Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is an upcoming remaster of Age of Empires II.

It features 4K resolution graphical upgrades, a fully remastered soundtrack, and new civilizations.[1]. It is expected to be released on November 14th, 2019.

New features Edit

  • The Age of Empires II HD base game and all expansions ported into the Definitive Edition
  • New graphics and effects, including building demolition
  • Remastered soundtrack
  • Toggleable options for old school fans
  • Automatic reseeding
  • Global queue
  • Mixed units and tech queue
  • Progress bar for buildings, effects on them if they are working
  • Zoom
  • Challenge maps to learn mechanics such as boar luring and build orders
  • New server based multiplayer
  • New AI that doesn't cheat, and a new level of difficulty: extreme
  • Reworked GUI with villagers working in each resource displayed in the top
  • Reworked and improved old campaigns, including changes to the civilizations displayed for a more accurate representation
  • Changes to some civilizations architectural sets: Byzantines and Spanish now use the Mediterranean European set.
  • The Last Khans content
  • Includes popular mods, like smalltree and grid
  • Modding possibility via Age of Empires web
  • New units and objects, and redesign for some old ones (p.e "sea wall")
  • Improved spectator mode and multiplayer, including native streaming support
  • Crossplay between Steam and Microsoft Store

New content Edit

Civilizations Edit

Like Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas, this expansion adds four new civilizations from the same general geographical area (Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in this case).

  • Bulgarians (Eastern Europe)
  • Lithuanians (Eastern Europe)
  • Cumans (new Central Asia architecture)
  • Tatars (Central Asia)

Units Edit

Common Edit

  • Steppe Lancer: Ranged melee cavalry available at the stable for the Cumans and Tatars.

Unique Edit

  • Konnik: Castle unique unit of the Bulgarians, heavy cavalry unit.
  • Dismounted Konnik: Heavy infantry unit created when a Konnik is killed, at no cost.
  • Leitis: Castle unique unit of the Lithuanians, cavalry with an attack that ignores armor.
  • Kypchak: Castle unique unit of the Cumans, multi-shot cavalry archer.
  • Keshik: Castle unique unit of the Tatars, cavalry that generates gold while attacking.

Buildings Edit

Fauna Edit

Unknown Edit

  • Large ox cart (name unreleased)
  • Small ox cart (name unreleased)
  • Pack camel (name unreleased)
  • Chariot (name unreleased)

Technologies Edit

  • Silk armor (Tatars): Scout line and Cavalry Archers +1 pierce armor
  • Timurid Siegecraft (Tatars): Trebuchets +1 range
  • Stirrups (Bulgarians): Scout line and Konniks +25% attack speed
  • Bagains (Bulgarians): Militia line +3 melee armor

Bonuses Edit

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Tatars: Sheep contain +50% food. Units deal +25% hill damage (on top of regular hill bonus). Free Parthian Tactics.
  • Bulgarians: Militia line upgrades free (Champion not available). Town Centers only cost 50 stone. Can build Kreposts.

Team bonuses Edit

  • Bulgarians: Blacksmith works 50% faster
  • Tatars: Cavalry Archers +2 LOS

Campaigns Edit

  • Tamerlane (Tatars)
  • Ivaylo (Bulgarians)
  • Köten Khan (Cumans)

Changelog Edit

  • Tracking removed: Effects apply to all civilizations for free upon reaching the Feudal Age. Slavs receive free Supplies instead.
  • New technology: Supplies. Militia-line units cost -15F. Cost: 150F, 100G. Available to all civilizations except Goths.
  • Tower HP reduced.
  • Camel renamed Camel Rider.

Videos Edit

Age of Empires II DE - E3 2019 - Gameplay Trailer

Age of Empires II DE - E3 2019 - Gameplay Trailer

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