Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is an upcoming remaster of Age of Empires II.

It features 4K resolution graphical upgrades, a fully remastered soundtrack, and new civilizations.[1] It is expected to be released on November 14th, 2019.

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New features Edit

  • The Age of Empires II HD base game and all expansions ported into the Definitive Edition
  • New graphics and effects, including building demolition
  • New soundtrack
    • Remastered original soundtrack
    • Each soundtrack set now begins with a theme of the civilization you are playing as
    • Allows you to select sets of soundtracks from the options
  • Toggleable options for old school fans
  • Automatic farm/fish trap reseeding
  • Global queue
  • Mixed units and tech queue
  • Progress bar for buildings, effects on them if they are working
  • Zoom
  • Challenge maps to learn mechanics such as boar luring and build orders
  • New server-based multiplayer
  • New AI that doesn't cheat, and a new level of difficulty: extreme
  • Reworked GUI with villagers working in each resource displayed in the top
  • Reworked and improved old campaigns, including changes to the civilizations displayed for a more accurate representation
  • Changes to some civilizations architectural sets
    • Byzantines and Spanish now use the Mediterranean European set
  • The Last Khans content
  • Includes popular mods, like smalltree and grid
  • Modding possibility via Age of Empires web
  • New units and objects, and redesign for some old ones (e.g. "sea wall")
  • Crests for each civilization which appear in various places
  • Improved spectator mode and multiplayer, including native streaming support
  • Crossplay between Steam and Microsoft Store
  • New functions on the main menu
    • Historical Battles (Battles of the Conquerors and Battles of the Forgotten renamed and combined into one new section)
    • The Art of War (new tutorial-like feature (advanced version with challenges), Learn to Play still does exists)
  • Manual gate rotation (using mouse-wheel)
  • New scenario editor features, including a reworked triggers system.

New content Edit

Civilizations Edit

Like Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas, this expansion adds four new civilizations from the same general geographical area (Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in this case).

Units Edit

Common Edit

  • Steppe Lancer: Ranged melee cavalry, available at the Stable for Central Asian civilizations (Cumans and Tatars).

Unique Edit

  • Konnik: Castle unique unit of the Bulgarians, cavalry unit that creates a Dismounted Konnik infantry when killed at no cost.
  • Kipchak: Castle unique unit of the Cumans, multi-shot cavalry archer.
  • Leitis: Castle unique unit of the Lithuanians, cavalry with an attack that ignores armor.
  • Keshik: Castle unique unit of the Tatars, cavalry that generates gold while attacking other units.

Fauna Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Alaric the Goth
  • Ataulf

Unknown Edit

Cheat units Edit

  • Photonman - Cheat unit

Buildings Edit

Unknown Edit

  • Shrine
  • Tower of London
  • Dormition Cathedral
  • Paifang Gate
  • Sankore Madrasah
  • Aachen Cathedral
  • Rock Church

Technologies Edit

Common Edit

Unique Edit

Campaigns Edit

Other Map Editor related things Edit

  • Chain - Similar to Palisade Wall, only available in Map Editor and appears in certain campaigns including Attila the Hun.
  • Nubian Pyramid
  • City Gate (City Wall counterpart)
  • Butterflies
  • Cart
  • Temple Ruin
  • Well
  • Army Tent - (Comes in 5 variants)
  • Huts - (Comes in 7 variants)
  • Target - (Comes in 2 variants)
  • Tent - (Comes in 5 variants)
  • 3 new barricade variants
  • 2 new pagoda variants
  • 1 new bridge variant
  • 1 new torch variant
  • New statue variants (Civilization, Column, "Right")
  • Movable map revealer
  • Invisible Object
  • Contraption

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Example of the new extended civilization theme, for the Malays.

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