A Dangerous Mission is the third scenario of the Suryavarman I campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It is about the attempt by Khmer envoys to deliver the Grand Chariot safely. This is the only scenario in this campaign where the player is unable to construct any buildings.

Players Edit

Ally Edit

  • Khmer Empire (Khmer) are located to the far east. Their army consist of Light Cavalry, Cavalry Archers, Pikemen, Long Swordsmen, Karambit Warriors, Rattan Archers, Elite Skirmishers, Elephant Archer, War Elephant, Ballista Elephants, Battle Elephants, and Arambais. They have four smaller camps inside their base. If the player selects two of those camps' leaders, the army inside those camps will join the player.
  • Local Inhabitants (Khmer) are located at to the middle and southeast. Their army consists of Spearmen, Men-at-Arms, and Light Cavalry. Once the player reaches their middle base, they will give their Light Cavalry to the player. There are also gaia Transport Ships, Heavy Demolition Ships, and Fast Fire Ship available for player to capture at their southeast base.
  • Andaman Port (Burmese) are located to the westernmost. Once the Grand Chariot reaches their base, the scenario ends and the player is declared victorious.

Enemy Edit

  • Hostile Locals (Khmer) are scattered all over the map. Their army consists of Pikemen, Long Swordsmen, Light Cavalry, Scorpions, Battle Elephants, Ballista Elephants, Rattan Archers, Imperial Skirmishers, Karambit Warriors, Crossbowmen, Cavalry Archers, Knights, and Arambais. They are generally passive, but will attack the player when the player's units are within their line of sight.


Choose any two groups of soldiers for 100 gold a piece. It is advisable to take the group containing Ballista Elephants. On easy difficulty you get a Priest. On moderate and hard difficulty, you'll have to manage without any kind of healing because you don't get a Priest. Your envoy though can regenerate because he is a hero unit, and should therefor be used as a tank. Go to Dock to the south west. Kill anyone you encounter along the way. Board your Transport Ships. Use the Demo Ships and Fire Ship to clear the way up the river. Unload your troops on the left side of the river about 3/4 of the way up. The map at the top right side of this page shows you where it is. As soon as you unload, go as far south as possible. Fight the small groups of enemies and heal after each encounter. Then stay as far west as you can while moving north toward the green area (you should be going diagonally). Once you've beaten those 4 groups of enemies and can go northwest no more, go northeast and then west (around the trees blocking you) and fight the last group of soldiers. If you kept at least one Ballista Elephant alive, use it to cut the treeline and avoid this last battle! Once they're dead go to the green area to win.