An Unlikely Messiah is the first scenario in the Joan of Arc campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. It is based on Joan's journey from Vaucouleurs to the Château de Chinon.

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Starting conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Escort Joan from the camp at Vaucouleurs to the Château of Chinon.
  • Joan must survive.

Hints Edit

  • France's enemies are Britain and Burgundy. Be on the lookout for their forces.
  • Do not expect much assistance from the demoralized Army of France, but be alert for any soldiers who might be inspired to join your army... once they see Joan.
  • Protect your two Knights. They are your best fighters and know the lay of the land.
  • Don't worry about your economy - just get Joan to her destination.
  • Keep an eye on Joan's health: If it gets too low, keep her away from dangerous situations.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Franks): The player starts with Joan the Maid her escort in a French army camp in the northeast.

Allies Edit

  • Chinon (Franks): Chinon is a fortified town in the west. It is Joan's destination and not involved in any military activity.
  • Army of France (Franks): The Army of France has two villages in the northwest and an encampment in the south. Joan's journey also begins in an army camp to the east. They do not actively fight Burgundy, but once Joan visits any of their settlements, Frankish soldiers join Joan. They have Spearmen, Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Knights and Men-at-Arms. Also, they have a Scout Cavalry outside of the camp and a Capped Ram in their village to the northwest.

Enemies Edit

  • Burgundy (Franks): Burgundy is the main enemy in this scenario, with two fortified bases: one in the very center of the map and one in the far north. Also, in the Frankish village in the west is a large Burgundian army. The most common units they field are Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, and Men-at-Arms.
  • Highwaymen (Franks): The Highwaymen have three small outposts scattered across the map, consisting of Men-at-Arms, Archers, and Light Cavalry. They pose as a minor obstacle on the player's route and can be easily avoided.
  • British (Britons): The British are not fighting against the player, they just fight a battle against the Army of France and then disappear. They have Longbowmen, Cavaliers, and Onagers.

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty. It describes only one way to win it. Naturally, there are alternative ways to be gone.

The player starts the scenario in a small camp of the Army of France in the northeast of the map. When the player leaves the camp southbound, four Men-at-Arms and four Crossbowmen will join them. The player won't need them. Leave Joan in the camp as well for the time being.

Take Sieur de Metz and Sieur Bertrand and go south. If they shall ever be critically wounded, just wait a short time until they are both at full health again, and then move on. Kill the Dire Wolfs on the road and move on south, until the player comes to witness a battle between English and French forces. Stay back until the battle is over and wait for the place to clear, then proceed southwards. The road then turns right, past a broken bridge, and then leads to a small encampment of the Highwaymen. It is easy to take down. Then proceed straightforward (don't turn right), until they reach the Gate of a Burgundy town. Once the player attacks the Gate, two Light Cavalry and four Archers will attack the player. Kill them, then take down the Gate. The player may now bring Joan and also the Men-at-Arms if they wish to speed up the process. Inside the town there are two Guard Towers. Just ignore them and proceed to the Mill in the northwest of the town. Let Joan wait there and cross the river with both Sieurs.

Follow the road until the player reaches a village of the Army of France. The player will be attacked by Burgundian Light Cavalry, Pikemen, and Men-at-Arms. Just ignore them and run to the Dock in the south of the village. The player will now get three Transport Ships. Take one of the Transport Ships and pick up Joan. The player won't need anything else from now on.


Unload Joan here

Sail south until the player reaches the cliff at the shore. Unload Joan and walk west through the woods. Keep walking until the player reaches a river. Walk south until the player reaches a bridge that is guarded by two friendly Keeps. Cross it and follow the road. Once the player reaches the Castle of Chinon, the scenario is won.

Alternative strategy Edit

There is also an alternative and more time consuming way to win this scenario: Declare war on the British and slay every Burgundian rabble for being traitors to France.

Use the player's two Knights, Sieur de Metz, and Sieur Bertrand to eliminate every non-Pikeman. Draw away only two or three enemies at a time instead of engaging the entire force, then kill them in the woods. Against Pikemen, the Crossbowmen should be used.

The enemy ship can be taken down by Knights, if the player successfully lures it near the shore. There is also a Scorpion somewhere on the map who may join the player's cause when found, to help sink the Burgundian War Galley.

The player will get a Battering Ram in the northern village. It will prove handy for destroying Gates, Towers, even the enemy Castle. No player has researched Murder Holes, so a single Battering Ram within melee range is enough. If the player garrisons the Ram with four Men-at-Arms, the Ram will also move faster and deal increased damage.

Once the player has killed every soldier on the map, they can find the last British Champion hidden in the forest inside Chinon. The player will have to set Chinon to neutral diplomatic stance to destroy the Walls to get to it.

If the player is still having challenges, or overwhelmed on defeating each and every enemy soldier, the player can first cross the river with as many units as they can, to secure Chinon, where a Monk is available to heal every wounded soldiers, before attempting to get back to the enemies. This may be tedious, though.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the British are the player's enemies, the diplomacy tab shows that they are allied to the player. This explains why they don't attack the player in this scenario.
  • In the far west corner of the map (inside Chinon), there is a lone British Champion hidden in the trees that prevents the British from getting defeated. It's possible to kill him with ranged units, which will automatically defeat the British.
  • The player's main ally, Army of France, is always 'allied' with the player's major enemies, Burgundy and Highwaymen. Army of France is also initially 'allied' with the British until they switch their stance to each other as 'enemies' as the player reaches the battlefield at the east of the map.
  • Chinon, another ally of the player, is always 'allied' with all the other players (including the player's enemies - Burgundy, Highwaymen, and the British). Therefore, it is impossible for the Army of France and Chinon to help the player defend against Burgundy and Highwaymen.
  • This is the only scenario to feature Joan the Maid. In the following scenarios, she is riding the horse and is named Joan of Arc.
  • The Capped Ram that can be captured by the player is referred to as "Battering Ram" by one of Joan's soldiers.

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