heroes, after lying unconscious for some time, made their way to an abandoned mining village, in order to build fortifications while Gargarensis' wrath became clear. The Cyclops, with a massive army, confronted the heroes, who refused to surrender to Gargarensis. They then were forced to defend their base against impossible odds while they hoped for a miracle to save them. A miracle eventually was realised when Arkantos' old friend, Odysseus, arrived with an equally large army in tow. Odysseus explained he had a dream in which a Cyclops destroyed his homeland—a very similar dream to Arkantos'. With Odysseus' help, the tide of the battle was turned, and the heroes pushed all the way to Gargarensis' lair. The Cyclops was captured. After finally catching up with his mortal enemy after weeks of fervent pursuit and tragedy, Arkantos decided the Cyclops should pay for his crimes and horrific plans, and Ajax, with Arkantos' consent, brought an axe down upon Gargarensis' head. It seemed the heroes were victorious.

Return to Atlantis and the Final Showdown[]

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On the way back to Atlantis, Arkantos decided to hang Gargarensis' head from his mast. However, upon opening the box, Arkantos and his friends found Kemsyt's head. In the Norselands, Gargarensis had forced Kemsyt to use his sorcery to make himself look like the Cyclops, while Gargarensis escaped. Thus, when the heroes had captured "Gargarensis", they had actually executed Kemsyt. Wondering where Gargarensis was now, Arkantos' question was answered when his ships approached Atlantis, and to Arkantos' horror, the whole city was under the control of Gargarensis. The heroes, with a large army that had accumulated over their travels, helped rescue the Atlantean citizens and evacuate them from the island. Meanwhile, Gargarensis and his army pushed to the centre of the island, where they unearthed the fourth and final Tartarus gate—right underneath the main temple of Atlantis. Praying to Poseidon for aid, Gargarensis' prayers were answered when the great statue of Poseidon came to life. Arkantos and Ajax found Kastor and Theocrat Krios and rescued them from their captors. Then, Arkantos urged Ajax and Amanra to leave him and help get everyone off Atlantis. They reluctantly agreed, leaving Arkantos alone for the final showdown.

Arkantos, knowing he could not confront Gargarensis and the massive, living statue without help, built a monument to Zeus and asked for his help. Arkantos's pleas were answered, as Zeus granted the Atlantean superhuman powers. Arkantos and his soldiers pushed their way to the center of the city, where Arkantos and the Poseidon statue entered an epic duel. The statue towered above Arkantos, but he managed to dodge the killer blows of the statue's trident. Arkantos then jumped and plunged his spear into the statue's face. Gargarensis was shocked as he watched Arkantos' victory, for he thought that his plan would inevitably succeed. As the statue crumbled, the trident fell, and before Gargarensis could move, he was gored by the statue's trident. As Gargarensis died, Poseidon's wrath became clear, as meteors, earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning bolts ripped Atlantis apart. Exhilarated at his victory, Arkantos fled, but he finally fell exhausted on the beach. As the island began sinking beneath the waves, Athena appeared before Arkantos, and she bestowed upon him what Gargarensis had failed to achieve—divine status. As his friends sailed away, they wondered what had become of Arkantos, unaware that he was now deified.

Becoming a God[]

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Arkantos was a reluctant god and would have dearly loved to be mortal and among his friends. However, he realized that his position allowed him to observe the other gods and their interactions and power struggles. Over the next ten years, Arkantos watched as the people of Atlantis struggled to rebuild. He was unaware that Kronos was also watching them and planning to use them to escape Tartarus. Arkantos was alarmed when the Atlanteans began worshipping the Titans, and he was even more alarmed when his son Kastor, now a strong warrior, began attacking those loyal to the gods. After a devastating raid on Amanra's stronghold (Amanra was now Queen of Nubia), Arkantos saved Amanra's life after she was surrounded by Kastor's soldiers. Bowing before Arkantos, she listened as Arkantos commanded her to find Kastor and help him realize his misguided and dangerous ways. Amanra, teaming up with her old friend Ajax, helped rescue Kastor after he was turned on by his own Atlanteans. Then, Arkantos appeared before his son. Humbled, Kastor asked for forgiveness, and Arkantos told him that he must now stop the lesser Titans, who had escaped from Tartarus. Arkantos watched as his son defeated these Titans, but it was too late to stop Kronos from escaping Tartarus. After Kastor and his friends summoned the creator Titan, Gaia , Kronos was defeated and again imprisoned in Tartarus. Arkantos then appeared before Kastor and proclaimed him ruler of Atlantis, giving him the ruler's staff.


Age -- 44
Homeland -- Atlantis
Occupation -- Admiral

Special attack -- Holds spear aloft to boost morale

Arkantos of Atlantis was born during a time of great turmoil. His homeland was under constant siege by enemy armies and often seemed on the verge of losing not only the colonies it had fought hard to establish, but also the very home island of Atlantis. Arkantos took up spear and shield at an early age, and quickly earned a reputation as a great leader and one favored by Poseidon, the Father of Atlantis.

By the twilight of these great wars, Arkantos had become so indisputably skilled in waging war that the Council of Atlantis named him admiral and placed him in charge of their entire military. With the homeland again safe, Arkantos embarked upon a campaign to search out and eliminate any enemies who still remained. Finally, there was no enemy capable of challenging Atlantis. In a time of peace, maintaining a large army no longer seemed necessary and Arkantos himself seemed a relic of a bygone age. Kept around largely for gratitude for years of service, Arkantos now commands only a token force to fight off the rare bandit or pirate, including those that killed his wife and left his son, Kastor, as his only heir.

It seemed that Arkantos' days of glory had ended. But fate had something different in mind.


  • In Age of Empires III, the "Armor of Arkantos" is one of the Treasures scattered throughout certain maps, which increases the Explorer or Hero's hit points by 40%.
  • Originally the main hero of the campaign was a Greek Strategos or Leader called Misenus, only to be replaced by Arkantos by the end of 2001.




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