A Priest converting a Giraffe

Animals of Set are creatures under that Egyptian god's influence. They come in two categories.

Designated Animals of Set Edit

First, there are seven designated animals that have 'of Set' added to their names: the Ape of Set, Gazelle of Set, Hyena of Set, Giraffe of Set, Crocodile of Set, Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros of Set. There are a few differences between the Animals of Set and their regular Mother Nature or converted counterparts. They yield only 50-60% of the food that a regular animal does, and the Gazelle, Giraffe and Hyena of Set have all had their speeds changed to 4.0.

The Set player obtains these special animals in one of two ways. First, they are granted to the Set player as bonus units, and second, they can also be summoned by the Pharaoh.

Bonus Animals of Set Edit

At the start of each Age, bonus units appear at the Set player's Temple, as follows:

  • Archaic Age        1 HyenaIcon Hyena of Set (appears at the start of the game at the player's Town Center)
  • Classical Age      3 GazelleIcon Gazelles of Set, 2 HyenaIcon Hyenas of Set
  • Heroic Age          3 GiraffeIcon Giraffes of Set, 2 CrocodileIcon Crocodiles of Set
  • Mythic Age          3 RhinocerosIcon Rhinos of Set, 2 HippopotamusIcon Hippos of Set 

Summoned Animals of Set Edit

The following animals can be summoned by the Pharaoh:

  • Archaic Age: BaboonIcon Ape of Set
  • Classical Age: GazelleIcon Gazelle of Set, HyenaIcon Hyena of Set
  • Heroic Age: GiraffeIcon Giraffe of Set, CrocodileIcon Crocodile of Set
  • Mythic Age: HippopotamusIcon Hippopotamus of Set, RhinocerosIcon Rhinoceros of Set

Animals of Set only cost favor, leaving the player's other resources for more important uses. Also, summoning only takes a few seconds. Note that the Pharaoh is free to move, empower buildings and attack while he is summoning animals.

Converted animals Edit

In addition, Set's Priests are able to convert any huntable animal in the game. Normally, conversion times range from 18 seconds for deer to 1 minute for a rhinoceros, though on some maps conversion takes longer. All converted animals yield 75% of the food that the original Mother Nature animal yields.

Converting animals leaves the player's Laborers with less to hunt, leaving the player with a dilemma. To avoid this, it is sometimes wise to convert animals in enemy territory, as the player will be gaining units while at the same time removing his foe's food sources.

Trivia Edit

  • A player can kill an allied player's Animals of Set. This however provides no food to the player.
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