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A Titan Amongst Mortals is the sixth and final scenario of the Tamerlane campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. It is based on the Battle of Ankara and the Siege of Smyrna, part of Tamerlane's campaign in the Levant.


The relationship between Tamerlane and Ottoman Sultan Bayezid was one of great enmity. The two of them have been exchanging scathing letters for years.'

Finally, Tamerlane had the opportunity to crush his rival, whose armies were weary from wars in Byzantium and Hungary. Even so, the Ottoman Empire was no trifling opponent, its army driven by intrepid leadership and the power of its Janissaries.'

The Ottoman force marching to meet Tamerlane was large but divided. Turks, Serbs, Tatars, and various other vassals all contributed troops in this powerful yet volatile force. If some of them could be pried away and convinced to defect, the tide would turn in Tamerlane's favor.'

'This would be his greatest test yet. The fate of two empires hung in the balance!'

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Main objectives[]

  • Prepare your defenses. Bayezid will attack in 30 minutes.

After the 30 minute timer ends:

  • Defeat Bayezid's army.

After defeating Bayezid's army:

  • Capture Bayezid.
  • Defeat the Knights Hospitaller.

Secondary objectives[]

  • Raid outlying Ottoman camps.
  • Send an emissary to Taherten.
    • Send 5 Elite Keshiks to Taherten.
  • Meet with the Anatolian Sipahis.
    • Destroy 2 of the Ottoman supply camps.
  • Meet with the Wallachian auxiliaries.
    • Tribute 500 gold to the Wallachian auxiliaries.
  • Meet with the Balkan auxiliaries.
  • Destroy the Castle and towers in Smyrna's harbor.


  1. Tamerlane's forces can support a population of 200.
  2. Your ability to parry Bayezid's assault hinges on how well you manage to weaken his army before the battle begins. Destroying outlying enemy camps and winning over auxiliary troops will increase your chances at victory.
  3. Avoid enemy power centers at all costs before you have fought off Bayezid's attack. Focus on raiding supply camps and convincing the Turkish auxiliaries to desert instead.
  4. Tamerlane has brought a large supply of gold with him, but it will not last forever. Quickly build up an economy and seek out new sources of income to finance your army.
  5. Gunpowder units are powerful. Beware those of the enemy, but use your own to your advantages.


Your scouts report:

  • Tamerlane's forces (1, Purple) have arrived in Anatolia, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, and must hurry to establish a camp.
  • Tamerlane's main adversary, the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid (2, Cyan) has marched his forces to the center of the map and camped there. When Bayezid launches his attack, be prepared to face Janissaries, Hussars, and Bombard Cannons.
  • Assisting Bayezid's army are several companies of auxiliary troops (5, Green), some of whose loyalties are dubious. The Sipahis of the Anatolian Beyliks field Cavalry Archers and Heavy Camel Riders, the Qara Tatars control a force of Tarkans and Camel Archers, the Wallachians being Pikemen and Skirmishers, and the Balkan auxiliaries are comprised of Champions and Crossbowmen.
  • The Ottoman Empire (4, Blue) controls several minor supply camps scattered around the map, but operates mainly out of a dangerous mountain fortress far to the south. Expect to face the finest troops the Ottomans can offer – Hussars, Janissaries, Cavalry Archers, swordsmen, and Bombard Cannons.
  • The Knights Hospitaller (3, Red) commands the city of Smyrna to the west. This military order musters an army of crusader knights both mounted and afoot supported by Skirmishers, Monks, and powerful Trebuchets.



Ally → Enemy[]

  • Ottoman Auxiliaries (Turks)



Preparing for Bayezid's attack[]

This strategy is super simple, even on hard difficulty. Initially, build four Town Centers next to the woodline with four Villagers each. Build a University, a Monastery, and Houses with one Villager each afterwards. Initially, go even on wood to compensate the building of four Town Centers. For food, use the Boars initially until the wood economy kicks in. Sneak one Villager east of the green base to a gold spot eventually and build a Mining Camp.

