The bow remained an important military weapon after the fall of Rome, although less so in areas of Europe covered by dense forests.
—Excerpt from the Archer description

The Archer, the most basic archer unit in Age of Empires II.

Archers are ranged units that fire arrows to inflict damage in the Age of Empires series. Their attacks easily decimate infantry, though their low armor and hit points make them vulnerable to fast infantry, such as Eagle Warriors and Woad Raiders, and cavalry units. Archers are also ineffective against siege weapons due to their relatively short range, low amount of hit points and the presence of decent pierce armor on such units.

The classification of "Archers" can be a somewhat vague one in the Age of Empires series, as its use varies from title to title. While at times it only refers to units equipped with bows, it may also refer to units armed with slings, javelins, or other ranged weapons.

Age of Empires[edit | edit source]

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In Age of Empires, all five lines of units available at the Archery Range are Archers. There is also the borderline case of the Slinger, which can be categorized as an archer despite being trained at the Barracks and being armed with a sling rather than a bow.

One notable feature about Archers in Age of Empires is the relatively high number of mounted archers, which make up the majority of Archery Range units. This emphasis towards mounted archers extends to civilization bonuses; whereas various civilizations such as the Assyrians, Egyptians (Age of Empires), Phoenicians, and Yamato have bonuses that improve one or more mounted archer units, and the Hittites have a bonus to improve the attack of all Archery Range units, only the Minoans have a bonus that exclusively improves their foot archers: +2 Range for Composite Bowmen.

Archers can be upgraded in several ways. The various lumberjack upgrades at the Market also increase their range by +1 each, the various Storage Pit upgrades for archers improve their armor by +2 each, and a few Government Center technologies can improve aspects such as attack and accuracy. Note, however, that archers lack the plentiful attack upgrades available to melee units at the Storage Pit. Conversely, though, other units receive limited support for defense against archers, as technologies like Bronze Shield only provide half as much Pierce Armor as their melee armor counterparts.

Archer units in Age of Empires are:

Age of Empires II[edit | edit source]

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The standard archer line in Age of Empires II includes the Archer, Crossbowman, and Arbalester.

Compared to the previous game, Age of Empires II stands out in a few respects. For one, when including unique units, it includes many more units: in addition to the four standard lines of Archery Range units, there are 16 lines of archer-type unique units, including oddities such as the Imperial Skirmisher and the Slinger. This game also places a heavier emphasis on foot archers than mounted archers, with only one line of ranged cavalry being a standard unit: the Cavalry Archer.

In general, archer units in Age of Empires II require wood and gold to produce. This means that they place different burdens on the player's economy than the more food-heavy demands of infantry and cavalry units.

It is also worth noting that the technologies used to improve archer units differ from Age of Empires. For example, rather than using lumberjack upgrades to improve range, archers' range is upgraded along with their attack at the Blacksmith. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the way armor is upgraded is different in Age of Empires II, since the same standard armor technologies from the Blacksmith improve both melee and pierce armor for categories of units. These two factors essentially cancel one another out, but make it all the more important that one keeps their units upgraded over the course of the game.

The distinction between standard foot archers and ranged cavalry is more important than ever, thanks to various technologies and unit attributes that may favor one or the other. For more information on ranged cavalry in particular, please see that article. Likewise, to see how ranged infantry units such as the Throwing Axeman differ from archers, please visit that article.

Age of Mythology[edit | edit source]

Main article: Archer units (Age of Mythology)

Archers in Age of Mythology are human units, which means that they fare poorly against myth units. Each civilization has two standard archer units except for the Norse, who only receive the Bogsveigir. Usually, one will be a "standard" archer, such as the Toxotes, Chariot Archer, and Arcus, while the other will be a "counter-archer," such as the Peltast, Slinger, and Turma.

Note that ranged cavalry are especially rare in this game, with only three units qualifying as such.

Age of Empires III[edit | edit source]

In Age of Empires III, only a few archer-type units are used by European civilizations, having been superseded by their gunpowder counterpart.

