"The gods have abandoned us! We’d have been better off sinking with Atlantis than coming here. We must move."
Zeno imploring Krios to leave the Tundra

A Lost People is the first scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The main objective is to reach the Sky Passage that Krios has seen in his dreams.

Summary Edit

The Atlanteans have settled in the Tundra since the collapse of Atlantis ten years prior. However, they have concluded that this land is too harsh, and must move on. Krios suggests that they seek out a “temple” that he has seen in his dreams that is said to be the key to their escape. Unfortunately, it is guarded by the nearby savages that plague the land, so Kastor must lead an army to eradicate them in order to reach it.

Objectives Edit

  1. Build and army of at least five Murmillo.
  2. Find the Sky Passage.
  3. Defeat the barbarians that guard the Sky Passage.
  4. Garrison five Citizens into the Sky Passage.
  5. Ungarrison from the second Sky Passage and build a Town Center.

Players Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Savages (Loki) - they have four Longhouses that guard gold mines near the center of map and continuously produce Ulfsarks to harass the player. They also have a Dock that supplies them with food.
  • Savages (Loki) - they have three Longhouses located in the North corner and produce Raiding Cavalry to harass the player alongside the yellow Savages.
  • Savages (Loki) - occupy a base two longhouses and two Hill Forts that guard the Sky Passage. They will produce armies of Throwing Axemen to assist the yellow Savages if they’re under attack.

Allies Edit

  • Palace (Abandoned) - Krios’ base will regularly supply the player with Fire Siphons that will convert to their side.
    • On Titan difficulty this player will not provide the player with Fire Siphons. However they have a Gold Mine within their walls which provides safe gold for mining during the start of the scenario, helping the player a bit.

Neutral Edit

  • Royal Guard (Abandoned) - consists of Krios and some Manors inside the Palace.

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

It is not possible to build Farms or Docks, but there is plenty of huntable animals available, including Aurochs and Elks. The first objective is to get the economy going by producing sufficient Citizens, preferably two on wood, five on food and three on gold. The forests of tundra trees are thin, but there is one patch in a corner behind base next to Royal Guard where Citizens can gather wood and remain safe from raids. Meanwhile, the player should send Kastor to seek out and kill any Arctic Wolves nearby.

Manors and Towers should be constructed near the starting resources to slow down attacks and provide shelter for Citizens when necessary to ring the town bell. There will be raids of Ulfsarks and Raiding Cavalry to fend off, so Kastor should remain near the Town Center, ready to take all attacks head on. He can deal heavy damage to infantry units by knocking them away, as well as regenerate HP and revive if fallen.

The raids will originate from two separate forward bases constructed by the savages. Destroying these will stop the raids and relieve the player from the stress of looking after their Citizens. Some Murmillo must be trained to deal with the Raiding Cavalry but the first army should consist mainly of Arcus to deal with the Ulfsark. The Burning Pitch technology has already been researched in this scenario, so Arcae can help tear down the Longhouses. Once a fire siphon is available, the player should push forward to take out the dock that supplies the yellow savages with food to slow down their unit production. Then the Arcus should focus their arrows on all enemy soldiers while the fire siphon destroys all their longhouses.

Once that is accomplished, the red savages must be dealt with. Arcus only deal 90% of their normal damage against Raiding Cavalry, so Murmillo will be more important. Otherwise, the previous tactic can be repeated for the Raiding Cavalry base. Whenever Citizens must move further from the main base to get more resources, they should always build towers for protection against surprise raids. Walling in this scenario is difficult due to the open terrain but can be attempted in order to concentrate attacks into a single location.

Once only the purple savages remain, the player should approach their gates to lure out the Huskarls that do bonus damage versus Arcus. Once lured away from their base, they can be killed by the combined efforts of Kastor and Murmillo. Once the Huskarls are killed, they cannot be retrained, so the player can mass-produce Arcus to deal with the buildings and the Throwing Axemen of the purple base. Once Krios has supplied two Fire Siphons, the player should send their army to tear down the walls and all buildings guarding the Sky passage.

Once the Sky Passage is secured, five Citizens must be garrisoned into it. This will reveal a second sky passage on a different island at the South end of the map. The Citizens can ungarrison there to build a Town Center onto the Settlement. Once construction has begun, victory will be rewarded.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the player's major god labeled as "Abandoned", it is actually Oranos who is assigned as the player's major god in this scenario. The developers just altered the information for the player's major god to add thrill to the campaign's plot
    • This can be proved as the Town Center depicts a statue of Oranos. Also, viewing the tech tree on this scenario will display Oranos/Tree
    • According to the Secrets of the Titans, "Their whispers told Poseidon how to breach the prison of Tartarus. His attempt brought disaster to Atlantis as Zeus struck down his brother and the passage to Tartarus that lay beneath Atlantis. The Atlanteans were exiles and renounced allegiance to any god, but they remember the whispers of the Titans...." the history file essentially explains why they "are abandoned" because they abandoned all gods.
    • As mentioned by Zeno in the opening cut scene, he claimed "The gods have abandoned us. We're better sinking with Atlantis than coming here." This also explains why the Atlanteans are abandoned in this scenario.
  • Although Kastor appears in this scenario, he is not formally introduced until Atlantis Reborn.
  • When opened in the Editor, the player Royal Guard, who controls Krios and an Armory, worships Kronos in the scenario.
    • True enough, it will later be revealed that Krios is actually possessed by the Servant of Kronos .
  • All three Savages start out with 99,999 Food, 99,799 Wood, 100,099 Gold, and 100 Favor. This explains why the enemies do not stop atacking until their camps are destroyed.
    • All enemies begin with a base population cap of 100. This explains why the maroon and yellow savages can still train units, despite having no population boosting type of building.

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