Agincourt is a campaign scenario in the Battles of the Conquerors in Age of Empires II. The player controls the British troops of Henry V (red) trying to get back home after a failed initial invasion of France. This scenario is based on the Battle of Agincourt.

Intro[edit | edit source]

The rains come again, until there is nothing left of road, wood, or field, nothing in the entire world but mud. The exhausted English soldiers hoist their longbows over their heads, trying to protect the precious yew wood from the water.

The empty wagons can scarcely roll forward, even though all of the supplies have long been eaten. Terrifying hoof beats resound from the rear. The French knights have come.

The English have been in a slow retreat ever since the debacle at Harfleur, where King Henry the Fifth's glorious siege dragged on and on, costing the lives of 3000 Englishmen.

Now, Henry has all but abandoned his dream of establishing his hereditary claim to the French crown. Like his men, he only wants to reach Calais and the ships that will return them home to England.

On the road back to Calais, the French army overtakes Henry. Knowing that the English are fatigued, starving, and outnumbered three to one, the French have no interest in negotiation. The English make their stand on a wooded hilltop.

The archers plant stakes in the ground to offer some barrier against the deadly French cavalry.

Henry's only hope is that his lightly-armored infantry prove more nimble than the impetuous French knights, and that the range of his archers can even the odds before the French horses are upon them.

Scenario Instructions[edit | edit source]

Starting Conditions[edit | edit source]

Differences between difficulty levels[edit | edit source]

  • On Standard difficulty, there are fewer French Knights.
  • On Standard and Moderate, the player starts with 1 additional Monk.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • King Henry V must survive.

Later Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Acquire a Transport Ship in order to send Henry V home to England.
  • OPTIONAL: Destroy the University in Voyeni (green) to recover and learn from the great texts stored there.
  • OPTIONAL: Destroy the Blacksmith in Amiens (cyan) to recover armor and weapons.
  • OPTIONAL: Break through the enclosure around the French Knights' trebuchet and capture it for the English.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • 1. Because you are in enemy lands, cut off from supplies, you will be unable to establish a town or train new units. You must survive with your initial army.
  • 2. Since you lack resources, converting enemy villagers will serve only to let you repair siege weapons.

Scouts[edit | edit source]

  • Your scouts report: The English (1, Red) must navigate or conquer several French towns before they can return home. Harfleur (6, purple) is in the southwest, Amiens (4, Cyan) is atop a cliffed plateau in the south, Voyeni (3, Green) is in the center of the area, Frevent (5, Yellow) is to the southeast, and French Knights (5, Blue) roam the north.
  • England lies to the northwest, across the English channel. You will need Transports to reach it.
  • Bridges are out or heavily fortified down most of the length of the River Somme, but there may be an undefended crossing further southeast.

Players[edit | edit source]

  • Player (Britons): The player starts in the siege of Harfleur. All military units on the battlefield are at the player's disposal, but no Villagers, so the player cannot build up an economy, but they can convert the enemy Villagers to repair siege units.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Amiens (Franks) is located in the south, and destroying their Blacksmith will research Imperial Age Blacksmith technologies. They are protected by several gates, towers, and use a variety of units.
  • French Knights (Franks) are in the north, being the main opponent, consisting mainly of knights. The player needs to deal with their Castle and towers along the way. The player may obtain their trebuchet by destroying the Palisade Wall around it, and will obtain their transport ship at their Dock.
  • Frevent (Franks) is located in the southeast, having a Dock across the river. However they play virtually no role in this scenario, only defending themselves with spearmen. King Henry's soldier would suggest taking a break here.
  • Harfleur (Franks) is in the southwest, where the player's army starts outside. It is badly damaged, and is the weakest opponent, having only a dozen or so Knights.
  • Voyeni (Voyennes in the Definitive Edition) (Franks) is in the center of the map, and destroying their University will give Chemistry (referred as "Greek fire" in the in-game dialogue). The south Gate is well-defended by a Castle.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player starts outside the French city of Harfleur, with a few dozen soldiers (mainly Longbowmen), a few Monks, two Battering Rams, and no villagers. Retreat; Frankish knights are about to emerge from the city, and killing them won't give the player anything, but they might lose soldiers. The objective is to get to the Docks in the north and steal a Transport Ship, but the bridge there has been destroyed.

Destroy the Gate to Voyeni, and send the troops through to use their bridge. On the way, destroy the University to gain Chemistry (increasing archer damage). There is another way to cross the river, but it involves getting past a Castle, which is best avoided.

