A two-player Andes game.

Andes is a map available in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. In this map you can find Incas, Llamas, treasures and Trade Routes.

Overview Edit

Andes is a landlocked map, depicting the west, mountainous lands of South America. Players start among generous forestland, and allies are close to each other; sometimes, teams will be sited on cliffs with a river surrounding them and dividing the team's lands from the rest of the map.

A Trade Route divides players of opposing teams, and four Inca villages can be found on the northeast part of the map, in a land where there are many mesas, but no resources. As opponenents start relatively close to each other, and resources are decent, rushes will be often executed on this map.

There are plenty of resources in this map; trees are found in great quantities, and there are many Silver Mines in both halves of the map. Also, players start off with a large amount of Guanaco near their Town Center, with a few other herds around them.]

Treasures are very scarce in the Andes compared to other maps and you will reach a point early in game where there are no longer any treasures to claim.

Treasure Guardians found here are:

History Edit

"The longest mountain chain on the planet, the Andes range stretches from Venezuela to Argentina - over 4000 miles long. A relatively new mountain range, the Andes first formed during the Cretaceous period about 140 million years ago.

The Andes encompass nearly the entire West coast of South America. As such, the mountain range manifests a broad range of climates and geography. Near the equator, the mountains have a warm and humid climate, with tropical rainforests practically lying in their shadow. To the south towards Antarctica, the Andes range is colder and more glacial.

Probably the most well-known of the indigenous peoples to inhabit the Andes were the Inca, whose empire was based in the area of modern-day Peru from the early 1300s to 1533. At the height of their expansion, the Inca ruled over much of western South America. The conquistador Francisco Pizarro established Spanish rule in 1533, when he oversaw the death of the last Inca emperor.

In-game history

Trivia Edit

The map's description reads; "The Inca can prove a powerful ally, but watch out for the warlike Huari". The Huari only appear in scenery editor as a native outpost similar to the Inca outpost.

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