The Manual of Style (often abbreviated MoS or MOS) is a style guide for all Age of Empires Series Wiki articles and official documents. It establishes our house style, to help editors produce articles with consistent, clear, and precise language, layout, and formatting. The goal is to make the encyclopedia easier and more intuitive to use. Consistency in style and formatting promotes clarity and cohesion; this is especially important within an article.

These guidelines are a summary of the most important guidelines for the Age of Empires Series Wiki. A more expansive set of guidelines can be found on Wikipedia at the Wikipedia Manual of Style.


Titles and headings

Article titles

An article title is a convenient label for the article, which distinguishes it from other articles. As such, an appropriately chosen title aids the reader's navigation and avoids confusion.

The following points are critical to formatting article titles:

  • Use "sentence case" or "sentence-style": The initial letter of a title is capitalized; otherwise, capital letters are used only where they would be used in a normal sentence, e.g. God power, not God Power.
  • Use the singular form: Article titles should be singular, e.g. Myth unit, not Myth units.
  • Add the game reference at the end: Articles that describe an object or person that appears on multiple games within the Age of Empires series require their game reference in brackets at the end. The reference is not to be abbreviated, e.g. Wheelbarrow (Age of Empires), not Wheelbarrow (AoE) or Age of Empires: Wheelbarrow.
In this case, an additional disambiguation page is required.
  • Articles titles for a unit must not include titles or ranks: Titles or ranks such as Elite or Royal are not to be included in the article title, e.g. Strelet, not Imperial Strelet.


Headings organize the article and give structure to it. They are a great help while navigating a page. As such, they need to be concise.

The following points are critical to formatting headings:

  • Use "sentence case" or "sentence-style": The initial letter of a title is capitalized; otherwise, capital letters are used only where they would be used in a normal sentence, e.g. Further statistics, not Further Statistics.
  • If applicable, use the plural form: Headings should be plural if applicable, e.g. Team bonuses, not Team bonus.
    • There are three exceptions:
      • Overview
      • Strategy
      • History
These headings are never used in plural form.

Disambiguation pages

Disambiguation pages always have the form showed in the following example.


The Wheelbarrow is an economic technology in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.

For the Age of Empires II article, see Wheelbarrow (Age of Empires II).
For the Age of Mythology article, see Wheelbarrow (Age of Mythology).


Although pages dealing with different topics have different content and headings there is a general structure every article follows. The following points are always in the shown order:

  1. Disambiguation: This part is only required if there are articles in the wiki that might be confused with the shown article. Links to the other articles are given here.
  2. Infobox: Unit, building, technology, civilization, scenario, and character pages require their corresponding infobox.
  3. Introduction: This part gives a brief overview over the article. The contents show below this part.
  4. Main page: This part strongly varies depending of the content the article deals with.
  5. History: Historical information taken out of the game files goes at the end of the article.
  6. Gallery: The gallery shows images that do not fit in the floating text or would overload the main part of the article.
  7. Navigation: Navigation templates go to the very bottom of any article.

The Cavalry Archer (Age of Empires II) page is a good example to demonstrate that structure.

Cross-game articles

If an article describes something or someone that appears in more than just one game of the series but is covered by a single article, e.g. a game mechanic, than the subsections are given in the following chronological order, if applicable:

  1. Age of Empires
  2. Age of Empires II
  3. Age of Mythology
  4. Age of Empires III

Civilization listing

  • When listing civilizations in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, or Age of Empires III, list them in an alphabetical order.
  • When listing civilizations in Age of Mythology, list them as follows:
  1. Greeks
  2. Egyptians
  3. Norse
  4. Atlanteans
  5. Chinese


American spelling is used on all articles on the Age of Empires Series Wiki and on any template transcribed on articles. There are two exceptions:

  • On article comments, blog posts, talk pages, and user pages, other regional variants may be used.
  • If quoting a source, never alter any part of the quotation, even if it does not use American spelling.

Capital letters

Unnecessary capitalization should be avoided. Capitalization should be reserved for proper names only.

  • All characters, units, buildings, and technologies are considered proper nouns and are always capitalized, even if they describe a generic object.

|- | Incorrect | Khmer villagers can garrison in houses. |- | Correct | Khmer Villagers can garrison in Houses. |- | Incorrect | There are sheep and berry bushes nearby. |- | Correct | There are Sheep and Berry Bushes nearby. |}

  • If a word does not address a specific entity, but summarizes multiple different entities or entire branches, the summarizing word is written in lowercase.

|- | Incorrect | The city is guarded with Walls and Towers. |- | Correct | The city is guarded with walls and towers. |}

  • However, if objects (e.g. the walls and towers in the example above) are known to be of a specific type and described as such (i.e. are proper nouns), they must be capitalized.

|- | Incorrect | The city is guarded with stone walls and watch towers. |- | Correct | The city is guarded with Stone Walls and Watch Towers. |}

  • Furthermore, the word 'Age' is always capitalized when referring to the in-game concept.

|- | Incorrect | Advance through the ages. |- | Correct | Advance through the Ages. |}

  • Unit branches as well as the word 'unit' are never capitalized, except when they are part of a proper noun or given as classification in the infobox.

|- | Incorrect | Light Cavalry are quick Cavalry Units that excel at combating Siege Weapons. |- | Correct | Light Cavalry are quick cavalry units that excel at combating siege weapons. |}

The Light Cavalry in this example is a specific unit and therefore must be capitalized; the other terms must not.


