Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a remaster of Age of Empires II released on November 14, 2019.

It features a fully remastered soundtrack, multiple quality of life improvements, significant graphical upgrades, and includes The Last Khans expansion that adds four new civilizations based on Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and four new campaigns.

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New features Edit

  • Base Age of Empires II HD game and all previous expansions ported into the Definitive Edition
  • The Last Khans expansion content
  • Changes to some civilization architectural sets
    • Mediterranean set reworked
    • East European set reworked
    • Byzantines and Spanish now use the Mediterranean set
    • Vietnamese now use the East Asian set
  • Crest symbols for each civilization
  • Cross-play functionality between Microsoft Store and Steam versions
  • Empire Wars game mode
  • Global queue display
  • Improved and reworked campaigns, including changes to the civilizations that feature for a more accurate representation
    • Voice acting added for Forgotten Empires campaigns
  • Improved spectator mode and multiplayer, including native streaming support
  • Manual gate rotation (using mouse-wheel)
  • Mixed technology and unit queue
  • Modding via Age of Empires web platform
  • New AI that does not cheat, and a new level of difficulty: Extreme
  • New functions on the main menu
  • New graphics and effects, including demolished building animations
  • New objects and units, plus redesigns for some old ones (e.g. Sea Wall)
  • New, remastered original soundtrack
    • Each soundtrack set now begins with a theme of the civilization being played
    • Options allow for selection of soundtrack sets
  • New scenario editor features, including a reworked triggers system
  • New server-based multiplayer
  • Progress bar for buildings, effects on them if they are working
  • Reworked interface that displays the number of villagers working on each resource
  • Toggleable gameplay and interface options for veteran players
  • Toggles for automatic Farm and Fish Trap reseeding
  • Zoom functionality

New content Edit

Civilizations Edit

Like The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas, this expansion adds four new civilizations from the same general geographical area (Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in this case).

  • Bulgarians (Eastern Europe): When nomadic Bulgar horsemen approached the Danube in the 7th century and encountered the local Slavic tribes, the stirrups that they brought changed European cavalry warfare forever. Fortify the nearby mountain passes with formidable Kreposts and punish overconfident invaders with powerful combined armies of cavalry, infantry, and siege engines! Your valiant Konniks, the pride of your army, will continue to fight fearlessly even after their horses are felled beneath them.
  • Lithuanians (Eastern Europe): The forested boglands east of the Baltic Sea hold more than meets the eye. Coagulate the various Baltic tribes into a Grand Duchy with a new religion, smash invading forces with powerful cavalry and mobile spearmen and javelineers, and assemble the largest empire in late-medieval Europe! The Lithuanian unique unit is the Leitis, a heavy cavalry unit who strikes with such vigor that all armor is useless against his weaponry.
  • Cumans (new Central Asia architecture): The vast Eurasian plains were home to nomadic tribes whose steppe husbandry and fearsome exploits still live on in the records of their terrified neighbors. Lead the Cuman-Kipchak hordes to war and pillage to your heart’s content, or offer your riders as coveted mercenaries in the service of foreign kings. When an even greater threat looms to the east, will you migrate west and adopt the lifestyle and warcraft of your sedentary neighbors, or vanish before an unstoppable wave of Mongol conquerors?
  • Tatars (Central Asia): For centuries, fierce nomads roamed the Central Asian steppe, periodically launching distant migrations or campaigns to conquer or extort their sedentary neighbors. Don arrow-resistant silk armor and dominate the hills and plains with mobile horsemen and cavalry archers, or join the Mongol hordes and swell the ranks of the Keshiks, honored bodyguards of the Great Khan himself! Dare you follow in the footsteps of Tamerlane and mercilessly conquer an empire from Transoxiana to India, Anatolia, and Russia?

Units Edit

Common Edit

  • Steppe Lancer: Ranged melee cavalry, available at the Stable for Central Asian civilizations (Cumans and Tatars).
  • Xolotl Warrior: Mesoamerican cavalry equal to the Knight Line, available at a converted Stable (Aztecs and Incas)

Unique Edit

  • Konnik: Castle unique unit of the Bulgarians, cavalry unit that creates a Dismounted Konnik infantry when killed at no cost.
  • Kipchak: Castle unique unit of the Cumans, multi-shot cavalry archer.
  • Leitis: Castle unique unit of the Lithuanians, cavalry with an attack that ignores armor.
  • Keshik: Castle unique unit of the Tatars, cavalry that generates gold while attacking other units.

Fauna Edit

Heroes Edit

Other Edit

Cheat units Edit

  • Photonman - Cheat unit

Buildings Edit

Unknown Edit

  • Shrine
  • Tower of London
  • Dormition Cathedral
  • Paifang Gate
  • Sankore Madrasah
  • Aachen Cathedral
  • Rock Church

Technologies Edit

Common Edit

Unique Edit

Campaigns Edit

  • Tamerlane (Tatars): In the 14th century, while lesser men tear apart the decaying remains of the Mongol Empire, Tamerlane sees entropy as opportunity. A brilliant, charismatic tactician bred on the rugged steppes of Transoxiana, can he restore the splendor of the fractured state—even if he must slaughter half of its inhabitants in the process?
  • Ivaylo (Bulgarians): During the Mongol invasions, a pig farmer leads a militia defending the Bulgarian villages. But when his victories attract the attention of the Tsar and his nobles, he is forced to lead a mass uprising. Can a man of such humble origins defy the established order and give his people freedom?
  • Kotyan Khan (Cumans): For centuries, the Cumans throve on the vast plains of Eurasia. Now, a new threat comes from the East – Mongols, ruthless beyond imagination and seemingly invincible. Kotyan, the khan of a small clan, must unite the Cumans to resist the invaders. Will he save his people, even if it means abandoning their ancestral lands and ancient ways?
  • Pachacuti (Incas): Countless tribes vie for supremacy in the steep mountain valleys and dense jungles of South America. But which will prevail and earn the favor of the gods? As treachery and discord gnaw at the young empire of the Inca, the destiny of an entire people lies in the hands of a single man
  • The Art of War (Challenge Scenarios): Uncover the strategic wisdom of Sun Tzu and practice your Age of Empires II skills in a series of short challenges. In this challenge you will strive to earn a medal and prove your worth to your friends and enemies.

