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Age of Empires IV is an upcoming real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the fourth main title in the Age of Empires series and will run on a new iteration of Relic's Essence Engine.[1]

Like Age of Empires II, the game is set in the post-classical period, featuring an earlier starting medieval era that ends towards the "edge" of the renaissance period.[2]

Announced on August 21, 2017, it is planned for release on October 28, 2021. At the X019 event, in-engine gameplay footage along with the English and Mongol civilizations were revealed on November 14, 2019[3].


  • Asymmetric civilization design
  • Automatically generated paths and roads
  • Grid-based building placement
  • Fire mechanic for wood building destruction
  • Forest ambushes
  • Landmark buildings for Age advancement
  • Multiple farm types (e.g., wheat farm)
  • Unit combat and movement on walls
  • Unit line of sight (LOS) and movement limited by obstructions (e.g. forests)


Four campaigns are planned for launch:

  • Norman
  • The Hundred Years' War
  • The Mongol Empire
  • The Rise of Moscow


Eight civilizations are planned for launch: