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Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon is the second expansion to Age of Mythology, and the only one to the Extended Edition. It was developed by Forgotten Empires and SkyBox Labs. It was released with patch 2.0.

New civilization[]

A new Civilization enters the game… The Chinese!
Master Tacticians: Between their War Academy tech, morale-boosting generals, and units with unexpected counters, the Chinese have no problem dominating the battlefield!
Wololo arrives in Age of Mythology! The beloved monk from Age of Empires II finally gets its Age of Mythology counterpart in the monk hero unit, which can convert enemy units and heal friendly ones.
—Forgotten Empires website[1]

The main feature of the expansion is a new civilization, known as the Chinese. The Chinese major gods were revealed in a livestream on October 2, 2015 to be Shennong, Fu Xi, and Nü Wa, together known as the Three Sovereigns. Chinese unique units include Terracotta Warriors, White Tigers, Chu Ko Nu, Mounted Archers, Halberdiers and 2 types of Heroes (Monks and Immortals). The Chinese Titan is Pangu, a deity so enormous he became the world.

New campaign[]

New Campaign (fully voice-acted in English): With Yin and Yang shattered and China in chaos, General Jiao-Long must find a way to restore Yin and Yang and bring peace to the empire.
—Forgotten Empires website[2]

The expansion features a new campaign Tale of the Dragon, only tangentially related to the Fall of the Trident, and The New Atlantis campaigns. The campaign is either set sometime after War of the Titans or during the events of The New Atlantis campaign and is set in China. The campaign is fully voiced in English, like Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas.

Due to the rumbling fights of the Titans in the Western world, Yin and Yang are shattered once again. This creates an unseen chaos in the otherwise peaceful China, which is thriving under the rule of Emperor Yao. As a General in the Emperor's army, Jiao-Long must find a way to restore Yin and Yang and return peace to the empire.
—Campaign sypnosis

New random maps[]

  • Basin - Small lakes on either side of the map provide players with a safe fishing location.
  • Blue Lagoon - This calm place is full of wild animals.
  • Deep Jungle - Grassy clearings in a sea of trees. Follow the paths through the forest to find your allies and enemies.
  • Old Atlantis - Players start on islands that are connected by shallows. Overgrown temples are present on the map that can be used once they are repaired by players.
  • Open Fields - The outer forests give way to large open expanses perfect for farming. Periodic rain is an integral part in this land.
  • Regicide - Kill your opponent's regent before yours meets his fate! All players start with a Fortress.
  • Silk Road - A long map where players can capture trading posts that generate resources similar to Plenty Vaults.
  • Yellow River - All players start on one side of a large river with only starting resources and no extra settlements: They can attack their enemies or settle on the other side of the river.

In addition to the new maps, a new map size, Giant Maps, has been added.

New units[]

Perhaps the most exciting, currently unannounced change to the original factions is that we are adding one new unit to each.
—Steam discussions blog post[3]
  • The Greek Physician will be a specialist unit only capable of healing, available from the Town Center. A unique twist here will be that they will not be any specific unit type. You will be able to train them in any number starting in the classical age. We felt that we would be filling a big hole in the Greek design with the Physician, especially for Poseidon, who used to not have any healing options before. At the same time we're confident that the Temple of Healing tech will remain relevant, as the healing rate of that is so high, and due to the fact that it provides a static retreat point that does not have a population cost.
  • The Egyptian Khopesh Swordsman will be a classical age infantry unit available in the Barracks. It will be a fast raiding unit that is strong against villagers, but not so good in direct combat. With this addition we're looking to add further aggressive options to the otherwise rather boom-favoring Egyptian civ. In a combination with Spearmen, these units should have quite a bit of a window of opportunity to deal some damage in the classical age.
  • The Norse Bogsveigir will be a heroic age archer in the Hill Fort, and will be good against infantry and myth units. This addition is aiming to combat the Norse weakness against flying units, as well as the fragility of Throwing Axemen, which is a necessity due to their design. The Bogsveigir is going to essentially be a ranged Jarl, with the exception of it being quite light.
  • The Atlantean Onager will be a heroic age ranged siege unit trained at the Palace. The straightforward reason we went for this is because of how the Atlantean civilization lacks a viable long range siege option. We wanted to keep Fire Siphons as a mid-range unit in order to maintain their uniqueness, while allowing Atlanteans to siege from a safe distance with Onagers if they so choose. This should also promote wall usage for Atlantean players, which currently we see a massive lack in.


  • Tale of the Dragon is the first expansion in the series to not have the word "The" as its first word.
  • Unlike expansions to other re-releases in the series, it does not bear the name of the re-release, like HD: The Forgotten or Definitive Edition - The African Royals.



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