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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes is the second expansion of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Like Lords of the West, it features three campaigns and two new civilizations, the Bohemians and Poles, with the Lithuanians being the subject of a campaign. This expansion was implemented with update 51737.


Architecture Civilizations
Eastern Europe Bohemians AoE2 Bohemians
Poles AoE2 Poles
  • BohemiansTraverse Central Europe's tall mountains and verdant forests as you arm hardy warriors with advanced weapons and lead them to victory against insurmountable odds. The Bohemian unique units are the Hussite Wagon, a deadly forerunner of the modern tank, and the Houfnice, a powerful upgrade to the Bombard Cannon.
  • PolesStride across fertile plains with industrious farmers and powerful nobles at your back as you build the fledgling Kingdom of Poland into one of medieval Europe's most powerful states. The Polish unique unit is the Obuch, a brutal infantryman whose war hammer tears the armor from enemy units.


Dawn of the Dukes UUs
All units are unique units.
  • Aoe2-icon--houfnice Houfnice: Bohemian unique upgrade for the Bombard Cannon, Houfnices are adept at blasting enemy fortifications and formations to smithereens. They receive extra hit points, pierce armor, melee and bonus damages, and blast radius.
  • Aoe2-icon-hussite-wagon Hussite Wagon: Unique Bohemian siege unit, a deadly forerunner of the modern tank. Hussite Wagons possess strong firepower and are exceptional at protecting the units positioned behind them. Resilient to arrow fire, weak against Mangonel-line and Bombard Cannons.
  • Aoe2-icon--obuch Obuch: unique Polish infantry unit, a brutal infantryman whose war hammer tears the armor from enemy units by –1 per every hit. Obuchs are best used against expensive, heavily armored units that might otherwise pose a deadly threat to the rest of your army.
  • Aoe2-icon-winged-hussar Winged Hussar (shared between Poles and Lithuanians): It is a powerful upgrade to the Light Cavalry which replaces the Hussar upgrade that many other civilizations have which, compared with the latter, possesses higher hit points, melee armor, base attack, and bonus damage against gunpowder units.


  • Folwark Folwark: Polish unique building, a more expensive replacement of the Mill which increases the efficiency of nearby Farms by instantly collecting 10% of their food storage upon seeding. Adds +5 population space.



  • Algirdas icon Algirdas and Kestutis (Lithuanians) – Faced with an impending invasion by the greedy Teutonic Knights, the small principality of Lithuania is on the brink of catastrophe. Divided and without wise leadership, the last pagans of Europe appear doomed, but Prince Algirdas and his loyal brother, Kestutis, refuse to bow to the marauders. Can they repel the crusaders and then contend with the grandsons of Genghis Khan — the fearsome horselords of the Golden Horde? In this campaign, you will play as the Lithuanians.
  • 32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga (Poles) – Sent away from her mother and forcibly parted from the young man whom she loved, Jadwiga ascended to the Polish throne as a mere child. In a time of unending war, she must forge a future for her kingdom while contending with the wills of formidable leaders like Jogaila and Vytautas the Great. Can the beloved Star of the Poles bring about her vision of a powerful, united Poland-Lithuania, or will the incessant maelstrom of war plunge both realms into ruin once more? In this campaign, you will play as the Poles.
  • Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka (Bohemians) – One-eyed Jan Zizka spent his youth as a mercenary fighting for honor and coin, but his destiny changed forever when he heard the preachings of the reformer Jan Hus in Prague. As a champion of the Hussite cause and the leader of its invincible armies, Zizka shattered existing notions of warfare with technological and tactical innovations. Cement the legacy of one of history's greatest generals by galvanizing mere peasants into highly disciplined units and leading them to triumph over the Holy Roman Emperor's knightly armies. In this campaign, you will play as the Bohemians.


  • The expansion icon seems to be a conical-kettle hybrid helmet which can be found among Byzantine and Rus sources from around the 11th century. It bears resemblance to the ancient Greek "Pileus" hat helmet.



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