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Alchemy is a technology in Age of Empires that is researched at the Government Center. It can only be researched in the Iron Age and improves the attack of all units that launch projectiles by 1.

The attack of Fire Galleys increases by 6. However, if the "Black Rider" cheat code is entered after researching this upgrade, the +1 attack bonus will not be applied.

It is available to all civilizations except the Choson, Romans, and Shang.


Age of Empires[]

  • Alchemy does not affect Towers (visual effects apply).
  • Assyrians: Cannot research Alchemy.

The Rise of Rome[]

  • Alchemy increases the attack of Towers.

Definitive Edition[]


The beginnings of chemistry can be traced back to ancient attempts to make gold and silver out of base metals, to find a universal cure for disease, and to discover secrets of prolonging life. The experiments and secrecy of the alchemists gave them an aura of mystery and magic. Alchemists were both feared and sought out for help. In an ancient world of little scientific understanding, mystery, and magic had power.
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