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A Perfect Martyr is the sixth and final scenario in the Joan of Arc campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. It is based on the Battle of Castillon (July 17, 1453), the final battle of the Hundred Years' War.


July 14, Bordeaux

No Joan of Arc. A rich world made empty and poor! The English put her on trial as a heretic. Joan's mind was as sharp as her sword, and she avoided all the cunning verbal traps of her prosecutors.

In the end, Joan would not renounce her mission. The English found her guilty...

...and burned her at the stake.

But her death is not in vain. "La Pucelle" is the rallying cry as peasant and nobleman alike take arms. My army is an army of the people, and even without the king we are poised to strike at the English stronghold of Castillon.

A victory at Castillon will crush the English pretensions to France forever.

Should I die in this battle, I die for the Maid of Orléans. I die as a patriot of France.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

* On the hard difficulty, there is only one Trebuchet and three Bombard Cannons.
** Light Cavalry in The Age of Kings.

Differences between difficulty levels[]

  • On Hard, the player only receives one Trebuchet and three Bombards, the Burgundians have three Bombard Cannons of their own within their walled base, as well as a Guard Tower protecting the entrance to their southern settlement. Finally, in the Definitive Edition, the English will construct an additional Town Center in their base after 15 minutes have passed.


  • The Trade Cart carrying the French flag must survive.
  • Plant the French flag (loaded in a Trade Cart) on the hill in Castillon (covered with flags).
  • Rendezvous with the French artillery, commanded by Jean Bureau.
  • Rendezvous with the French army, commanded by Constable Richemont.


  1. The French army can only support a population of 125.
  2. Most of the land here is occupied. You will have to displace Burgundy in order to build a town. Don't knock down all of Burgundy's walls - you can use them for your own defense.
  3. Longbowmen are powerful, but Bombard Cannons are better!
  4. You can order Bombard Cannons and other siege weapons to the No Attack Stance if they are hurting your own troops.

  • Most of the land here is occupied. You will have to displace Burgundy in order to build a town. Don't knock down all of Burgundy's walls - you can use them for your own defense.
  • Longbowmen are powerful, but Bombard Cannons are better!
  • You can order Bombard Cannons and other siege weapons to the No Attack Stance if they are hurting your own troops.

Scouts (only in the Definitive Edition)[]

  • The French (1, Blue) are mustering their forces to avenge the death of Joan and to drive the English out of France once and for all. Josselyne, the French commander, has brought the French flag to the battlefield with the aim of planting it on the hill near Castillon.
  • A large French army awaits his command, but it is low on supplies. The Burgundians (2, Purple) have a walled town to the west of your position with ample resources.
  • The Earl of Shrewsbury (4, Orange) camps to the north of the Burgundian town. He has brought heavy cavalry to the battlefield, but they should be no match for the French heavy cavalry.
  • The English army (3, Red) is the most dangerous opponent. They will fiercely defend the hill with Longbowmen, Cavaliers, Trebuchets, Onagers and fortifications.



  • Player (Franks AoE2 Franks): The player starts in the very northeast of the map only with the must-survive Trade Cart and Guy Josselyne. A large army awaits just southeast of the starting position and joins the player as soon as they get there.



To win, the player must move the Cart carrying the French Flag into the part of the Castillon, represented by the English player's base, that is marked off with flags. Alternatively, the player will win if all enemies' villagers and military production buildings are destroyed. The player will lose if the Cart dies.

The player will acquire a Gaia army consisting of Richemont and La Hire, including Villagers, and French artillery with Jean Bureau shortly after beginning the scenario: head southeast to get the army, then head briefly west to get the artillery.

All three enemy players start in the Imperial Age. The English have a rather tight control of the west side of the map, with many Bombard Towers and Keeps guarded by Elite Longbowmen and Cavaliers. Burgundy has two bases: a well-fortified one just northwest of where the player found the artillery, and another one in the far south. Almost all of Burgundy's Villagers are in the southern base, and the northern one contains all of the military units. Shrewsbury's base is located in the north. The east side of the map is very crowded - to stand a chance of survival, it is essential to eliminate both Burgundy and Shrewsbury as soon as possible.