Reworked campaigns and Historical Battles Edit

Campaigns Edit

Historical Battles Edit

Map Editor-related changesEdit

  • New trigger conditions:
    • Diplomacy State
    • Object HP
    • Object Not Visible
    • Researching Tech
    • Technology State
    • Units Garrisoned
    • Variable Value
  • New trigger effects:
    • Acknowledge AI Signal
    • AI Script Goal
    • Attack Move
    • Change Civilization Name
    • Change Object Cost
    • Change Object Description
    • Change Object Icon
    • Change Object Stance
    • Change Player Name
    • Change Research Location
    • Change Train Location
    • Change Variable
    • Create Garrisoned Object
    • Enable/Disable Object
    • Enable/Disable Technology
    • Modify Attribute
    • Modify Resource
    • Modify Resource By Variable
    • Set Player Visibility
  • New objects:
    • Chain - Similar to Palisade Wall, only available in Map Editor and appears in certain campaigns including Attila the Hun.
    • Nubian Pyramid
    • City Gate - (City Wall counterpart)
    • Butterflies
    • Cart - Eyecandy
    • Temple Ruin
    • Well - Eyecandy
    • Army Tent - (Comes in 5 variants)
    • Huts - (Comes in 7 variants)
    • Target - Eyecandy (Comes in 2 variants)
    • Tent - (Comes in 5 variants)
    • 3 new barricade variants
    • 2 new pagoda variants
    • 1 new bridge variant
    • 1 new torch variant
    • New statue variants (Civilization, Column, "Right")
    • Movable map revealer
    • Invisible Object
    • Contraption

Changelog Edit

  • Tracking removed: Effects apply to all civilizations for free upon reaching the Feudal Age. Slavs receive free Supplies instead.
  • Watch Tower HP reduced from 1020 to 700 before the Castle Age
  • Camel renamed Camel Rider (with its upgrade line renamed accordingly).
  • Arbalest renamed Arbalester.
  • Nordic Swordsman renamed Norse Warrior.
  • Elite Skirmisher upgrade cost increased from 200w/100g to 230w/130g.
  • Herbal Medicine effect increased by 50%.
  • (Palisade) Gate armor decreased to 0/0 while under construction.
  • Palisade Gate cost increased from 20w to 30w.
  • Elite Battle Elephant attack reduced from 16 to 14.
  • Dry Dock and Berber ship speed bonus no longer reduce gold per trip for Trade Cogs.
  • Eagle Scout -1 line of sight and search radius in the Dark Age.
  • Trebuchets now deal damage after packing or getting destroyed.
  • Fixed the issue which made Houses able to attack.
  • Fixed the issue with Chemistry not increasing attack of secondary Castle arrows.
  • Fixed the issue with side parts of diagonal gates being walkable during construction.
  • Fixed the issue where the Burmese Relic bonus would permanently reveal spots on the map.
  • Line of sight of herdables now consistent at total food/50: Cows and Water Buffaloes have 3, all other herdables have 2.

Berbers Edit

Britons Edit

  • Warwolf cost increased to 800w, 400g (from 500w, 250g).

Franks Edit

  • Cavalry +20% HP bonus only available from the Feudal Age.

Incas Edit

  • Slingers -1 attack (reduced from 5 to 4).

Italians Edit

Khmer Edit

Koreans Edit

  • Receive “Military units (except siege weapons) cost -15% wood”.
  • Lose “Fortifications built faster”.

Magyars Edit

Malay Edit

  • Harbors minimum range increased to 1 (from 0). Requires Murder Holes to reduce to 0 range.
  • Harbors base attack reduced from 6 to 3. Bonus attack vs Ships increased from 9 to 10.
  • Forced Levy changes gold cost into additional food cost (instead of removing it).
  • Forced Levy cost decreased to 850f, 500g (from 1000f, 600g).

Malians Edit

Mayans Edit


  • Destroyed house foundations no longer provide population space with the “Nomads” technology.

Persians Edit

  • Town Centers and Docks work +5% faster in the Dark Age.
  • Boiling Oil replaced by Kamandaran. Kamandaran (200f, 200g) replaces the gold cost of Archer-line with additional wood cost.

Saracens Edit

Spanish Edit

Slavs Edit

  • Receive Faith.
  • Receive free Supplies (instead of Tracking).
  • Farmers work 10% faster (lowered from 15% faster).
  • (Elite) Boyar training time reduced to 15s (from 23s/20s).

Teutons Edit

Vietnamese Edit

  • Receive Husbandry.
  • Paper Money cost reduced to 500f, 300w (from 800f, 200g) and research time increased to 60s (from 40s).

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Example of the new extended civilization theme, for the Malays.

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Balance changelog at release

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