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Aristocracy is a technology in Age of Empires that can be researched at the Government Center once the player reaches the Iron Age.

Technology availability
Available Unavailable


Once researched, the speed of elite infantry is increased by 25%.

Aside from the speed bonus, this technology is required for the upgrade of Phalanxes to Centurions.

Affected units[]


The Aristocracy was a privileged class, usually hereditary, that arose within many cultures.  Aristocrats generally derived their power from control of farmland and the attendant infrastructure of people, towns, and manufacturing- supported food production.  They kept power at the pleasure of the ruler, as long as they acceded to his wishes.  Aristocrats may also have had military responsibility, especially when on the frontier of the kingdom or empire.  In many cultures the aristocrats provided the senior officer corps or elite troops of the army.  Commanders of the armies and navies of Athens, for example, were elected from among the aristocracy of landowners.
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