Taking out Burgundy and starting the base[]

The player starts with no resources and no buildings. There are two ways to get them: either destroy the Town Center in Burgundy's north base and Burgundy's Castle, or defeat Burgundy completely. The latter isn't too difficult with the player's large army, and it would be much better off managing it. The player will need to micromanage their units well though. Set control groups for each type of unit (heavy cavalry, Bombard Cannons, Trebuchets, Arbalesters, Hand Cannoneers, swordsmen, Hussars, Villagers, and the Trade Cart itself). As suggested by the hints, set the Bombard Cannons to the "no attack" stance to prevent friendly fire. The player might also wish to set the Hand Cannoneers to "defensive stance" to prevent them from chasing enemy units and also causing friendly fire. From where the player encountered the main army, head due south and follow the river to the west. The player will eventually come to a rocky outcrop covering the water to the west. It is here the player may want to cross - although it looks impassable, their units actually will be able to make it through (Note: This is no longer possible in the Definitive Edition. Since the road is now filled with rocks which makes it truly impassable, the player can no longer directly attack the southern base of Burgundy; additionally, the northern base has received a Town Center as well, allowing them to rebuild from the north if needed). Beware of the English Keep across the river towards the west. The Burgundian base is to the south. Use the siege weapons to attack the Town Center and military buildings while defending them with Hand Cannoneers. Use the Hussars to kill the Villagers one by one. Leave the Trade Cart and the player's own Villagers in a relatively safe place. Burgundy will soon deploy its army from its northern base. It consists mainly of Crossbowmen, Long Swordsmen, and Coustilliers (Throwing Axemen before Lords of the West) - nothing the player's archers can't handle. When Burgundy's more dangerous units appear (Monks and siege weapons), focus all melee units on them. The player may lose a few units, but they will come out victorious. If Burgundy hasn't withdrawn yet, use Hussars to track down the last Villager or two. They won't have gone too far from the northern base. After Burgundy has been defeated, the player will loot 400 food, 50 gold, 150 stone, and some wood from them; the exact quantity depends on how much they have left. Burgundy's south base is the perfect place to set up a town. It's easy to fortify, quite far from enemies, and has enough resources to last for quite a while, though not forever. (Note: In the Definitive Edition, the northern base's walls and buildings will be given to the player if the Burgundian Castle and Town Center are destroyed, making it an equally suitable position). Build the Town Center right where Burgundy's was. Should the player fail to chase down remaining Villagers, they will retreat to English territory, build a new Town center, and Burgundy will not withdraw, causing the gameplay to be more difficult.

Building up and eliminating Shrewsbury[]

Once the player's Town Center is built, first priorities should be stone and defensive structures. Build a Mining Camp next to the stone mining site and a Stone Wall with a Gate right next to it, walling off the shallow water crossing to the north. Then start mining, aiming for the 553 stone (in the Castle Age) that is needed to build a Castle, right behind the wall.

While Villagers are working on all this, the player should use their army to take out Shrewsbury. As long as the player has at least fifty units and most of their siege weapons, it should be no problem. Bring the siege weapons, heavy cavalry, and Arbalesters. Leave behind the light cavalry, swordsmen, Hand Cannoneers, and the Trade Cart - this should be enough to take care of any English attacks on the base. The player should also use these units to clear out any remaining Burgundian buildings (except Farms, which can be converted by the player's own Villagers when ready to start gathering food) while the player is raiding Shrewsbury - the player doesn't have much space to build, so to acquire more space it will be needed. To get to Shrewsbury's base, the player should head back the same way they came from. Then go west to Burgundy's former north base and destroy one of their Gates (their walls will come in handy later on, but the Gates are useless because enemy units can go through them but the player's own units cannot). Keep going north through the base - there is a gap between trees - until the forces reach Shrewsbury's walls. Destroy one of their Gates with the player's siege weapons and defend them with soldiers. Shrewsbury will mainly attack with heavy cavalry, Trebuchets, and Capped Rams. It is recommended to destroy the Town Center and the Castle. Kill all their Villagers - it shouldn't be long before Shrewsbury resigns.