If the player wishes, they may then head to Frevent, which offers very little challenge to their army. It may be wise to convert some of their villagers, as they can be used to repair the Battering Rams. Convert some spearmen can also help in the battle against the knights later, since Frevent will keep spawning spearmen indefinitely while it is not destroyed.

Once the player is across the river, there are two paths they can take. They can go north, to fight a large group of Frankish knights, or south, to invade Amiens and steal some Blacksmith upgrades before going north to fight the knights. If the player can get the upgrades without losing units in the process, they're quite useful.

The battle against the knights is the hardest on the map, but can be made easier if the player sends their infantry and cavalry in first, to soak up damage while the archers fire. Keep the Monks nearby to heal, and if any knights charge at the longbowmen, always fire on the closest one. Feel free to send Henry V in, but don't lose him. Another strategy is to use a converted villager to build a Palisade Wall (the player starts off with a small amount of wood) along the width of the road, blocking off the knights from reaching the men. It also helps to continually convert enemy troops too (especially Knights).

Once the knights are dead, the player sees a trebuchet behind some Palisade Walls. Don't fire at it; the player can acquire it by destroying the wall and placing a soldier next to it, and it's better if they don't damage it first.

Destroy the Towers and the Castle with the siege weapons, and go to the Dock. Place a unit next to the transport ship to capture it, and send Henry V across the channel to England.

Speedrun[edit | edit source]

  • Ensure 1-3 knights survive
  • Send King Henry to the southern Voyeni's Gate, then the knights.
  • Move Henry near the French Knights and send the knights frontally to make the enemy pursue, then send the knights to the southeast while Henry runs to the Dock.
  • Try not to get killed and run away.
  • Even if the player can't use the knights or lose them early on against Harfleur, they can also simply run with King Henry V to the Transport Ship after they manage to pass with him through Voyeni's gate.
  • If everything goes right, the player can reach England in less than three minutes and finish the scenario.

Agincourt but I take less than 3 minutes to win on Hard WALKTHROUGH World Record?

Going only with King Henry V to the Dock

Surprisingly, this method of simply running to the boat still works in the Definitive Edition. It is an excellent way of getting an easy Gold Medal[1].

Outro[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Agincourt is remembered not because it was an inevitable triumph, but because it was an upset. Outnumbered English longbows were victorious over French knights only because the knights had to charge up a muddy hill through a dense forest.

The English wore little armor and were able to catch the encumbered French in the middle of their retreat. A charge by Henry and his surviving cavalry pushed aside the beaten French and opened the road to the coast.

Despite his victory, Henry did not follow through on his attack, but withdrew to England. The true winner of the battle was Burgundy, which was able to come to power in a vacuum emptied by both the English and the French.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even if the transport ship acquired from the French is destroyed, the player will immediately get a new transport ship from the northwest. They will always have a transport ship to ensure success in carrying the King home. However, having a transport ship sunk with the King inside would drown him, causing defeat.
  • The player can actually use exploits to build a base. Since you start with 80 wood, you can convert 4 villagers, get them to carry 20 wood each and build a Farm. Upon completion of that Farm, all the wood they were carrying will be somehow deposited bringing up your total to 100 wood. Enough for a Lumber Camp, with which you can build a Dock and a transport to send Henry home. (Note: This is no longer possible in the Definitive Edition, since the player is only allowed to build Palisade Walls and repair the Capped Rams.)
  • In the northwest of the map next to a bridge, there is a French monument surrounded by walls and towers. The bridge is supposed to lead to the Dock, but it is destroyed. The player can destroy the Gates and capture the monument by placing a unit next to it, but this does not do anything.
  • There is no town called Voyeni. It is most likely a misspelling of Voyennes. The Definitive Edition corrects the misspelling.
  • Despite being the weakest opponent, Harfleur, in fact, should be the strongest, since Henry V and his army retreat from it, and as indicated in-game, they failed to siege the city itself. The only reason why it appears the weakest in the game is the scenario only depicts the main Gates to Harfleur, as well as a few Knights guarding it.
    • In reality, the siege of Harfleur is not lost, as the city surrendered to the English on September 22, 1415
    • The reason why the English were forced to return home after the siege is their army is suffering from dysentery, which led them to find a ship back to England. In doing so, English army found that the road back to Calais has been guarded by French soldiers, and failed to evade the latter, thus resulting to the Battle of Agincourt.

References[edit | edit source]

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