Archers are ranged infantry units (light infantry in the base game, but not in the expansions, due to the new definition of light infantry in them).

As such, they generally have good ranged attack, low hit points, hand and siege attack, counter heavy infantry and light cavalry, and are weak to heavy cavalry and artillery.

The archer tag is not displayed in-game; it appears in the game files as AbstractArcher. Instead, the tags Gunpowder Unit (for infantry) and Gunpowder Cavalry (for cavalry) are used to differentiate archer units from gunpowder units. Some ranged units are neither archers nor gunpowder units.

Archer units in Age of Empires III are:

Unit Description Civilization
Carib blowgunner.png
Carib Blowgunner
Short-ranged missile unit that fires poison darts. Good against infantry.
(Minor civilization)
Carib blowgunner.png
Carib Ambusher
Elite Carib blowgunner that can be quickly trained.
(Minor civilization)
Aoe3 cavalry archer.png
Cavalry Archer
Ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry.

Flag OttomanDE.png Ottomans
Flag RussianDE.png Russians

Aoe3 crossbowman.png


Archaic archer. Good against infantry.

Flag FrenchDE.png French
Flag GermanDE.png Germans
Flag PortugueseDE.png Portuguese
Flag SpanishDE.png Spanish

Inca Bolas Warrior.png
Inca Bolas Warrior
Inca infantry that hurls bolas for a wide area of effect.
(Minor civilization)
Aoe3 longbowman.png
Archaic long-ranged archer. Good against infantry.

Flag british large normal.png
Chinese cavalry archer mercenary.
Seminole Sharktooth Bowman.png
Seminole Sharktooth Bowman
Ranged Native American archer with a short range and high attack.
(Minor civilization)
Tupi Blackwood Archer.png
Tupi Blackwood Archer
Long-range, accurate native archer. Good against infantry.
(Minor civilization)

The WarChiefs[edit | edit source]

The following archer units were introduced in The WarChiefs:

Unit Description Civilization
Slinger. Good against heavy infantry.
Flag aztec large normal.png
Arrow knight.png
Arrow Knight
Long-ranged noble that fires flaming arrows. Good against artillery and buildings.
Flag aztec large normal.png
Eagle runner knight.png
Eagle Runner Knight
Nobleman that flings javelins from an atlatl. Good against cavalry and Coyote Runners.
Flag aztec large normal.png
Bowman. Good against infantry.

Flag iroquois large normal.png
Cetan bow.png
Cetan Bow
Foot archer. Good against infantry.

Flag sioux large normal.png
Bow rider.png
Bow Rider
Ranged raiding cavalry. Good against cavalry.

Flag sioux large normal.png

The Asian Dynasties[edit | edit source]

The following archer units were introduced in The Asian Dynasties:

Unit Description Civilization
AoE3 Chu Ko Nu.png
Chu Ko Nu
Archaic Chinese crossbow that fires at an extremely fast rate. Good against infantry.
Aoe3 chinese flag.png
Religious leader who stuns Treasure Guardians and has a chance to do Divine Strike damage in combat. Explores, fights, and builds Town Centers, Trading Posts, and Shrines.
Japanese flag.png
Iron Troop.png
Iron Troop
Mercenary foot archer from China that wears heavy armor. Good against infantry. Mercenaries
Mongolian ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry.
Aoe3 chinese flag.png
Stealthy ranged infantry. Good against infantry.
Japanese flag.png
Mongol Rider.png
Wokou Horseman
A nomadic horseman. Good against cavalry.
Blind Monk.png
Wokou Monk
A Monk with keen senses. Good against infantry.
Japanese master of the bow and the horse. Good against cavalry and artillery.
Japanese flag.png
Heavily armed mercenary cavalry good with both a bow and a sword. Good against cavalry.
Yumi Archer.png
Yumi Archer
Ranged infantry armed with the Japanese longbow. Good against infantry.
Japanese flag.png
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