Building and defending the player's base[]

Bring the rest of the units back to base. With enough wood, the player should be able to construct several buildings. First build a Lumber Camp near the trees to the west so that they can start gathering more. Also construct Houses - they will be needed to support more population before the player can start creating Villagers or build a Castle. Pack them in tightly, as there is not much space to build. For major buildings, first priorities are a University, a Stable, and a Market for defense and to exchange resources.

Some English ships will harass the player from the north. They consist of two Galleons and a Cannon Galleon. There are a few ways to deal with them: shoot at them with siege weapons, especially Bombard Cannons, lure them towards the Castle, build defensive structures on the coast (Watch Towers or a Castle), or build a Monastery and convert them with Monks. The English will not rebuild them, but player should avoid building anything other than defensive structures too far north until the English ships are eliminated.

The English will continue to attack. Their forces include Trebuchets, Onagers, Scorpions, Cavaliers, and Elite Longbowmen. Their first attack or two can cause quite a bit of damage, but it will be a while before they attack again so the player's forces are in good shape if the player stands firm. Save the game frequently, as the player is one heartbeat away from losing the scenario. Once the coast is clear, rebuild whatever has been knocked down and construct the rest of the base. Create more Villagers when possible and get five on each resource, plus a few more to build and repair. Build a Blacksmith and research defensive technologies (Murder Holes, Ballistics, Husbandry, Fortified Wall, Bodkin Arrow, and Masonry). Keep building Houses until the population limit is 75. Keep enough military units on hand to fight off English attacks - heavy cavalry are the most effective units against Longbowmen and Trebuchets.

Advancing in Age[]

As usual, invest in economic technologies and build the last few major buildings (the Barracks, Siege Workshop, and a Monastery). Then save up enough resources to advance to the Imperial Age. The player can research everything the civilization has to offer in this scenario. The Cavalier and Paladin upgrades will be worth researching right away, as well as Conscription. There are actually two different ways to win this scenario: complete the stated objectives, or build a Wonder.

Capturing Castillon[]

The player will finish the scenario if they can bring the Trade Cart to the flagged area inside the English base. By now, the resources inside the base might be running dry. To get more, the player can gather from Burgundy's other base or from Shrewsbury's base in the far north. Both of these areas have mining sites, both stone and gold, food (either Forage Bushes or pre-planted Farms), and trees. The Shrewsbury one is highly recommended because it's easier to fortify and is in a more strategic position; try not to destroy all of Shrewsbury's walls. There is also gold to mine on the southeast edge of the map in no-man's land. Shrewsbury has a Market too, but sending Trade Carts to it is inadvisable unless the player can somehow keep them away from the river, as the English will attack them. If the player chooses to use Trade Carts, be sure to keep the special cart inside the base and away from the Market, as it's indistinguishable from a normal Trade Cart and can even trade with Markets - In the Definitive Edition, that cart is identified as such and can no longer trade with Markets. Assigning a control group to the special cart is also a good idea.

Send some Villagers to the former enemy base, along with some military units. Before starting gathering, the player will need to do some renovations. Add walls where necessary, and demolish any enemy Gates before replacing them - remember that an enemy gate will open for the English, but not for the player's units - and construct more Castles. Add a Town Center and any other important buildings that are needed, then begin gathering.

The English are very strong at the river crossing, with three ships at the beginning (Note: On hard difficulty, the English also train Cannon Galleons).. Guard that crossing with units and build walls or towers. The northwest edge of the map is relatively unprotected and close to the player's destination. This should give the player a good idea of how to cross: by water. Build a Dock in Shrewsbury's former base. Create a Transport Ship and research Careening as well as Dry Dock. The player army should have at least five Monks, five Bombard Cannons or Trebuchets (either will get the job done), a few Villagers (to construct buildings on the west side of the river) and plenty of Paladins. Other than that, it's hard to go wrong. Bring the army and the special Trade Cart to the base in the far north, and ferry them across with the ship. It will probably take two or three trips, but the distance is very short and the fully-upgraded Transport Ship can carry up to 20 units at a time.

