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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Knights of the Mediterranean is the second expansion for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. The expansion adds two civilizations, the Italians and the Maltese, as well as new maps, game modes, and natives.

It was released on May 26, 2022. The expansion's launch coincided with the release of update 13.9057 that introduced new features, bug fixes, balance changes and a new event.


  • Two new civilizations:
    • Italians: Unite wealthy merchant republics, duchies, and Papal states while new Settlers flock to your booming empire with every technological breakthrough, and use Architects to construct buildings for free! Invest at the Lombard to optimize your economy and turn a quick profit, or construct a towering Basilica and send Papal soldiers to strengthen and complement your army. Use shielded Pavisiers to lure opponents into an ambush of Bersaglieri, or let Elmetti lower their lances and carry the day with a thundering charge!
    • Maltese: Guard the Mediterranean against incursions with unique fortifications, don shining armor to fend off attacks, and shell opponents from afar with Fixed Guns. Fire Throwers and greatswords win battles, but the superior logistics of your Commandery win wars. Luckily, you can have both! Fighting at sea with Order Galleys may wet the gunpowder, but your Arbalesters won’t mind. You can always restock at a Gunpowder Depot, or blow it up when an enemy army marches past!
  • 30 European random maps:
  • New Treasure Guardians and treasures
    • Boars, that give food when killed, and the Beast of of Gévaudan, that can't be targeted with heroes' special abilities.
  • New Outlaws and Mercenaries.
  • 8 Historical maps a new type of maps that is limited to certain civilizations and features special objectives and mechanics.
    • The Thirty Years' War (Multiplayer only)
    • The Italian Wars: A large river separates four influential Italian City-States which must be captured and held.
    • Eighty Years' War: One player must hold off all others on a fortified peninsula.
    • The Deluge: Steppes and temperate woodlands are separated by a single trade route. The southern team must defend against early cavalry aggresion.
    • Great Turkish War: Commanding smaller armies, players must capture trade sites, factories and fixed guns throughout the map.
    • Great Northern War: A frozen coast with thick forests and two trade routes on the water. Abandoned resources crates can ocasionally be discovered inland.
    • Napoleonic Wars: Teams must train their armies quickly during a short period and fight all over the map to seize every strategic point.
    • Russo-Turkish Wars: One team must defend their great city, while the other attacks. The city is surrounded by woodland and natural resources.
  • European Royal Houses
  • Two new game modes: Tycoon and Diplomacy mode
  • 25 new achievements
  • New gameplay features:
    • New Abilities: Promotions, deflection, dismounting, etc.
    • Capturable buildings and other map features: Wind Mills, Battery Towers, Upgraded Trading Posts and Star Forts.
    • Light Infantry (tag)