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This article is about the unit class in Age of Empires III. For other uses of the term, see Archer.

Archer is a tag from the class system of Age of Empires III. In game files, they are referred to as AbstractArcher, and some of them have also the AbstractFootArcher tag.

Archer tag[]

Besides Foot Archers, the Archer tag (AbstractArcher in the game files) mainly affects mounted archers and also heroes. The following units are labeled as Archer:


Foot Archer tag[]

As Rifle Infantry, Foot Archers are referred commonly as light infantry (but AbstractLightInfantry in the game files refers to Shock Infantry).

They deal very good damage at long range against heavy infantry, light cavalry and Eagle Runner Knights. Foot Archers are vulnerable to artillery at range, and against heavy cavalry, Hand Shock Infantry and Melee Infantry if they are forced to fight in close combat.

The following units are labeled both as Archer and Foot Archer:


Home City cards[]


  • Most Archer units armed with bows have a wind up animation that makes it harder to perform hit-and-run tactics, so usually Gunpowder units are preferred because they perform the attack automatically.
  • The Yojimbo had no Archer tag before the Definitive Edition.