Once the player gets across their entire army, scout around until the player can spot two Guard Towers and a Castle to the southwest. It is recommended to build a Castle nearby before knocking the enemy buildings with siege weapons. Combined with soldiers, this should be enough to counter the English defense. Keep an eye on the Trade Cart, healing it if necessary, and move further southwest when it's safe. The player can create more Trebuchets if they lost any. There's a Bombard Tower behind the English walls that is recommended to be taken out. After it's gone, simply knock down their wall and move the Trade Cart into the flagged area to win. Remember to knock down towers inside Castillon to prevent the cart and units from being attacked.

Alternative strategy I: Building a Wonder[]

Note: This section applies only to game versions before the Definitive Edition; since its release, the player can build the Wonder, but there will be no timer.

The scenario can also be won by simply constructing a Wonder. This is probably faster and easier than fulfilling the objectives, and there might not even be a need to build a second base or research many military technologies. Defensive technologies like Architecture and Hoardings are worth the investment however, and Treadmill Crane will make constructions easier. Use the Market to acquire the necessary resources, then get all Villagers working on the Wonder. Keep creating Paladins as well, just in case the English manage to launch a serious attack. The player will win if the Wonder stands for 200 "years".

Alternative strategy II[]

This scenario can be beaten in 10 minutes by following this strategy:


Age of Empires 2 - Juana de Arco, Misión 6

Note: In the Definitive Edition, the player cannot capture the southern base. However, they start with 100 wood, which is enough to build a Lumber Camp and then gather more wood for a Dock, a Transport Ship, and extra Houses (the player can also delete units so that they do not waste too much time building Houses).

Alternative strategy III[]

Another strategy that works (on Moderate Difficulty in any case) is to build the town at Shrewsbury's location after displacing the Northern Burgundian Town. This is a good location both because it is rich in gold, stone and wood (as well as food in the form of Shrewsbury's farms, which the player's Villagers can take over, and Shore Fish in the water west of the town), and it is relatively easy to defend, due to Shrewsbury's walls and the natural cliffs, which can be defended by building a Castle in the location between the gates (just be careful about attacks from ships coming up the river or longbows and Trebuchets firing from across the shore from Castillon). Unfortunately, in the Definitive Edition, this will likely force the player to abandon their newly acquired buildings in the northern Burgundian Town, which will get razed, the benefit of which is that the most of the English and Burgundian units (though sadly not all of them) will spend a considerable period of time destroying the walls before moving north to the player's position, buying some time to fortify.

Alternative strategy IV[]

The enemies will not go on the offensive until the player obtains the resources from Burgundy. What the player can do to take advantage of this is to crush Burgundy's huge army in the central Burgundian camp, its Castle, and some towers. The Town Center with the resources should be ignored, otherwise it will trigger the enemy AI to start attacking. Once the path is safe, the player should then defeat Shrewsbury, using Bombard Cannons against Castles, walls, and the Town Center. Once Shrewsbury is off the league, the player should use their starting 100 wood to build a Lumber Camp, followed by a Mill (The player can get food from Shrewsbury's farms) and Mining Camp for stone, if they want to build a Town Center of their own. This strategy also permits the player to use the remain starting units to defeat Burgundy in both bases to jumpstart its budding economy in Shrewsbury's former town, meaning there is only the English remaining to face. Once the player slowly builds up their economy, they should train some Knights and Trebuchets to transport across the river, break a hole in Castillon's wall, and then eradicate any units and the four Bombard Towers in the way. As the English will throw Elite Longbowmen and Cavaliers, it is advised to produce fully upgraded Paladins to deal with them. Once the path is cleared for the Trade Cart, the player is victorious.

Alternative strategy V[]

Note: this strategy is designed for the Definitive Edition.

