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Alexander the Great is the eighth and last scenario of the Glory of Greece campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, replacing Wonder.

Scenario instructions[]


Asia Minor, 334 BCE

War! The rivalry between Hellas and Persia has reignited after the irruption of the Macedonians into the region, and the Greeks have been united under you, Alexander of Macedon. You have dauntlessly marched into Asia Minor and are now surrounded by your enemies. Although they are numerous, they are disorganized, uncoordinated, and cowarldy -no match for your disciplined forces. Seize the initiative and defeat them individually before they can prepare forces. Seize the initiative and defeat them individually before they can prepare their defenses. Victory in this campaign will etch your name into the pages of history for eternity!
—In-game campaign description

Starting Conditions[]


  • Create a Wonder in the marked area.



  • Player (Greeks) : The player is given two bases, one is situated on an separated island guarded with a Sentry Tower, holding gold and stone mines, the other one is placed on a small island with scarce resources, connected with the enemy controlled land with two shallows.


  • Satrapy of Lydia (Greeks) : This faction holds two fortified bases and two unguarded bases. They control a completed Wonder from the beginning. They have many Academy units.
  • Satrapy of Eber-Nari (Babylonians) : This faction guards the marked area where a Wonder need to be built to achieve the objective. They have 4 bases and some archers from the beginning.
  • Persian Army (Persians) : This faction starts with two bases, some Scythe Chariots and Elephant Archers.


The red Wonder will be the first target as the Wonder victory is enabled. A bunch of Stone Throwers with +2 range technology (or supported by Priests) could destroy it from the north of the Wonder. The initial army should be able to repel the red garrison.

The game will end immediately when the Wonder is built at the designated spot, The wonder building site could be attacked from land or sea. The land attack requires the destruction of Red and Yellow, while the sea route could avoid most of their force. The land access towards the building site could be cut off by docking the shallow connecting to it while making a fleet of Trireme.