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Blood is the first installment in the Age of Empires III campaign. It details Morgan Black and his trip to the new world on behalf of the Knights of St. John.


The campaign consists of 8 scenarios (and 12 cinematics).

🎬 The Falcon Lands on Malta
⚔️ Breakout
🎬 Answers
⚔️ Into the Caves
🎬 Library of Stone
🎬 Lizzie the Pirate
🎬 The New World
⚔️ The Ottoman Fort
🎬 The Circle of Ossus
⚔️ Temples of the Aztec
🎬 Right Where We Stand
🎬 The Hurricane
⚔️ A Pirate's Help
🎬 The Florida Coast
⚔️ Spanish Treasure Fleet
🎬 The True Enemy
🎬 Lake of the Moon
⚔️ The Fountain of Youth?
🎬 A Possible Future

The campaign is narrated by Amelia Black, the great-great-granddaughter of Morgan Black.


Act 1 Blood protags DE

Morgan Black and Elisabet Ramsey, two important characters featured in the campaign.

The game begins with the Ottoman attack on the island of Malta, the last stronghold of the knights. Sahin The Falcon leads the attack, but is held off by Black until Alain Magnan arrives with his cavalry. Together they take back the Ottoman beachhead, preventing reinforcements from arriving. The knights then counterattack and with the help of Morgan, Alain drives the stragglers from the island. While cleaning out a pocket of resistance in a cave system, an exploded weapons cache reveals a secret chamber. Alain claims it is written by the Circle of Ossus, a secret society obsessed with eternal life. He then sends Morgan on a trip to the New World to catch Sahin and stop the Ottomans from finding the location.

As Morgan's fleet enters the West Indies it is ambushed by Elisabet Ramsey and her pirate fleet. After some heavy fighting, Morgan finds several pieces of a map, torching Elisabet's base. Elisabet and her remaining pirates flee from the area.

After landing what's left of his forces on the Yucatán peninsula, Morgan heads inland in search of Sahin. It doesn't take long before Sahin is found and routed from his position, and Morgan learns of a map that tells of the location of the fountain of youth Sahin was hoping to find. Morgan then heads to and defends an Aztec village under attack from the Spanish, where he learns of the location of the fountain in a place referred to as the "Lake of the Moon" and subsequently heads off for Florida. During this battle Sahin's surviving army was taken prisoner by Delgado, a Spanish commander. He held them aboard his treasure galleons on the trip to Florida.

Morgan's flagship, en-route to Florida, gets ravaged by a hurricane and has to stop in Havana. He is offered help from Elisabet, who was repairing her fleet at the time but only if he can make enough of a name for himself in Cuba. He does this by fending off Carib attacks, setting up the first Stable on the island, helping a Seminole youth on the island get back to his tribe, returning stray cattle, building Trading Posts and collecting coin stolen by the Carib warriors. With this done, Elizabeth agrees to assist him in taking out the Spanish in return for the coin from the Spanish treasure fleet.

His objective clear, Morgan and Elisabet both head off to clear out the treasure fleet, and soon capture several loaded galleons beached for repairs. Elisabet's men soon start unloading to help with hiring hands to take out the Spanish base. After a pitched battle in the marshes, Morgan and Elisabet's men capture the rest of the ships and dispatch the Spanish commander. This done, Morgan's old friend Alain arrives and informs Morgan of a job well done in informing them of the fountains location. Alain then reports that his men have taken up positions around the fountain, and that Sahin and the pirate should be dealt with. As he rides off, Sahin suggests to Morgan that perhaps Alain knows too much about the circle, and that he is in fact their leader. Elisabet's approval of this theory sways Morgan, and convinces him to at least take them to the "Lake of the Moon" to prove Sahin wrong before dispatching him.

As they arrive at the Lake, Sahin points out the Boneguard around the fountain and the white animals. Morgan, furious at Alain's betrayal, decides to settle this as a matter between knights. The fountain must be destroyed to deny the Circle their secret to immortality. With Elisabet's Fire Ships, Sahin's gunpowder stocks, the assistance of local natives and a Fixed Gun the Circle had constructed overlooking the Fountain, Morgan and his allies are able to destroy the Fountain. Alain, with a group of his Hussars, attempts to stop them from destroying the fountain. In the ensuing battle, Morgan strikes down Alain and watches as the Fountain of Youth is destroyed, sinking into the mud.

The Circle, with nothing left for them here, take off back to Europe. Elisabet goes back to the good ol' days of pirating, Sahin, with his remaining men, heads back to the Ottoman Empire to inform them of the Circle's defeat. Morgan, caring only for thirst decides to fill his canteen with water from the lake and drink his fill. Afterwards, it is assumed he retires from the Knights of St. John and goes back to live in his native Scotland.


  • Act I would be around 1565 to 1566. Base Age of Empires III campaigns have no official dates, speculated based on real world events depicted (Ottoman attack on Malta) and how much time it would take to cross the Atlantic Ocean.[1]
  • During "Temples of the Aztec", it is stated that the city that Morgan defends is Aztec, and that an army is coming from Tenochtitlan to relieve them. This is impossible, since Tenochtitlan fell in 1521, more than 40 years before the attack on Malta.



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