After the player gains control of the army, they should move their Trebuchet back towards where they started this scenario. A Burgundian Keep should come into view near their Lumber Camp. Attack that Keep with the Trebuchet, and the Burgundian army will make a beeline for it. Pack the Trebuchet and move it out of the way before the Burgundian Trebuchet can destroy it. Meanwhile, the player should use their army to pick off the the Burgundian units as they file past. Keep the player's Paladins alive as much as possible, and use Hussars to eliminate the Monks when they exit their base. Burgundy will delete all their remaining Keeps once the player destroys their Town Center. Move the army north to defeat Shrewsbury. Meanwhile, start building a base in Burgundy's former base. Make a priority of mining stone. After Shrewsbury is defeated, move the whole army back to the player's base, then move to attack Burgundy's southern base (This path is designed to avoid the English guards at the shallows). Once the player defeats Burgundy and moves their army back to their base, there should be enough stone to build a Castle on the hill to the west of the base. Ideally, the Castle should be close enough to put the edge of the shallows with within range of its arrows while still being on elevated terrain. With about 6 Villagers building the Castle, it should complete right as the English start their attack. The player should charge their cavalry at the enemy Longbowmen, and then retreat to bait the Longbowmen into following into Castle range. Make a priority of destroying enemy Trebuchets and Cannon Galleon using Paladins. The player may need to use their Bombard Cannons to destroy the Trebuchets if those Trebuchets chose to attack from across the river.

Once the English attack is over, build a strong economy using resources in both the main base and Shrewsbury's former base. The player can then attack Castillon however they want. However, it is recommended that the player use hit-and-run tactics to lure the enemy's Longbowmen and Onagers out from under their Castles and walls into the open where they can more easily be destroyed with Paladins. As noted in the first strategy above, the path to the rear entrance of Castillon is significantly less well defended.

Alternative strategy VI: Do not build a base[]

Note: This strategy is designed for the Definitive Edition.

Huge enemy waves and enemy Villagers building forward production facilities starts only as soon as the player builds a Town Center, so don't. Group the Arbalesters, Hand Cannoneers, and Paladins, put a Hussar into the group for extra vision range, then use Bombards (and/or Trebuchets, although they're more vulnerable) to destroy the Burgundy (Purple) keep to make their northern village surrender. The player can either head immediately south with this group and destroy their southern settlement as well, or cross the river to the east of the surrendered village. Make sure no Villagers can run past, as they'll build up again. Whether the player went for south or not, move eastwards over the river, and start taking out English (Red) towers. Make sure Longbowmen won't snipe the bombards. Once the player reach the red Gate, don't go there, but cut north around the forest, destroy stray towers, and creep behind the red base from the north-eastern edge of the map. There's a Castle, protected by two towers. Destroy it and any towers, then the double Gate at the northern tip of the red base. Rush the cart into marked spot to win the scenario.

Note: while this strategy still works, the enemy will start attacking after some time regardless of whether the player built a Town Center or not, so speed is key.


A century of English toil, blood, and victories was reversed in a little over a year by a teenage girl. The Hundred Years War has ended.

Even more importantly, Joan's acts ignited a sense of French nationalism. Peasants and nobles alike no longer belonged to lords and kings, but to France herself.

We will not let Joan be forgotten. Already, statues and stained glass portraits have been commissioned in hundreds of towns and cities throughout France.

Her verdict of guilt was rightfully reversed, and I expect that Joan of Arc will soon be beatified as a saint.

Sometimes the outcome of history is determined by strength of arms, other times by happenstance.

But in fifteenth century France, history was determined by the will of a young girl...

...the only person in history to command the armies of an entire nation at the age of seventeen.

A century of English toil, blood, and victories was reversed in a little over a year by a teenage girl. The Hundred Years War has ended.

Even more importantly, Joan's act reignited a sense of French nationalism. Peasants and nobles alike no longer belonged to lords and kings, but to France herself.

We will not let Joan be forgotten. Already, statues and stained glass portraits have been commissioned in hundreds of towns and cities throughout France.

