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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in other games of the series, see Archery Range.

The Archery Range is a Greek building in Age of Mythology that can be built once the Classical Age is reached. It is where archer units are trained and technologies that improve them are researched.

In the original game, Hades players have a unique archer unit, the Gastraphetes, but it could only be trained at the Fortress. The Titans enables this unit to be trained at the Archery Range as well.



Myth Technologies[]


In Age of Mythology, Greek civilizations may produce at the Archery Range soldiers trained to fight with missile weapons. They may also raise the quality of these units and research improvements to make them more effective.

By the time of Philip and Alexander of Macedon, pure Hoplite infantry armies were at a major disadvantage when fighting against mixed armies of infantry, archers, and cavalry. Thereafter, most effective ancient armies combined all arms. Soldiers using missile weapons like the bow and javelin required substantial skill and training to be effective, however. To reach a minimum level of proficiency they practiced at the Archery Range.


  • Much like the Stable, and Siege Works the Archery Range was intended to be available to all civilizations, where a basic Archer unit could be trained, along with a Counter-Archer unit.