The Area of Effect, often abbreviated to AoE, is a gameplay element featured in the Age of Empires series. It describes attacks that can affect multiple targets within a specified area.

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The area of effect determines the size of area and amount of damage an attack will inflict. Units that deal attacks with an area of effect attribute can damage multiple units, particularly massed groups of targets. The area of effect also affects trees, damaging or destroying them.

Risk Edit

In Age of Empires and in Age of Empires II, area of effect attacks can also damage the player's own allied units, especially melee units engaged in combat with enemy units being subjected to siege attack.

Trample damage Edit

Main article: Trample damage

Specific heavy cavalry units can deal AoE damage that only affects enemy units. In Age of Empires III, some cavalry units always engage targets in the trample mode, (for hand cavalry and the Howdah), while this is optional for other cavalry types.

Splash damage Edit

Typically, splash damage is a type of damage that bounces from the primary target target on the adjacent or nearby opponents, almost always dealing significantly lower damage to the latter. In Age of Empires II, the concept of splash damage was introduced with Cataphract's and War Elephant's trample damage. However, as infantry and siege units have no trampling capability, it may be more appropriate to distinguish it from cavalry's splash damage, also considering the game never uses the term trample damage in regard to the following units.

Siege damage Edit

Certain siege weapons deal AoE damage on both land combat units and buildings. While a number damage their own units, some do not. In Age of Empires III, siege damage typically refers to damage inflicted by units on buildings.

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Marked with a * are units that cause friendly fire.

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