Her verdict of guilt was rightfully reversed, and eventually Joan of Arc was beatified as a saint.

Sometimes the outcome of history is determined by strength of arms, other times by happenstance.

But in fifteenth century France, history was determined by the will of a young girl...

...the only person in history to command the armies of an entire nation at the age of seventeen.


  • This is the only scenario where Guy Josselyne, the narrator of the Joan of Arc campaign, appears as a playable unit. It is also the only scenario where the player begins without Joan.
  • It is possible to finish this scenario without even building a base or creating a unit. Simply use the starting army to cross the river, destroy any threatening buildings or units, and break into Castillon from the northwest. This is a promising strategy on the standard and moderate difficulties if the player can micromanage well. However, it's less viable on the hard difficulty because you'll start with fewer siege weapons (and Burgundy will have its own Bombard Cannons right off the bat).
  • While the player's starting army has Arbalesters and Hussars (the latter in the Definitive Edition only), neither upgrade is available to the Franks.

Historical comparison[]

  • Players may get the impression from the cutscene that the Battle of Castillon happened shortly after Joan of Arc's death, yet 22 years passed between the events in reality. The conquest of Normandy in the intervening years is omitted, but the presence of La Hire and the Constable Richemont in this scenario is probably an indirect allusion to it, given that they fought in Normandy but not in Castillon.
    • In fact, La Hire had been dead for a decade before Castillon. Richemont was not present at the battle but his nephew, Peter II of Brittany, led the cavalry charge that routed the English.
  • Josselyne gives his pre-battle location as Bordeaux, but the city was occupied by the English at the time.
  • The presence of Burgundy as a secondary enemy is both out of place and time. In the first case, because the battle happened in Guyenne, where English rule stretched back 300 years and was not dependent on Burgundian support. In the second, because Burgundy switched sides and allied with the French in 1435. It is possible, however, that some Burgundians defected from Duke Philip's decision to side with the French and thus remained loyal to the English to the end, as depicted in this scenario.
  • The enemy player "Shrewsbury" is a reference to Sir John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury (c. 1387 - 1453), who commanded the English forces and died in the battle along with his son. Talbot had also commanded the English at Orleans and Patay, and was made prisoner in the latter.
    • The role of Shrewsbury as essentially a repeat of Fastolf's Army in The Cleansing of the Loire is ironic because Talbot blamed his capture at Patay on the "cowardice" of Sir John Fastolf, who escaped that battle in reality.
  • The town was originally known as Castillon-sur-Dordogne. It was renamed Castillon-la-Bataille in commemoration of the decisive French victory.
  • In the outro, Guy Josselyne claimed that "Her verdict of guilt was rightfully reversed, and eventually Joan of Arc was beatified as a saint". While she was indeed pronounced innocent and considered a martyr in 1456, 25 years after her execution, Joan was not beatified until 1909 and canonized as a saint until 1920. Considering this character was living in the 15th century, the fact that he knew she would later became a saint nearly 500 years later is illogical. This statement is altered in the Definitive Edition, where he is expecting her to become a saint.
    • Also, beatification is the recognition of the Catholic church of a deceased person's entrance into Heaven, not recognition that he or she is a saint (canonization), so it would be incorrect to say that Joan was "beatified as a saint".