Whenever mentioning a title of the Age of Empires series, write the title in italics.


|- | Incorrect | The Dutch are a civilization in Age of Empires III. |- | Correct | The Dutch are a civilization in Age of Empires III. |}



Consistent use of the straight (or typewriter) apostrophe ( ' ) is recommended, as opposed to the curly (or typographic) apostrophe ( ).

Quotation marks

  • Use double quotation marks: Enclose quotations with double quotation marks, e.g. Cuauhtemoc said, "The Ottomans are strong... It must be their coffee." Enclose quotations within quotations with single quotation marks, e.g. Cuauhtemoc said, "Ar-til-ler-y? What is this 'Artillery' you speak of?"

Brackets and parentheses

  • If a sentence contains a bracketed phrase, place the sentence punctuation outside the brackets (as shown here).
  • If one or more sentences are wholly inside brackets, place their punctuation inside the brackets.

There should be no space next to the inner side of a bracket. An opening bracket should be preceded by a space, except in unusual cases; for example, when it is preceded by an opening quotation mark, another opening bracket, or a portion of a word.


  • Use commas to structure large numbers.

|- |Incorrect |Researching Spies can cost up to 30000 gold. |- |Correct |Researching Spies can cost up to 30,000 gold. |}

  • Use serial commas. This is more consistent with the recommendations of authoritative style guides.

|- |Incorrect |A Wonder costs 1,000 wood, gold and stone. |- |Correct |A Wonder costs 1,000 wood, gold, and stone. |}

  • Modern practice is against excessive use of commas; there are usually ways to simplify a sentence so that fewer are needed.

Terminal punctuation

  • Clusters of question marks, exclamation marks, or a combination of them (such as the interrobang), are highly informal and inappropriate in articles.
  • Use the exclamation mark with restraint. It is an expression of surprise or emotion that is generally unsuitable for an encyclopedia.


  • Never place a space before commas, semicolons, colons, or terminal punctuation.
  • Always place a space after the punctuation marks just mentioned, unless it is the end of a paragraph, dot point, list element, or the article.
  • Use one space after terminal punctuation. The use of double spaces is pointless as MediaWiki automatically condenses any number of spaces to just one when rendering the page.


  • In general, write whole numbers one through nine as words, write other numbers that take two words or fewer to say as either numerals or words, and write all other numbers as numerals: 1/5 or one fifth, 84 or eighty-four, 200 or two hundred, but 3.75, 544, 21 million). This applies to both ordinal and cardinal numbers.
  • Use a comma to delimit numbers with four or more digits to the left of the decimal point: 12,345 and 1,000.


  • For the possessive of singular nouns ending with just one s, add just an apostrophe.
  • For a normal plural noun, ending with a pronounced s, form the possessive by adding just an apostrophe e.g. his armies' power.


  • Past tense must only be used on articles or sections dealing with historic content.
  • Present tense must be used on any section and article where it does not conflict with the first guideline.


Formal use of language is mandatory on all canon encyclopedia articles e.g. Paladins have a very strong attack and heavy armor, not Paladins are awesome and tanky.

Third person

  • All articles are written in the third person. In strategy parts and campaign walkthroughs where the reader needs to be addressed, they are referred to as 'the player', but never as 'you', e.g. The player starts at the southeast of the map. not You start at the southeast of the map.

Formality and neutrality

  • Uncontracted forms such as do not or it is are the default in encyclopedic style; don't and it's are too informal.
  • On encyclopedia articles, avoid such phrases as remember that and note that, which address readers directly in a less-than-encyclopedic tone. Similarly, phrases such as of course, naturally, obviously, clearly, and actually make presumptions about readers' knowledge, and call into question the reason for including the information in the first place. Do not tell readers that something is ironic, surprising, unexpected, amusing, coincidental, unfortunate, etc. This supplies a point of view. Simply state the sourced facts and allow readers to draw their own conclusions.


Main article: Age of Empires Series Wiki:Images


  • Link sufficiently: It is important to link sufficiently to help the reader gather all the information needed. It is especially important to link units, buildings, technologies, and civilizations properly, e.g. Pikemen are very effective against cavalry, particularly elephants.
  • Avoid redundant links: Redundant links (e.g. The Priest is a special unit in Age of Empires) distract the reader, clutter the page, and make future maintenance harder.
  • Do not use external links in the body of an article. Articles can include an external links section at the end, pointing to further information outside Age of Empires Series Wiki as opposed to citing sources.
  • Wikipedia links may be included in the introductory part of an article.


Source mode editing markup

  • Place spaces on either side of the text in a heading e.g. == Heading ==.
  • Place a blank line before a line containing a heading, except when a sub-heading immediately follows a heading, where there should be no blank line between the heading and the sub-heading.
  • Do not place a blank line between a heading and the text or files below it.
  • If used, {{Main}} should be added immediately under the heading. If it is followed by a file, the file link should be immediately under it before a blank line separating the file link and the beginning of the text.
  • File link parameters should appear in this order: [[File:Filename.png|thumb|right|200px|Description.]]
  • Place blank lines before and after a file, separating it from body text.
  • Place a space after the asterisk and hash symbols in unordered and ordered lists respectively, so that each new list item is easier to find e.g. * Item.

Other points

  • Quotes may be added to any page.
  • Speculation or personal opinions may not be added to any Age of Empires Series Wiki article.
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