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The brilliant Greek scientist and inventor. Famed for his mathematical and engineering accomplishments.
—In-game description in the Definitive Edition

Archimedes (Hero Archimedes before Return of Rome) is a unit only available and seen in the Scenario Editor and the campaign mode of Age of Empires. Unlike other units in the game, Hero Archimedes does not attack. Instead, the unit simply just walks whenever an enemy units moves in his Line of Sight.


Hero Archimedes has 25 hit points, no attack, no armor, and little to no Line of Sight. He appears in the The Siege of Syracuse scenario of the The Rise of Rome campaign, and must not be killed, lest the scenario is lost. In The Rise of Rome, this unit can be converted (before Return of Rome), so it can be protected by the player's army.

He appears to be in the form of a Priest but does not have the ability to heal or convert enemy units. In The Rise of Rome, there is a glitch where the unit initiates an "attack" that deals only 1 damage to an enemy unit. The bug is not fixed and apparently the unit is not supposed to attack other units. This special unit is used in quests and scenarios rather than in normal games.


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