The Aenna is a Iroquois ranged light infantry unit featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The Aenna is a ranged infantry unit that's cheap to produce and available for the Iroquois. It can be upgraded to Elite and Champion levels. Aenna units are best fielded against slow, non-ranged units, so that they have time to fire a deadly barrage of arrows before they are forced to flee or fight hand to hand. The Aenna is special in that it is faster than most ranged infantry units, and it costs only Food, making it easy to micromanage for a player's economy to produce. The Aenna is vulnerable to hand cavalry, so it is stronger when mixed with Tomahawks.

Upgrades Edit

  • Elite Upgrade 25% Effect (+HP & +Damage)
  • Champion Upgrade 25% Effect (+HP & +Damage)
  • Legendary Upgrade 50% Effect (+HP & +Damage)

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit Aenna in anyway.

History Edit

"Before the coming of the white man, the main missile weapon of the Iroquois was the bow. Even after muskets became available, bows were still widely used for hunting and warfare, because bows were inexpensive and did not depend on unreliable trade ties for gunpowder."

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