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00 historical battles normal Historical Battles Difficulty easy Scn 09 bukhara normal Bukhara · Scn 10 dos pilas normal Dos Pilas · Scn 01 tours normal Tours · Scn 11 york normal York · Scn 12 honfoglalas normal Honfoglalás · Scn 02 vinlandsaga normal Vinlandsaga · Scn 03 hastings normal Hastings · Scn 04 manzikert normal Manzikert · Scn 13 kurikara normal Kurikara · Scn 14 cyprus normal Cyprus · Scn 15 bapheus normal Bapheus · Scn 16 lake poyang normal Lake Poyang · Scn 05 agincourt normal Agincourt · Scn 06 lepanto normal Lepanto · Scn 07 kyoto normal Kyoto · Scn 08 noryang point normal Noryang Point
Event scenarios E3 2019 Demo · Mongol Raiders · Barbarossa Brawl · Mangudai Madness · The Siege (co-op)
AoE2-DLCicon-5 The Last Khans
CampaignIcon-Tamerlane Tamerlane Difficulty easy Amir of Transoxiana · Gurkhan of Persia · Harbinger of Destruction · Sultan of Hindustan · Scourge of the Levant · A Titan Amongst Mortals
CampaignIcon-Ivaylo Ivaylo Difficulty hard A Most Unlikely Man · An Unlikely Alliance · Tsar of the Bulgars · Echoes of Heroes · Where the One-Eyed Man is King
CampaignIcon-Kotyan Kotyan Khan Difficulty hard Raising the Banners · The Battle at the Kalka River · Saving the Huts · Blood for Blood · A New Home
AoE2Icon-LordsWest Lords of the West
CampaignIcon-EdwardDE Edward Longshanks Difficulty easy Vain Ambition · A Man of God · Of Castles and Kings · Toom Tabard · Hammer of the Scots
CampaignIcon-DukesDE Grand Dukes Difficulty medium A Kingdom Divided · The Wolf and the Lion · The Cleansing of Paris · Unholy Marriage · The Hook and Cod Wars · The Maid Falls
CampaignIcon-HautevillesDE The Hautevilles Difficulty hard Guiscard Arrives · Roger in Sicily · Bohemond and the Emperor · Bohemond in the East · Wonder of the World
Dawn of the Dukes icon Dawn of the Dukes
Algirdas icon Algirdas and Kestutis Difficulty easy Family Affairs · No Man's Land · The Tatar Yoke · A Worthy Opponent · In the Shadow of the Throne
32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga Difficulty hard The Matter of the Crown · Star of the Poles · Duel of the Dukes · The Siege of Vilnius · Vytautas' Crusade · The Fruits of Her Labor
Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka Difficulty medium The One-Eyed Wanderer · Courage and Coin · The Iron Lords · The Golden City · The Emperor's Fury · Warrior of God
AoE2Icon-DynastiesIndia Dynasties of India
Babur Icon Babur Difficulty easy Pearl of the East · The Last Timurids · Into India · The Battle of Panipat · The Rajputs
Rajendra Icon Rajendra Difficulty hard The Successor · Deeds of the Father · Rising Star · Sacred Waters · Slaying the Vritra
Devapala Icon Devapala Difficulty easy Dissatisfaction · Desire · Renunciation · Liberation? · Enlightenment
AoE2Icon-MountainRoyals The Mountain Royals
Ismail Icon Ismail Difficulty medium The Red Hats · Road to Royalty · Alexander Safavi · The Fallen Amir · Khata'i
Thoros Icon Thoros II Difficulty easy Outlawed · The Emperor's Revenge · Caught in the Crossfire · Bloody Crestwaves · Of Turncoats and Traitors
Tamar Icon Tamar Difficulty hard Takeover · Yury's Revenge · The Protectorate · Tamar the Builder · The Queen in the Panther's Skin
Aoe2 hb Victors and Vanquished
VictorsAndVanquished Campaign Icon
Victors and Vanquished
Difficulty easy Scn 23 charlemagne Charlemagne · Scn 39 drake Drake · Scn 26 finehair Finehair · Scn 25 ironside Ironside · Scn 38 nobunaga Nobunaga
Difficulty medium Scn 36 fetih Fetih · Scn 21 gaiseric Gaiseric · Scn 24 ragnar Ragnar · Scn 27 robert Robert · Scn 37 shimazu Shimazu · Scn 32 stephen Stephen · Scn 33 temujin Temujin · Scn 22 vortigern Vortigern
Difficulty hard Scn 35 constantine Constantine XI · Scn 30 karlsefni Karlsefni · Scn 31 komnenos Komnenos · Scn 34 mstislav Mstislav · Scn 28 otto Otto · Scn 29 seljuk Seljuk