A Life of Revenge is the second scenario in the Genghis Khan campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

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Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Prevent the tent of Genghis Khan (Wonder) from being destroyed.
  • Kill the traitor Kushluk.

Hints Edit

  • To 'persuade' the Tayichi'ud villagers to join you, first kill all of their soldiers.
  • Since the Kara-Khitai are unfamiliar with siege weapons, constructing towers can be a powerful defense.
  • Note: The Mongols do not yet know how to make Siege Workshops.

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Player Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Kushluk (Mongols): Kushluk has his base at the western part of the map, while he himself with a few soldiers are initially staying behind the Kara-Khitai base. Getting near them causes them to flee to their own base. His army has the same type of units as the Kara-Khitai, but adds a few Scorpions.
  • Tayichi'ud (Mongols): The Tayichi'ud tribe is located at the northeastern part of the map. Killing all their Cavalry Archers makes them give the player all their Villagers and buildings.

Strategy Edit

The objective is to kill Kushluk, while preventing the destruction of the Great Tent of Genghis Khan (the Wonder). To kill Kushluk, the player must invade the Kara-Khitai.

Although the player starts with only a small force of Light Cavalry, Cavalry Archers and Camels, there is a Tayichi'ud camp to the north. Killing all their military units forces them to surrender and they will allow the player to take over their base. It would be advisable to set the stance with them as 'neutral' before invading them, so that the player's soldiers will not attack their villagers and buildings by accident.

While food is scarce near the camp, there are large pockets of deer just south of the Kara-Khitai camp. There are also sheep just southwest of the Wonder which can be claimed immediately prior to the trek north. Gold mines can be found northeast of the Tayichi'ud camp, south of the Kara-Khitai camp and the Wonder. Advance to the Feudal and Castle ages as soon as possible. Train some units and build towers as neither enemy has an effective way to destroy them.

While invading Kara-Khitai, the player can choose not to destroy their Market, so that after they resign the player may start trading with it. Setting the stance with them to 'neutral' will make it less likely that the Market is destroyed by accident.

After defeating the Kara-Khitai harboring Kushluk or by getting close to Kushluk, he and his Cavalry Archers retreats to his own, better defended base. His forces are bolstered by Scorpions which can be a threat since the Siege Workshop is not available to the player. The scorpions can be dealt with knights or Mangudais.

Once the player has found Kushluk, it is recommended to try to kill him with camels or pikemen, which are both anti-cavalry units, good against Kushluk who is a cavalry unit.

Alternative Strategy Edit

An alternate - albeit one that exploits the AI's triggers - strategy for this scenario is to group up your starting units, then have the scout that reports on the Tayichi'uds to the north in a separate group. Ride west into the Kara-Khitai camp, and have your other scout attack the watchtower you find on the way. This will cause all of the Kara-Khitai units in the base to rush out. Whilst you're doing this, hug the wall with your other units and proceed along until you find the fence holding Kushluk. Whilst doing this, once you've seen the Kara-Khitai Units attack your Scout, make him run away towards your Wonder. When you find the fence holding Kushluk, having been sure to hug the south side of the enemy base, because going near Kushluk will trigger him to run away, making your job much harder. Attack the southernmost block of the Palisade Wall that will let you get to him, the Kara-Khitai will notice this, but hopefully your Scout should have lured them far enough away that by the time they come back to kill your units, you should have broken through the fence, and attacked Kushluk. Don't worry about his bodyguard, they will just "Run away! Run away!", leaving Kushluk alone with your units. By the time the Kara-Khitai catch up to you, Kushluk will be dead. This can potentially be the quickest scenario in all of the campaigns using this strategy.

Trivia Edit

  • Kushluk was the last ruler of Kara-Khitai.

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