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El Sultanato de Delhi es una civilización asiática jugable en Age of Empires IV.


The Delhi Sultanate civilization is at the forefront of technological innovation. They have a strong focus on research and defense, with an edge in technological advancement over other civilizations.

In Age of Empires IV, the Delhi Sultanate civilization is based on the powerful empire formed from the invasion of the Ghurid Dynasty (originating in Persia) into northern India spanning the years 879-1526 CE. For 300 years, this empire shaped an independent Indo-Islamic region, adopting technology present in India.

Advancing through the Ages has you experience this civilization’s rich history. With the first Age reflecting the Turkish and Iranian Ghurid Sultanate, playing the Farsi/Persian-speaking Delhi Sultanate civilization brings you through the Mamluk and Khalji Dynasty, Tughlaq Dynasty, and the Sayyid and Lodi Dynasty—getting a taste for the Delhi Sultanate’s vibrant cultures and defiant strength.


Strategic decisions in the early Ages of the match are essential for the Delhi Sultanate civilization, who emerges as a dominating force in the late game. The Delhi Sultanate army can be terrifying to encounter: the core of their army, the War Elephant, is a melee unit of staggering raw strength capable of high damage.

The Delhi Sultanate’s specialty lies in research. Not only do they have access to several upgrade options throughout the Ages, but their unique Scholar Research System—with the valuable Scholar, essential to the system—provides an advantage in research that no other civilization has.

The Delhi Sultanate researches technology at no cost in resources, but at a greater time investment. To offset this, the Delhi Sultanate uses Scholars – each of which speeds up research. While biding their time growing their strength through the Ages, the Delhi Sultanate can tap into their defense through foot units’ abilities to construct defensive structures. Once their military reaches full heights, the Delhi Sultanate’s power is a force to be reckoned with.

Bonificaciones de civilización[]

  • Gather from Berry Bushes 25% faster, but cannot gather from Boars.
  • Scholar available in the Dark Age (I).
  • All technology is free, but completes at a much slower rate. Scholars accelerate research speed.
  • Infantry units able to construct defenses.
  • Fishing Boats equipped with an Archer.

Unidades únicas[]

The Scholar is the civilization’s equivalent of the Monk with a unique ability to speed up research and technology upgrades.

The mighty War Elephant is a powerful melee unit with high health and damage against units and structures.

The Tower War Elephant is a devastating unit with a ranged attack: Two archers mounted in a tower on a War Elephant.

Edificios distintivos[]

Dark Age[]

Feudal Age[]

Castle Age[]

Edificios únicos[]

Tecnologías únicas[]

  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Sanctity (Mosque)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Efficient Production (Mosque)
  • All-seeing Eye (Mosque)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Swiftness (Mosque)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Zeal (Mosque)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Patchwork Repairs (Dock)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Forced March (Blacksmith)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Siege Elephant (Archery Range)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos War Elephant (Stable)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Armored Beasts (Stable)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Reinforced Foundations (House of Learning)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Tranquil Venue (House of Learning)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lookout Towers (House of Learning)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Hearty Rations (House of Learning)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Honed Blades (House of Learning)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Village Fortresses (Keep)


  • The flag of the Delhi Sultanate is taken from Wikimedia. The main source pointing to this design is the Catalan Atlas, which as a historical primary source cannot be considered a reliable reference, especially if it is the only source used.


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