Meanwhile, at the start of the game, group all melee cavalry into control group 1 and ranged cavalry into control group 2. Send them west to the Auxiliary camp and then southwest to destroy the two Ottoman supply camps. After that, the player takes control of the units in the Auxiliary camp. Come back to the base and go east to destroy another supply camp, whose Blacksmith gives the player Bracer and Ring Archer Armor. At this stage, the first Castle should be under construction if not finished. Pump out four Trebuchets. The army never stops: send it east of the Turkoman base to destroy the Mills (which gives the player 500 food). The first two Trebuchets should be joining the army as it destroys the second Mill. Now the final four Trebuchets should be out, so start researching the Elite Keshik upgrade and train five Elite Keshiks to send to the Turkoman base. Doing so gives the player control of the Auxiliary units near the Turkoman base, while the player also gets to keep the five Elite Keshiks. Send the whole lot south to find an Ottoman Trade Workshop and Market (whose destruction gives the player 500 wood, 500 gold). Then move east to destroy another two Ottoman supply camps. The Ottoman Barracks gives the Halberdier upgrade, the Blacksmith gives Blast Furnace and Plate Mail Armor, and the Siege Workshop gives Siege Engineers. Move west and the army will encounter another Auxiliary camp. Pay them 500 gold and they leave. Move further west to find the last Ottoman supply camp, whose Blacksmith gives the player Plate Barding Armor and Chemistry. Now just storm the Auxiliary camp west that will try to attack the player's army and kill their units. That is all that is "mandatory" prior to first battle. If the player still has time, they can also take advantage of the fact that the Ottoman Gate (at the south of the map) is locked to destroy their northern Castle, Archery Range, Blacksmith, and two Bombard Towers in the mountain (in particular if the Tatar unique technology Timurid Siegecraft is researched). If the player has enough stone, they should build more Castles to defend against Bayezid's attack.

Bayezid's attack[]

With the secondary objectives done, defending from Bayezid's attack will actually be easy by luring his units to fight under the player's Castles. The player only has to be careful to destroy enemy Bombard Cannons with melee cavalry (preferably Light Cavalry or Hussars since they are faster) before they cause too much damage to the Castles. The battle is easily won and now it is time for the player to go on the offensive.

Defeating the enemies[]

With Bayezid's army defeated, the player is tasked with defeating the Knights Hospitaller and capturing Bayezid (who is garrisoned in his Castle in the southern corner of the map), while the Turkomans take control of Bayezid's base in the center of the map. The Turkomans will fight both the Knights Hospitaller and the Ottoman Empire, meaning the player's base will not be under attack. The player can easily defeat the two enemies with a big army of fully upgraded Heavy Cavalry Archers and Trebuchets, while some Hussars or Elite Keshiks can also be used to destroy enemy siege weapons.


The Battle of Ankara was a catastrophe for the Ottomans. Never before they had suffered the disgrace of having their sultan captured in battle.'

Turning his armies around, Tamerlane left Anatolia in chaos. It is only a matter of time before he seeks another victim.'

The man ended his tale on that foreboding note. I realized that I had to prepare my kingdom lest my lands appear ripe for the picking. I ordered everyone to retire to their quarters. We would discuss this new danger in the morning with clear and ready minds.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and a servant rushed towards me. 'Sire, a messenger from a warlord called Tamerlane is here to speak with you. He claims that you are harboring someone of interest to him.' I turned to the old man, who had not heard the messenger, and asked for his name.

His weary, dark eyes met mine, and he answered in a grim voice: 'I am Tokhtamysh Khan, of the blood of Genghis Khan and the rightful ruler of the Golden Horde! Landless and friendless, all I have left is my tale.'

Historical comparison[]

The Siege of Smyrna, as depicted in this campaign, is the only instance where the Timurids under Tamerlane ever came into conflict with the European powers at the time. According to historical texts, the Timurids and Europe enjoyed good relations as they shared hostilities with the Ottoman empire. Despite the Timurid assault on Smyrna, the reaction in Europe was muted, with only King Martin of Aragon being greatly incensed with the city's downfall.

Failing to stave off the Timurids in the battle, the Ottomans would enter a state of civil war between the sons of Sultan Bayezid I known as the Ottoman Interregnum, where Mehmed I would emerge victorious. The Ottomans would eventually recover years later after the Battle of Ankara, but the Timurid empire would enter a state of decline, as Tamerlane would die three years after the battle.


  • In the victory message at the end of the scenario, Tamerlane says the scenario's name by calling himself "a titan amongst mortals". He also calls himself "a harbinger of devastation", making a reference to the campaign's third scenario.