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Powerful African Warchief who gains strength from nearby Native Warriors. Can heal and build. Good against cavalry.
—In-game description

The Akan Tufohen is an infantry native hero in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals that is available once Akan Asafo is researched.


Special abilities[]

  • Chaos: Causes the target Treasure Guardian and other Guardians in an AOE of 3 around them to attack each other for 5 seconds. 18 range, 90 seconds cooldown.
  • Fealty Aura (passive): Increases the Akan Tufohen's hit points by 3% and attack by 1.5% for every allied native warriors in an AOE of 32 around him.


The Akan Tufohen is automatically upgraded in every Age up until the Industrial Age.

  • Colonial age up.png +25% hit points and attack
  • Fortress age up.png +30% hit points and attack
  • Industrial age up.png +40% hit points and attack

Further statistics[]

Home City Cards[]

In-game dialogue[]

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The tufohen were leaders of the asafo, formidable Akan warrior companies who dominated the Gold Coast. Wielding their deadly characteristic akrafena swords, they represented the height of warrior culture and led their men fearlessly into battle. A tufohen was only as powerful as his retinue, however, and every loss diminished his power.