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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is a remaster of Age of Empires. It features significantly improved visuals, multiple quality of life improvements, and incorporates The Rise of Rome expansion.

First announced on June 12, 2017[1][2] and set to be released on October 19, 2017 as a Windows 10 store-exclusive title for the original game's 20th anniversary,[3] it was delayed until February 20, 2018 and later released on Steam on August 19, 2019.

New features[]

  • Achievements
  • All-new graphics and artwork
  • Attack move functionality[4]
  • Balance adjustments
  • Classic Mode – The original 1997 experience
  • Enhanced pathfinding[4]
  • Increased population limit[4]
  • New, fully remastered soundtrack
  • New terrains and scenario editor objects
  • New zoom levels[4]
  • Remastered sound effects
  • Revamped and expanded UI
  • Reworked campaigns

Major post-launch changes:

  • Automatic Farm Reseed in the Granary
  • Automatic File Transfer of scenarios and maps in the Multiplayer Lobby
  • Global queue indicator for all currently queued technologies and units
  • Mixed technology queues
  • Mixed unit queues
  • New Elo and ‘Ranked’ game modes
  • Option to toggle blood effects on and off
  • Priests auto-heal wounded units
  • Scouts auto-attack if they’ve been tasked to attack, or when attacked by a non-gaia unit
  • Ship acceleration removed
  • UI indicator for amount of villagers working on each resource
  • Unit stances[5]

Balance adjustments[]

Units and buildings[]

  • Hunters work 5% faster than before (previously they were as slow as Foragers).
  • Food available from Whale increased to 300 Food.
  • Gold and stone miners work 15% faster (to compensate bug fixes to technologies).
  • Short Swordsmen directly available in the Bronze Age without any research.
  • Broad Swordsmen have +10 HP, Long Swordsmen have +20 HP.
  • Changes in train/build time of units: Camel Riders are 6% slower to train (now 25% faster to train than Cavalry); Farms: 20% faster; towers: 10% faster.
  • Horse Archer and Heavy Horse Archer have 1 pierce armor (previously 2).
  • Heavy Cavalry +1 armor.
  • Cataphract: +20 HP, +1 armor, +1 pierce armor; upgrade cost to 1600F, 750G (previously 2000F, 850G).
  • Elephant Archers have +1 attack, cost reduced to 180F, 45G (previously 180F, 60G).
  • War/Armored Elephant and Scythe Chariot trample damage area reduced just enough so that they no longer damage enemy units/buildings on the other side of a wall.
  • Slingers have higher bonus attack (+4) vs mounted archers (bonus vs foot archers unchanged).
  • Camel Riders now have bonus attack against all mounted units. Missing +4 bonus attack vs. elephants added.
  • All chariots now have double attack vs. Priests (previously +7). It’s calculated from their base attack.
  • Armored Elephant bonus attack vs. buildings decreased by 1.
  • Scout gets +2 LOS per age upgrade – already present, but undocumented effect. Bonus from upgrading from Stone to Tool Age is removed (Scout isn’t available in the Stone Age).
  • Catapult, Heavy Catapult and Juggernaught have slightly smaller damage area radius.
  • Siege weapon projectiles (stones and bolts) travel slightly faster (they were very slow), but are also slightly slower to reload (affects all stone and bolt firing units).
  • Helepolis has 30% slower fire rate (previously it fired as fast as archers). Helepolis projectiles are faster (as noted above).
  • Catapult Triremes now have 135 HP (previously 120 HP).
  • Catapult Triremes and Juggernaughts move 10% faster, cost reduced to 135W, 50G (previously 135W, 75G).
  • Juggernaughts can no longer destroy trees. Upgrade cost reduced to 1300F, 700W (previously: 2000F, 900W).
  • Academy cost reduced to 150W (previously 200W).
  • Priests have +1 healing range.
  • Trade Boats to 120 HP (previously 200 – too much for a Stone Age unit); Merchant Ships to 200 HP (previously 250).


All civilizations[]


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  • New bonus: Academy units cost 20% less (in addition to the already present speed bonus).
  • Ships are 20% faster (previously 17% faster).


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  • New bonus: Start the game with +50 Food (because their villagers cost 75 F).
  • Villagers work 25% faster for all tasks (previously 20% faster for some tasks, 0% faster for others).
  • Get Coinage.


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  • Villagers move 10% faster (previously 18% faster).
  • All ships have +25% HP (previously +33% HP for fishing ships, +30% HP for other ships)


The Definitive Edition offers the campaigns from Age of Empires (including Reign of the Hittites from the demo) and The Rise of Rome (including The First Punic War from the demo). Some scenarios were renamed, had gameplay changes, or included different descriptions and faction names.

The full list of campaigns are:


  • This is the only Definitive Edition to not include new civilizations and brand new campaigns or scenarios (Reign of the Hitites and The First Punic War were demo campaigns for the original version) and is the only one where all unit voices have been redone.

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