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Nanib and Pravar, the 2 main protagonist in the Indian campaign

The Indian campaign is about the Indian Rebellion and deals with a situation very similar to Chayton Black's situation in The WarChiefs campaign: Shadow. The protagonist is Lieutenant Nanib Sahir, a member of the Sepoy regiments who served the British East India Company, who slowly becomes disillusioned by its cruel abuse to Indian Citizens.

The campaign contains 7 cinematics and 5 scenarios.

This campaign is based on the real life of Nana Sahib in the times of 'Sepoy Rebellion' or 'First War for Independence' occurred in India. The character is also inspired by Mangal Pandey.


Fighting for the British[]

Nanib discussing the reason of the attacks with Colonel Edwardson

The campaign begins with Nanib and his superior, Colonel George Edwardson regaining British control of the saltpeter trade in the Punjab. Nanib and Edwardson then march south to Calcutta and defeat the roving bands of Arsonists there. At the close of the battle, Nanib convinces a group of Arsonists to lay down their weapons and leave, but Edwardson ambushes and massacres them, leaving Nanib visibly shaken.

Change of heart[]

The conflict of Nanib's loyalty comes to a head when he and his men are ordered by the Colonel Edwardson to use new rifles despite the cartridges' greasing with pork fat, which is a taboo to Nanib and the Sepoys' Muslim beliefs. Nanib uses one of the rifles to fire a near miss at Edwardson before making a quick escape. Nanib and fellow sepoy Pravar Patel then lead their regiment of sepoy in an attack on the local Company fort by assaulting weapon caches to cause fires and explosions under its foundations.

After their victory, Nanib and Pravar quickly rally the local resistant villagers and sepoy and raise enormous forces. When Nanib denies leadership of the revolt, he and Pravar decide to rescue Bahadur Shah, who has recently declared himself supreme rule of India, from British captivity. They sneak into Delhi in the dead of night and destroy weapon caches to cause elephant stampedes which destroy gates. They then rally Delhi's residents and sepoy and battle through the city, freeing the Shah and escaping into the night.

Killing Edwardson[]

A few days later, Nanib leads his forces in an assault on a Company fort commanded by Colonel Edwardson. Nanib destroys or captures the sites and plantations supplying Edwardson's forces inside the fort and fends off three counterattacks. Then, he assaults the fort and captures the outer defenses including the fixed guns, killing Edwardson in the process before finally destroying the fort's command post. When the heat of battle fades, Nanib approaches a dying Edwardson, who threatens and curses the Indians, saying that the Company is a much larger and more powerful force than all of India. Nanib replies by explaining that no military force can kill the Indians' passion for their country. After Edwardson breathes his last breath, Nanib and Pravar leave to begin a long and costly war against the Company, and three rebel Sepoy are seen lowering the Company's flag from the nearby flag post.