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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Anubite (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Anubite is a jackal-headed, sickle-wielding Egyptian myth unit that is available to worshipers of Anubis and can be trained at the Temple.

Special attack[]

Jump: Anubite can leap towards any enemy within range 4 to 8, causing 15 hack damage. Recharge time: 5 seconds.


  • FeetOfTheJackal.png Feet of the Jackal (Anubis) upgrades to Guardian Anubite and increases HP by 25%, attack by 20% and special attack maximum range by 6 (i.e. range is from 4 to 14 instead of 4 to 8).


Anubites are fast-moving, fairly cheap myth units that have reasonable armor. Their special jumping ability ensures that they strike first, and even allows them to jump walls. This gives a big advantage to players early in the game, especially against players using the Turtle strategy. Such attacks can disrupt economies early in the game when players have small amounts of villagers, but is less useful in the later ages when you might run into an army during an Anubite raid. Anubites are decent fighters in the Classical Age but become somewhat less useful in later ages. Still, they are useful for jumping towards ranged troops and siege weapons, which they can make short work of.


  • If an Anubite is killed while performing its jump special attack, it will perform its death animation in mid air and even its corpse will remain suspended until it disappears.


Scientific name -- Pholax cynopolis

Size -- about 9' tall

Diet -- doesn't eat, but may gain energy from emotions such as fear

Anubis' priests, the "setem", wore jackal masks during the mummification rituals. Anubis was among the oldest deities of Egyptian mythology and his role changed as the myths matured, passing from the main god of the underworld to the judge of the dead once Osiris took over the former role. Anubis' association with jackals was probably the result of jackals prowling around graveyards. He was colored black because embalmed corpses are pitch black in color. Although Anubis was often identified as "sab" a jackal, rather than "iwiw" a dog, there was still much confusion over which animal Anubis actually was. Some Egyptologists refer to the "Anubis animal" to represent the unknown species that he was supposed to represent. Cities dedicated to Anubis were known for their great number of dog mummies and whole cemeteries.

"We, known as the Jackals, the Priests of Anubis, are guardians of their glorious tombs, or of their humble graves. We are the keepers of the dead. We are the servants of Anubis. We are Cynopolis." -- Chapter of the Dead, Book of Ma'at


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