A Fallen Crown is the third scenario of the Yodit campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

In this scenario, Yodit has to disrupt the army of the king of Aksum, Dagnajan, while simultaneously dealing with his allies, the Begemder, and a civil war in the region. In the end, Dagnajan has to be stopped from passing through by killing him.

Intro[edit | edit source]

The trade mission in Aksum was quite successful. I sold my grain and bought some casks of wine, olive oil and spices. Those goods would be sure to fetch a good price at home. Perhaps I will even be able to afford another cow? The door opened with a loud creak as Daniel returned from checking on the camels.

I looked up from the accounts and rubbed my eyes, tired from reading by the light of a single candle. 'Everything alright with the camels?' I said to greet the boy. He only nodded, so I continued 'Perhaps we should go to bed. The caravan will leave early tomorrow and we have a long way back home.' Daniel barely suppressed a yawn before answering, 'I am not really tired, father, but since you said you would tell a bedtime story about Yodit, I had might as well go to sleep early.'

The room was decent and clean, but small. There was only one bed for both of us, as renting two rooms in the city would have been expensive. I took my shirt off and lay down next to Daniel before resuming the story: 'After marrying Prince Zanobis, Yodit had to be patient for her vengeance. Her husband had to become king and build a larger army if they ever were to defeat the mighty Aksumite Empire.'

The boy suppressed another yawn, but then turned his head to listen closely, 'Five years have passed since Zanobis taken the throne when Yodit learned that the Aksumite king, Dagnajan, was planning a military expedition to the east. If she could send an elite force to ambush and kill Dagnajan, the Aksumite empire would be severely crippled. A daring, but promising plan.'

Players[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Darginda (Ethiopians) is the object of Dagnajan's desire. They have fortified the pass to their kingdom with a Castle, but their unupgraded army of Light Cavalry, Spearmen and Skirmishers is no match for Dagnajan.

Neutral, potential allies[edit | edit source]

  • Alodian Traders (Ethiopians) have a trade outpost in the west of the map, only lightly defended by a few Eastern Swordsmen, Pikemen, Archers and two Watch Towers. When approached, they want the Alodian Rebels defeated, after which they "provide their Market for trading".

Enemy, potential allies[edit | edit source]

  • Alodian Rebels (Saracens) are a ragtag band of rebels, but their army is considerably larger than the one of the Alodian Traders. If the Alodian Traders outpost is destroyed, they ally with the player and help with raids on 3 of Daganjan's military camps whenever they are paid a tribute of 300 gold (for further details see below).

Enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Dagnajan (Ethiopians) is the final adversary in this scenario. He has a large and diverse army divided among several military camps and a city but will only attack 50 minutes into the game, so he can be weakened beforehand.
  • Begemder kingdom (Ethiopians) are the major annoyance in the first part of the scenario. They attack with mostly Archers and Men-at-Arms (later upgraded), with a few Camels and Scorpions thrown in later, but can easily be raided to greatly diminish their threat. If left unattended they can even advance to the Imperial Age. The kingdom is located in the west and has no defensive buildings.
  • Orthodox Monks (Ethiopians) is a group of Monks allied to Dagnajan in the east. When their Wonder is destroyed, the Monks of Dagnajan's army are removed from the game.

Strategy/Tactics[edit | edit source]

The scenario starts with but a few Archers, Shotel Warriors and Villagers. Immediately starting to build Houses can save some time. Directly southeast of the starting location where a few Begemder Archers and Spearmen are located is a sound place for a first Town Center, as there are all necessary resources nearby. Additional resources can be found north and south, but to the south lies the Begemder kingdom. The player has to deal with the attacking Begemder kingdom while simultaneously trying to cut the size of Dagnajan's army which will become active at the 50 minute mark, when they will advance towards the pass at Darginda's Castle. If Dagnajan reaches the pass the scenario is lost.

For the first few minutes the focus should be on building up an economy to advance to the Castle Age and construct a Castle, but at the same time defense may not be neglected, as Begemder Archers and Men-at-Arms continuously swarm the base. To counter them Skirmishers or Archers (in order not to strain the food supply) are a good idea. A very gold efficient way is to build a Dock and a few Galleys. The Galleys only take 1 damage from Archers so they can deal with a great number of them. In addition, once Bodkin Arrow is researched, the Galleys can outrange the nearby Begemder Town Center. A navy shouldn't be too heavily invested in though, a few Galleys are enough.

