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Shots from our bows rarely miss their mark.
—Archers of the Eyes' dialogue in The Siege of Jerusalem

The Archer of the Eyes (Archers of the Eyes before the Definitive Edition, in plural despite being a single unit) is a foot archer hero in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. He has the appearance of an Arbalester but always hits his target, not needing to research Thumb Ring and Ballistics first.

Archers of the Eyes are present in some campaigns and can also be found in the Scenario Editor. As heroes, they cannot be converted and can regenerate hit points (since The Conquerors). All archery upgrades also benefit Archers of the Eyes.

Campaign appearances[]


  • The historical Archers of the Eyes were expert Nubian archers reputedly so accurate that they could hit enemies in the eye and blind them without killing them, hence their name. Another was "pupil smiters".
  • Despite the Nubians being people from present-day Sudan and southern Egypt, their original icon depicts a man with pale skin and reddish-brown hair. They are also armed with arbalests instead of their famed reflexed longbows (though crossbows were also used in Medieval Nubia). In the Definitive Edition, the icon is based on the model of the Cavalry Archer line, which looks vaguely Middle Eastern.
  • The first mention of "Archers of the Eyes" is from the Muslim conquest of Egypt in the 7th century, but associating Nubians with powerful archery goes back to Ancient Egypt, when the southern border was called Ta-Seti or "Land of the Bow". The Medjay were also Nubian archers.
  • The Archers of the Eyes were instrumental in stopping the Muslim expansion along the Nile and preserving the Christian Sudanese kingdoms of Makuria and Alodia until the 16th century. The peace treaty between the Muslims and Makurians established the Baqt, in which the Makurians agreed to provide Egypt with a small number of high quality slaves and mercenaries. This agreement lasted for seven centuries, and it is likely the reason Saladin receives Archers of the Eyes in the game after he conquers Egypt.


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