This article is about the map in Age of Empires III. For the map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms, see Amazon.
AMazon mini map
"Teams are separated by the mighty Amazon River. Trade Routes and Natives may be separated... or maybe not. Tupi, Carib, Zapotec, or Inca tribes live deep in the rain forests. Build a navy to control the river, and control the map - but keep an eye out for enemy Outposts and cannon on the shores."
In-game description

Amazonia is a single-player map in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

Amazon appearance

Amazonia landscape

As the name suggests, players are separated by the raging Amazon river in both team and free-for-all battles. In a team battle, all players in that team will be placed on one side of the river, while the other is placed across them. In a free-for-all, an equal amount of players are put on each side (e.g. in an 8-man free-for-all, four players are put on both sides).

When multiple human players use the map both sides contain a Trade Route containing three Trading Post sites and various natives - Tupi, Carib, Incas, or Aztec. In The Warchiefs, the Zapotec replace the Aztecs. In 1v1 matches against the AI only one side, the player's, contains trade routes while the AI receives all native settlements.

The map is divided by the Amazon river in the middle, running horizontally. Fish are plentiful in the river, but intense naval battles will be fought. It must be crossed in order to drop soldiers in order to attack enemy settlements on the other side of the river. In team matches, anti-ship buildings should be placed next to the river, while in free-for-all matches they are better off placed near the settlement.

Walling up the shore as tightly as possible prevents any landing by enemy ships.

Trivia Edit

  • The real Amazon river possesses whales, however in the game no such resource exists, only fish are present.

History Edit

"The Amazon basin is drained by over a thousand tributaries that empty into the massive Amazon River, which in turn dumps millions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean per second. The Amazon River is over 6,000 miles long and more than 24 miles wide at its widest point. An astonishing variety of plants and animals live in the rain forest, including capybara, sloths, macawss and millions of insect species, all living in different strata of the forest, from the tops of the tall trees to the dirt and streams below, and everywhere in between.

The Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Orellana was the first European to successfully navigate the length of the Amazon River. Virtually all of his men died in the voyage; when he returned to Spain, Orellana told of attacks on his men by a group of fierce warrior women. In reality, the attackers were probably long-haired men. He likened his assailants to the Amazon women of Greek mythology and the name stuck.

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