A New Home is the fifth and final scenario of the Kotyan Khan campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. It depicts the arrival of the Cumans in Bulgaria as well as their later return to Hungary.

Intro Edit

After we left Hungary weakened and defenseless, the Mongols invaded, defeated King Bela and his army, and devastated the country once more. The kingdom is in such a poor state that refugees say that the church bells in Hungary have been quiet for weeks and wild animals now roam the streets of the cities.

King Bela fled to Austria where Duke Frederick used King Bela's weak position to extort land and make him swear fealty to the Holy Roman Emperor. Just like us, King Bela fell for the treachery of the Austrian duke and the Hungarian nobles.

Our people stand at a crossroads. We received letter from King Bela pleading with us to return to Hungary and help him deal with those who wronged us. Many of our leaders are not convinced and still wish to go to Bulgaria. It is not an easy decision, but it is I who have to make it.

For I am the new great khan of the Cumans, and they depend on my wisdom. I am no Kotyan, but I will follow in his footsteps and ensure the survival of our people and their legacy, something which we had fought so hard for.

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Objectives Edit

  • Follow the Cuman Chief to the Danube River.
  • Go to Bulgaria or stay in Hungary.
    • Bulgaria
      • Follow the Bulgarians to their camp.
      • Liberate the Bulgarian Villagers.
      • Defeat the Latin Empire.
      • Defeat the Byzantines.
      • Defeat the Byzantines or defend the Bulgarian Wonder
    • Hungary
      • Defend the Hungarians
      • Defeat the Hungarian Nobles
      • Defeat the Austrians
      • Locate the Ruined Castle (Wonder)

Hints Edit

The Cumans are restricted to a population limit of 150 and cannot build docks.

  1. The Hungarians under King Bela will actively participate in the fighting, so protecting them is in your interests.
  2. The many Hungarian villages provide resources to whoever controls them. They will produce fewer resources as more buildings within them are destroyed. Either help King Bela conquer them or burn them to the ground to deny your enemies additional resources.
  3. There are still Cumans in Hungary – if you find them, they will join you.
  1. The Bulgarians have been weakened by recent rebellions and weak rulers, so do not expect very much help from them. They will occasionally provide you with Konniks, however.
  2. The city of Nesebar is being supplied by sea, so starving its defenders out is impossible. Only with a full frontal assault can you breach its strong walls.

Scouts Edit

Your scouts report:

  • A large body of Cuman horsemen (2, Cyan) has assembled and is ready to cross into Bulgaria.
  • To the west lies Hungary. King Bela (3, Blue) has launched an offensive against Frederick, Duke of Austria (4, Red), and the rebellious Hungarian Nobles (5, Orange). The Austrians field an army Knights, Pikemen, Crossbowmen, and Teutonic Knights, while the rebellious Hungarians will train Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Long Swordsmen, and Light Cavalry.
  • Bulgaria lies across the Danube River to the southeast. The Bulgarians (6, Grey) have recently lost the city of Nesebar to the Crusaders of the Latin Empire (7, Yellow), and need your aid to retake the city. The Latin Empire relies on an army of Knights, Skirmishers, Throwing Axemen, and Pikemen.
  • Rumour has it that another Cuman khan is roaming the Balkans. Perhaps he is willing to join forces with you.
  • The Byzantines (8, Purple) have lost the city of Constantinople to the Latin Empire and remain unable to retake it. Regardless, they seem to have regrouped and are now trying to retake the land that they had previously lost.

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It has been years since I last saw the lands of my ancestors. Although I still often find myself awash in fond memories of my younger years on the Eurasian steppes, I do not grieve, for it is fate that has led us here. Our people have spread out to all corners of the world, leaving a strong mark on it.

In Hungary, the daughter of Kotyan married the eldest son of King Bela and many of our people live there in peace now. The Cumans who were enslaved and sold by the Mongols years ago have carved out a new empire in the Middle East. I even heard that these 'Mamluks', as they are now called, have defeated the Mongol army invading Syria, halting their relentless expansion once and for all.

Much blood has been spilled, but I can see a bright future for the people of former Cumania—one where we, like our ancestors before us, will keep on shaping the records of history.

Historical comparison Edit

Although in this scenario, the Cumans and Bulgarians remain allies to the end and the Cumans' campaign ends bitter-sweetly, the Cuman refugees to Bulgaria were historically persecuted by the double-crossing Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II, who'd earlier promised them safe passage & refuge. Nevertheless, at least some members of Kotyan's clan Terteroba survived the Bulgarians' atrocities and a certain George would seize the opportunity amidst the chaos, caused by Ivaylo's uprising, to proclaim himself Emperor, heralding the ascension of the Terter dynasty.

Baibars, a Cuman of the Barli clan, who'd later contribute immensely to the Mamluks' victory against Mongols, was also actually enslaved and sold by Bulgarians into Egypt.

Despite hostility between the Hungarians and the Cumans in light of the death of Kotyan, King Bela managed to persuade some Cumans to return back to Hungary by offering land and his son's hand in marriage to Elisabeth, the daughter of Kotyan, in 1270, which is long after the Mongol invasions and the Cumans' departure from Hungary. Relations between the two would eventually recover and the Cumans living in Hungary would later assimilate into Magyar society and culture. The Cumans would inevitably settle in a region what would later be known as Kunság, literally meaning Cumania, in Eastern Hungary, where they would settle for the remainder of their days.

Trivia Edit

  • The intro of this scenario serves as an epilogue for the Pax Mongolica scenario of the Genghis Khan campaign, where it is revealed that the Mongol invasion of Europe is greatly hindered by Austria's intervention after the fall of Hungary. King Bela would flee in the Mongol campaign and it is revealed in this scenario that he has resurfaced with the intent to take revenge on the Austrians and the Hungarian Nobles, should the the player ally with him instead.
  • In this scenario, the player will be given two choices: flee to Bulgaria or stay in Hungary. In actuality, both choices are "canon"; while a number of Cumans would eventually leave for Bulgaria due to strong distrust of the Magyars, some Cumans stayed behind in Hungary after King Bela had attempted to reconcile with their leaders, an effort in which he would evidently become successful after offering land to the Cumans and his son's hand in marriage with Kotyan's daughter.
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