"Ottoman light artillery. Good against infantry."

In-game description

The Abus Gun is a ranged infantry in Age of Empires III that is unique to the Ottomans and can be trained at Artillery Foundry, Fort, and Galleon. Although it resembles a small artillery piece, it is classified as an infantry.

Overview Edit

An Abus Gun is an anti-infantry unit; however, they can focus fire much more easily than the Falconet and Great Bombard. They have a relatively high attack (similar to the German War Wagon), especially in the Imperial Age where they deal over 80+ damage per hit (excluding damage multipliers). The Abus Gun's ranged attack is classified as siege rather than ranged, making them excellent against taking out enemy artillery and ships, which have high ranged resistance. Culverins are still better for taking out ships due to their longer range, but take up twice as much population, which an Ottoman player might find problematic when creating an army.

Although the Falconet/Great Bombard is better at taking out groups of infantry, the Abus Gun can pick off those that survive the cannon barrage, due to the slow firing rate of cannons.

The Abus Gun also has a melee attack, which allows them to fend off against hostile enemies that manage to reach them. Although it is not as strong as their ranged attack, it at least gives them a fighting chance. Cannons like the Falconet have no fighting chance against an enemy unit that gets up close to them, as they will either deal little or no damage. Like their ranged attack, their melee attack also has bonuses against infantry.

Abus Guns should be paired up with Janissaries and/or Cavalry Archers to take out any hostile cavalry they encounter, as the Abus Gun's damage is reduced when fighting them. The Abus Gun can easily take care of any infantry, or cannons if the enemy uses a cavalry/cannon mix while the Janissaries and Cavalry Archers protect them from enemy cavalry. Apart from melee cavalry and Ruyters (which the Ottoman have no counter for), the Abus Gun is a very solid unit in the Ottoman army.

Upgrades Edit

Age Improvement Cost Effect
Ages fortress
Veteran artillery Veteran Abus Guns 200 wood,
200 coin
Upgrades Abus Guns to Veteran (+20% hit points and attack)
Ages industrial
Guard artillery Guard Abus Guns 600 wood,
600 coin
Upgrades Abus Guns to Guard (+30% hit points and attack); requires Veteran Abus Guns
Ages imperial
Imperial artillery Imperial Abus Guns 1,500 wood,
1,500 coin
Upgrades Abus Guns to Imperial (+50% hit points and attack); requires Guard Abus Guns

Further statistics Edit

As the Abus Gun can only be trained by the Ottomans, only improvements available to them (including native improvements) are listed here.

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Heavy infantry, ranged infantry, artillery (when massed), ships
Weak vs. Cavalry, light infantry
Hit points Flint Lock Flint Lock (+10%)
Cree Tanning Cree Tanning (+5%)
Navajo Weaving Navajo Weaving (+5%)
Attack Paper Cartridge Paper Cartridge (+15%)
Iroquois lacrosse Iroquois Lacrosse (+10%, vanilla Age of Empires III only)
Yoga Yoga (+5%)
Smokeless Powder Smokeless Powder (+30% siege attack)
Clenched Fist Clenched Fist (+30% melee attack)
Speed Military Drummers Military Drummers (+10%)
Inca Road-building Incan Road-building (+20%)
Apache Endurance Apache Endurance (+5%)
Sight Town Watch Town Watch (+2)
Creation speed Standing Army Standing Army (-25%)
Inca Chaquis Messengers Incan Chasquis Messengers (-25%)
Train cost Mapuche Ad-mapu Mapuche Ad-mapu (-10% coin cost)
Other Merritocracy Meritocracy (-20% upgrade cost)

Home City Cards Edit

As the Abus Gun is exclusive to the Ottomans, only other civilizations' TEAM cards that affects them are listed here.

History Edit

"Abus guns are a short-barreled artillery piece that fired shot about the size of a fist. Ottoman artillery did not seem to conform to any known standards, and their artillery pieces varied widely, from large siege bombards to small Abus Guns light enough to travel with soldiers on the move, rather than sitting in guarded artillery emplacements. Abus Guns are roughly analagous to Falconets, but are considered howitzers because of the low velocity of their projectiles."

Gallery Edit

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