Deleting is a process of the Wiki. The content of the wiki is always in flux and just as the addition of new and refinement of existing material is a normal process of the wiki so is the elimination of obsolescent material. The complete removal of pages and images is perhaps the most extreme form of the latter and should only be contemplated if relevant material has been preserved elsewhere.

To nominate a page or image for deletion add Template:Delete to the page with the following code:

{{Delete|<Insert reason here>}}

and substituting the reason for the nomination into "Insert reason here". The page will appear in Category:Candidates for deletion.

Valid reasons for deleting a page include:

  • Only includes content unrelated to the Age of Empires series
  • Fanfiction, content created by the user, e.g. Morgan Black family nowadays
  • Gibberish or spamming that is not a real article or is disturbing the wiki's content
  • Promotion of other sites or tools

Valid reasons for deleting an image include:

Policies and guidelines
Content Interaction User rights