Once in the Castle Age, a Castle can be built to stall the Begemder onslaught infinitely, as they have no siege weapons to speak of. The Ethiopian unique unit, the Shotel Warrior, is excellent for raiding the Begemder kingdom and their economy can be utterly destroyed by sending a few Shotel Warriors, but this is not mandatory as like mentioned before, a Castle is enough to stop them.

There are a few task that can be done to make the final fight against Dagnajan easier.

  • In the northeast of the map on a mountain is a Monastery of Orthodox Monks. They try to convert any unit approaching them, so it might be best to deal with them using ranged units like Skirmishers or Arbalests. If their Wonder is destroyed, all the Monks of Dagnajan's army are removed.
  • In the south of the Begemder kingdom a Castle overseeing Dagnajan's elephant pens can be found. If it is destroyed, the War Elephants are removed from Dagnajan's army. The Castle can either be destroyed using siege weapons or Arson empowered Shotel Warriors as they most likely will not yet have researched Murder Holes.
  • The Alodian civil war spills into this region and either the Alodian Traders or the Alodian Rebels can be supported, however this is optional, given the limited time until Dagnajan attacks. This secondary objective is unlocked by sending a unit to the Alodian Traders outpost, upon which the player is given the choice of either defeating the Traders outpost or the Rebels camp north of it. Helping the Traders "gives access" to their Market, with no additional benefits. If the Rebels are supported, they offer to raid Dagnajan's army along a set route, on which three of his camps are located. Each time they are paid a tribute of 300 gold they attack with 1 Imperial Camel, 2 Heavy Camels and 3 Camel Archers. As these units are unupgraded however they are not very effective and should only be used if the player has excess gold or time is running low. Once the 3 camps on the route are wiped out, they will no longer conduct raids. For either choice the gain is minimal, but supporting the Rebels might be more advantageous, as their army is significantly larger and the Traders' Market can be traded with even if they are enemies, as long as it is left standing (but given the limited time until Dagnajan attacks trading doesn't really pay off).
  • The last way to diminish Dagnajan's army is to attack his 6 military camps on the shore of the river and east of it. Each camp consists of a different army composition, in most cases two types of units. To avoid dealing with the Alodian Rebels when attacking from the west of the river, the tiny river can be crossed south of Yodit's base (the ford is hard to notice).

At the 50 minute mark, Dagnajan starts gathering his army and heads for the pass leading to Darginda. His core army which cannot be diminished beforehand consists of Shotel Warriors, Siege Rams and Trebuchets. To better monitor his advance, Cartography can be researched to give vision of Darginda villages. The best place to intercept him is at Darginda's Castle as said Castle and Darginda's army distract the attention of Dagnajan's army. It should be remembered that the objective is to kill Dagnajan himself, not to defeat his entire army, so all available units should be ordered to attack him. The easily spotted Elephant Archer hero is best attacked using Elite Skirmishers, Arbalests, Halberdiers and/or (Elite) Shotel Warriors. Sometimes Dagnajan's army doesn't show up at Darginda's Castle but gets stuck at one of the camps by the river, upon which the player can further build up an army and then strike at him in full force.

With Dagnajan dead the scenario is won.

Outro[edit | edit source]

'When the news of Dagnajan's death reached the city of Aksum, both of his sons tried to seize the throne for themselves. A civil war broke out and the once so mighty empire began to crumble. Of course, Yodit...', a soft snoring drew my attention to Daniel. The lad was already sleeping.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This scenario is highly similar to the Light Sleeper scenario of Age of Mythology. Both are a race against time and involve holding on against enemies while booming, amassing forces and facing an enemy army that rampages through a weaker ally.
    • Of course, Light Sleeper involves reaching a unit that can face that army, while A Fallen Crown is a regicide, as Yodit's army must kill Dagnajan.
    • In both scenarios, the player's starting position is in the north part of the map.
  • The player may not build stone walls or gates in this scenario. This is to prevent the player from walling off the extraction point, making the scenario too easy. Yet, the useless Fortified Wall technology is still available for research.

Bugs and changes[edit | edit source]

4.8b[edit | edit source]

  • When Dagnajan reaches the pass the player is now correctly defeated.
  • Begemder kingdom AI difficulty has been decreased.
  • Missing ending dialogue has been added.

Definitive Edition[edit | edit source]

  • There is a possibility that a bug may occur if the player assaults Dagnajan's base (the area walled off with fortified walls). Doing so would result the countdown to immediately end and a warning will announce Dagnajan's march has started. However, doing so will not result in Dagnajan continuing on and he will remain in the base with his army. To remedy this, continuously assault the base with some cheap units until he begins to move forward or eliminate him in the base.
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